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5sos imagines about EVERYTHING!!! I take requests so if you want an imagine to be about you and your favorite from 5sos then all you have to do is to DM on Instagram @5sos_fandom_1996 Just DM and I'll make an imagine about you and your fav from 5sos❤️❤️


3. Kara & Mikey

You were walking with security to backstage since you had backstage passes for the 5sos concert.You were so nervous to me the four boys who saved your life.You got there and security told you to wait for them to come.Your heart was racing.You saw a beautiful boy with blue hair,Michael Clifford."Hi!" He said to you as he opened his arms to hug you."Hello" you said with your voice shaking but smiling,you were just nervous.After Michael the other boys came in.They all hugged you and kissed your cheek.You sat down with them "So what's your name?" Calum asked you "Kara" you said "I just want to say thank you for everything and it may sound weird or whatever but you guys saved my life and if it wasn't for you I don't know where I'd be right now" you said.You told them everything you went through and they were in tears and so were you.They hugged you "Everything will be okay...just stay stron,beautiful" Michael whispered to you.They all got a picture with you and left.You noticed Michael didn't leave.He walked over to you and kissed you on the lips.It was short but loved it.He rested his forehead on yours "I promise everything will be okay" he said."No it won't" you cried and he pulled you into his chest "I promised and I keep my promises" he said making you feel safe and happy.It was the best day of your life.

A/N-this one is about my Kara and Michael❤️Stay strong💪🏻💪🏻

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