My Safe Place


1. 1.

       I was a senior in high school. This was my year to shine, my year to prosper. I was on the basketball team, and I have been since sophomore. I promised myself that by the end of high school, I would have a scholarship to an amazing college. Somewhere far away, somewhere, well, not here.

     My little brother walked into my room and stared at me.

   "Mommy and daddy said dinner is ready."

   "No, thanks." I said, reading a history book and writing notes.

   "But you need to eat."

   "Landon, I need to study."

 He nodded and left my room.

 My older sister, Clara, walked into my room shortly after Landon left.

 "The school year hasn't even started, Chase. Why are you already freaking out about this?"

 "I want to go to a good college. I want to get a good job. I want to leave this place, Clara." I said, not looking up from my  papers.

 "Why do you want to leave so much? Mom and dad would miss you." She said.

 "Correction, they'd miss YOU."

 "Chase, that's not the case, okay?"

 I pointed towards the door and kept my eyes on my papers.

 She sighed and left.

 I spent the next few hours, keeping my eyes on my papers and books.

 The sky turned dark, and around ten o' clock, I shut my books and got ready for sleep.

 I usually got by on 5 or less hours of sleep because I was studying, but since school was tomorrow, I had to get a decent amount  of sleep.

 When I woke up the next morning, I quickly got dressed and ran downstairs.

 I skipped breakfast and ran straight outside to my car.

 As soon as I arrived at school, I locked my car and ran to the doors to wait.

 The younger kids stared at me.

 "Can't seniors come in later?" A kid asked.

 I ignored the comment and about an hour later, the doors opened.

 As I walked into the hallway, the assistant principal walked over to me.

 "Chase, could I talk to you for a minute?"

 We went to his office and sat down.

 "I need a favor. There's a new student coming here, and I was wondering if you could show her around?"

 "Sure, but why me?" I asked.

 "I asked her to come early today to get a tour, and you're the only senior here."

 "I would love to show her around." I said.

  Outside of the office stood a girl with beautiful, long, brown hair. She had this confused look on her face and I must admit, it was adorable. I walked over to her.

 "Hi, I'm Chase. I'm here to show you around." I smiled.

 "I'm Audrey." She smiled and we shook hands.

 I walked her through the cafeteria, the computer lab, and the library.

 "So, what grade are you in?" she asked.

 "Senior. and you?"

 "Same." She smiled.

 We walked up the stairs and she tripped. I grabbed her hand before she could fall down the stairs.

 "Are you okay?" I asked.

 "Yeah." She blushed.

 I pulled her on the step.

 "The stairs are kind of narrow." I laughed nervously.

 I realized I was still holding her hand.

 "Oh, I'm sorry..." I said and put my hand to my side.

 She blushed and nodded.

"So, where are you from?" I asked.

 "New York." 

 "Well, welcome to the country, where the biggest building we have is the school and everybody knows everybody." I laughed.

 She looked at me and giggled.

 I smiled and we walked through the halls talking. The bell rang and I looked at Audrey. I completely lost track of time. Every minute talking to Audrey felt like a millisecond. Yet, the bell just rang, and there I was, staring at her.

 "I... uh... have to go." I said staring at her.

 "Me too." She blushed.

 We smiled at each other and went to class.

 When I got home that day, I laid on my bed and stared at the ceiling. 

 Clara walked in and looked at me.


 She walked over to me and slapped my face.


 "You were unresponsive."

 "What do you want?" I asked, rubbing my face.

 "Are you going to eat tonight or not?"


 I laid back down and looked back at the ceiling, a smile growing on my face.

 "Okay..." She said and left the room.

 After dinner,  I got dressed in my uniform. I worked at a pet store and I worked almost every day.

 I walked inside and my best friend ran up to me.

 Parker was always there for me, and I was always there for him. He went to a different school, on the other side of town.

 "Chase, I have huge news!"

 I looked at him.

 "Oh yeah? Is this about a new flavor of cake? Or ice cream? Or frozen yogurt? Or-"

 "No." He smirked.

 "Honestly though, how are you so skinny? You literally never stop eating." I laughed.

 "Fight me. But no, the news is that I finally have enough money saved up for an apartment."


 "Yes, and how would you like to be my roommate?" He asked.

 "I don't see why not." I smiled.



 "Get it out." Parker laughed.

 There was a moment of silence and I jumped and laughed. I hopped around and cheered.

 "WOOO!" I shouted.

 Our boss walked over to us.

 "Get to work, you two."

 Parker and I went outside and loaded pet food from the truck.

 "So, did anything new happen at your school? You seem happy today." He said.


 He looked at me.

 "There's this new girl, Audrey, and she's... different. Not in a bad way. She's interesting, unique." I said.

 "Someone has a crush." Parker smiled.

 I blushed and stayed silent.

 After a few moments, I looked at him.

 "So, did you get the apartment picked out?"

 "Yep, and I can text you the address if you want to move in this weekend."

 I nodded happily.

 When I got home and walked through the door, my dad stood with his arms crossed, looking at me.


 He stood still, refusing to talk.

 "If you're going to be mad at me, at least let me know why."

 More silence.

 "Well, I'm moving out this weekend, so you don't have to put up with me anymore." I growled and went to my room.

 The next day at school, I walked over to Audrey. She was standing alone next to a bench.

 "Are you okay?" I asked.

 "Uh... yeah." She said.

 Her voice was cracking and I could tell she was trying not to break down.

 "You can trust me, Audrey." 

 Tears rolled down her cheeks. I sat her down on the bench and I sat next to her.

 "What's wrong?" I asked.

 She slowly rolled up her sleeves and I saw bruises. 

 "Audrey... what happened?"

 "My boyfriend came over last night. He asked why I moved and I told him because my parents got a new job... and he started hitting me."

 My cheeks got red as my anger grew.

 She looked at me, scared to death.

 "Chase, please... don't hit me..." She sighed and started crying uncontrollably.

 I looked at her.

 "What? Audrey, I would never hit you."

 "But you're mad..."

 "Yes, at your boyfriend. I would never hit you, Audrey. I'm not mad at you, and even if I was, I would never hurt you."

 She looked at me.

 I put my hand gently on her shoulder and I could tell she was still scared. I dried her tears gently.



 "What's his name, and where does he live?"

 "Chase, no. Please don't do anything. He'll hurt me more."

 "I will make sure that won't happen."

 "He's trying to change, Chase."

"Guys like him don't change for the better. I'm worried about you."

 "I'm fine!" She shouted and stormed off.

 When I got home, I grabbed my laptop and searched Audrey on Facebook. It said she was in a relationship with Jayce Reller. I searched his address to see that he was living in another city, not too far away.

 I wrote down the address and called Parker.

 "Hey, I need your help."

 As soon as he came over, we sat in the car.

 "What is it?" He asked.

 "Audrey, that girl, I was telling you about, her boyfriend is a douchebag. She told me to leave it alone, but I can't. I got his address."

 "Chase, this isn't a good idea."

 "Audrey is amazing, and I'll be damned if I let ANYONE cause her harm."

 He looked at me and sighed.

 "Okay, let's do this."

 I started the car and we were off.

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