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5sos imagines about EVERYTHING!!! I take requests so if you want an imagine to be about you and your favorite from 5sos then all you have to do is to DM on Instagram @5sos_fandom_1996 Just DM and I'll make an imagine about you and your fav from 5sos❤️❤️


2. Halla and Michael

Surprising him at the airport imagine:

Michael has been on tour for three months and you were finally gonna visit him but he didn't know.Right now he was performing while you were on a plane on your way to visit him.The boys knew you were coming,except him obviously.You finally got to Paris.You got off the plane and got in a taxi that you booked.You headed to arena where they were performing right now.You got to the arena and showed security your passes which weren't really necessary since they who you were.You went inside and your heart started beating so fast.You got backstage and immediately saw Michael performing.He turned his face to you before he returned to facing the crowd.He moved his face quickly to you in shock and dropped his guitar.You ran to him and he ran to you till you both got to center stage where you hugged.Your legs got a little tangled while hugging which made you both fall in front of the whole crowd and the boys.You two were hugging while you were on top of Michael in the floor.The boys soon joined you in the floor.You all got up from the floor "I love you,Halla" Michael said resting his forehead on yours "I love you too Michael" you said.He kissed you and the whole crowd started cheering.Then the boys started to play wherever you are while you two where hugging.The arena was lit up with the lights from the fans phones.

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