One Hell of a Lover (Sebastian Michaelis Fanfiction)

After the mass murder of her family, Ashley Cunniffe was hired to work as a servant at the Phantomhive Estate to help fend for herself. Rules in the manor are strict, one of them including servants are highly not permitted to have sexual relationships with co-workers. But as Sebastian secretly breaks that rule, Ashley puts herself in a position of where she could potentially loose her job and loose Sebastian as he obeys all direct orders from Ciel.


1. Chapter 1: Escape

I awoke to the morning sun creeping through my eyelids. I opened them as I was adjusting to the blinding light. I was expecting to see my gorgeous mother, waking me by swinging open my curtains. I took a deep breath; the air felt cold through my nostrils. I smelt the sweet smell of chocolate chip muffins coated with a pinch of sugar to enhance the craving. Mother must've made her favorite recipe which was her English muffins. I sat up and fluttered my eyes open. I was blinded by the environment. A thick layer of piercing white snow shot at my eyes. Then I realized: I'm not home. I'm in the streets of England. That would explain the sharp pain shooting up my back from lying in an alleyway. The pain caused me to yelp in distress.

I sat in disbelief. So it was all true, yet it felt as if it was all a dream. But it wasn't; after all, no nightmare would be so appalling. They're gone. They've disappeared from the surface of the earth and left me in despair. To be honest, they didn't leave me. They were taken from me in front of my eyes. I shed a tear at the thought. I shook the thought from my mind and struggled to get up off the frozen ground. I shouldn't sit and cry about it when I'm in need of food. The first step I took, I tumbled to the ground. I faced planted into the ice cold snow and my face went numb along with my leg from pain, letting out a scream of horror. I threw myself on my side and looked down at the area of where the pain started. I reached down and touched it as the sizzling pain got worse. I cried out once more. I pulled down my ripped pants to get a better look of the wound. To my suspicion; there was a medium sized hole in my outer thigh. More memories flooded to my head, I was shot during my escape.

I grunted and covered the now gushing bloody hole again. I used what was left of my strength to get me back up, my frail arms wobbled. I used the alley's brick wall to guide me to the street side. I looked around me. People were out of their homes and walking the streets with their children, smiling and wandering about. They seemed to pay no attention to me. I noticed a cafe at the end of the short busy street. That's where the scent must be coming from. The smell of the muffins lingered into my nose once more which sent a grumble to my stomach. I was starving. I limped my way down the street, people staring. I was given looks of uncertainty as if I was a poor woman at a rich man's party. Yet they said nothing. I shook off the glares and kept on to the cafe. As I drew closer, the smell became stronger. But this time, tea came to my senses as well. The scent brought a smile to my face. I pushed through the crowd of socializing people. I was potentially being shoved back as I grew impatient.

"Watch it, you berk!" a man shouted in my ear as I accidentally brushed against him, causing him to loose his balance. I ignored once again and pushed toward to the doors of the cafe. The talking became louder along with the familiar sound of dishes and glass cups clinking together. It was quite busy for a such a small street business. Tables lined the walls along with a group of chattering people. They were dressed quite fancy for breakfast. Then there was me; shirt torn on the rims and across my chest, pants ruffled and right pant leg torn in half at the knee. Not to mention the blood seeping through my left pant leg on my thigh. My long blonde hair was knotted and messy from being pulled and thrown around by my head. All heads turned to me; I froze in my spot. I looked around as all the chatter silenced. I continued to the bar, walking past concerned faces. I hopped up on the tall seat and a waitress quickly came to me.

"May I help you, milady? You look injured." She said with a shaky voice, almost scared to speak to me. I looked down at my wound and hid it under the table. My eyes returned to hers. stared deep into her eyes, she was a nice girl; genuine. Alaina. Her name was Alaina. She's been hurt before, badly.

*She screamed. Trying to break loose from a man's tight grip. Her fist glided across his face, knocking him over. She tried bolting for the cabin door but it was no use, her foot was broken; to restrict her from escaping. The man grabbed at her ankle with an even tighter grip this time. She screamed out in pain. The man pulled her to his chest as he gave her a final blow to the cheek. He then tore off her pants and continued his sins.*

My jaw dropped, I gathered this memory with my senses. I always seemed to be able to see a memory from another human being by looking into their eyes. It's almost like a peak through the curtain into another person's life. She was still staring at me when I came back to reality.

"Ma'am, would you like me to call someone? To get you help?" She spoke once more. I shook my head in reassurance. She asked me if I was sure, replied with a yes and that I just ran into some vicious dogs. When frankly, that's not what happened at all. I asked for one of those delicious muffins, she nodded and walked off. As she walked away, I looked over the bar; noticing she had a wrap around her ankle. Perhaps the ankle that was broken in the memory? I took a deep breath and looked behind me, most people returned to their conversations and no longer was looking at me. Some still whispering to their peers while glaring at me. Within moments of waiting, she came back. With a plate lying a beautiful crisp muffin, she rested it on the table in front of me.

"Please, it's on the house. No need to pay." She smiled at me.

"Thank you, love." I complimented as she returned to serving another customer. I heard the faint sound of a bell go off, I turned behind me and noticed a tall thin man. He stopped at the door and looked around, no one seemed to care. He had pale skin and long jet black hair. He was wearing a suit which resembled a butler. I couldn't get a good look at his face, so I paid no care and returned to my 'so called feast'. As I finished my food, I wiped my face with a napkin. I spun around in my wooden stool and hopped to the ground. While I was indulging myself in my muffin, I seemed to forget I had a bullet whole in my thigh. To my surprise, I fell flat on the floor. The excruciating pain burned my whole leg. The numbness came back to which I started to feel faint.

"Milady!" A man exclaimed as his hands wrapped around my arms. I look up to see the man that appeared in the doorway. I looked back down and saw the mess of blood spilling on the floor. My vision became fuzzy and I struggled to breathe. I felt the man pull me up but I got up on my feet. I looked up and noticed a group of men entering the room. All in pitch black suits with black fedoras. They revealed weapons from their suit jackets and gave a warning shot to the ceiling. Everyone in the room became frantic and started running for the door. Plates crashed to the ground and glass flew everywhere.

"We must leave at once. Come with me." The man helping me said. "No." I stated as I let go from his grasp. He turned his head gave me a confused look. The whistling of a bullet zoomed passed my head and hit the glass casing of alcohol behind the bar, sending glass flying. My leg was still throbbing in pain, but that's not what matters at the moment. I shook the pain away and rushed for the door, leaving the man behind. I dodged incoming bullets by flipping the tables on their sides while I made my way for the door. One of the men made his way behind me and tried grabbing me. To my advance; I picked up a knife from the floor and planted it straight in his eye as it left him falling to the floor, cold. There were still people running throughout the room which bought a distraction. One more bullet zoomed passed me, I cartwheeled to make it successfully miss my legs. I smashed through the door to the flood of terrified people. I noticed a large fence I could possibly jump over to make more of an escape. I ran up to the wall and shifted my weight upwards to boost me to the top of the fence. When I grabbed ahold of it, I flipped over the side and landed roughly on the opposite side. I threw the pain in my leg away, like an unwanted tick and ran to the alleyway a block over.

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