Fell For You

Just two teenagers, falling unexpectedly in love, with a lot in their way.


2. Chapter Two


    “Can we watch some scary movies?” Rachael asked, popping her head up from where she was hanging off the side of the bed.

    “Rach, you hate scary movies. Why in the world would you want to watch them?”

She sat up, looking at me for a second before she shrugged. “It sounds like fun and I’m bored.” She slid up to the head board so she could sit next to me and laid her head on my shoulder. “PUH-leeeeeeeeeeeeeeease?” She whined, directly into my ear.

    “If you don’t back away from me in the next three seconds, I will shove you off the side of the bed, and I’m not kidding.” I threatened her. She popped right back up and bounced to the end of my bed again.

    “Fine, but seriously, can we? If I start to get freaked out, I’ll have the trundle bed ready for me to roll into and just go to sleep. It’ll be okay.” She reassured me. I rolled my eyes. She and scary movies are never “okay”. 

    “Sure. But the second you scream even a little bit, into the trundle you go. I’m not screwing around.” I told her. She nodded, rolling over onto her stomach and grabbed the remote to my TV before clicking through Netflix. I looked over at Justin who was chilling, half asleep, in the chair.

    “Do you want to come over here too?” I asked him. “Even the manliest of men get scared by horror movies.”

He shook his head. “I actually have to be headed home.” I rolled out of bed then.

    “I’ll walk you out then.” I opened my bedroom door, stepping aside to let him out ahead of me. I followed him down the hallway, making sure to keep a good distance back. I waited until he slipped on his shoes before I was satisfied that he was going to get to his car okay. “Text Carter when you get home, so at least she knows you’re safe. Also, thanks for dealing with Rachael and I. We can be a lot.” I giggled nervously. 

    “No worries. I had fun.” He responded. I opened the door for him and stepped back to let him out. He put one foot into the garage before he hesitated and looked back at me. “Let’s do this again sometime. Maybe you and I this time?” He shot me a gorgeous grin, one little dimple showing up on his cheek.

I smiled back, nodding, not trusting my voice in this moment. “Cool. I’ll see you around.” He shot me one last grin before stepping out and disappearing into the dark of the night.

I shut the door behind him, leaning against it, taking a deep breath. Holy shit.

Heading back upstairs, I closed my bedroom door. “Did you pick yet?” I asked her.

    “They all look super corny.” She responded.

    “Pick one anyways, it doesn’t have to be a million dollar budgeted Hollywood film.” I plopped down on my bed. Ten minutes or so passed when my phone vibrated. I looked down. It was a number I didn’t recognize.

    “I could text your sister, or I could text you. I’m home safe.”

Smiling, I responded. “Well thank you, such a gentleman.”

He responded within seconds. “The order came from a pretty young woman. How could I ignore it?”

I blushed, trying not to let Rachael see. “Well, I hope you had a good night, even though all we did was talk about girly stuff.” 

Seconds later, my phone vibrated again. “Nonsense. It was a blast, I enjoy hearing about all your girly drama. It keeps me in the loop. Did she pick a movie yet?” 

    “No. She thinks they all look too corny, but I told her to just pick one.”

I plugged my phone in at the bedside, and snatched the remote from Rachael, ignoring her yell of protest. I clicked the ‘ok’ button and began whatever movie she’d been looking out. At least if it was super corny, we’d get a kick out of the horrible directing, acting and awful effects.

    “I’ve been gone for like twenty minutes and she STILL didn’t pick one?!”

I grinned. “Don’t sound so surprised. Do you know how indecisive girls are? Very.”

    “Of course, how could i forget.”

    “Speaking of,” I typed quickly, trying to keep my tired eyes open. “How did you get my nuuumber?”

    “Haha, someone seems sleepy. When you left your phone on the counter, I snatched it and called my phone. Go to sleep, we’ll talk soon enough.”

Only a minute after reading his texts, my eyes closed, and I fell into a dream world of very attractive guys in batman shirts.

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