Even Demons Can Find Love

To be decided when finished


2. The Investigation

      "Sebastian, I expect Scotland Yard will try to keep all evidence out of my hands. Anything to keep the 'Queens Guard dog.' out of their investigation. What rats, stealing all the credit for themselves. Anyhow; I want you to ensure by any means necessary, that I get the evidence I need to solve the Queens worries."

 A small smile creeps along my face. "This is good Young Master. Advocating for yourself to ensure you get what you want."

     "That's my Young Master." I exclaim in a pleasurable tone. "He still is the soul I so deeply desire to consume." Its been a year since I've consumed a single soul and with my Young Master being the only one I desire, I'm not lusting anyone else."

We arrived at the scene of the crime and I suspected the scene was un-pleasant. Severed limbs and pools of blood flooding the pathway to the church. Which itself was unsightly. I feel that's self-explanatory. I get out first holding the door open for my young master. He strolls out of the carriage and to my surprise the scene didn't even fathom him. With a emotionless expression he makes his way to talk to Abberline a detective and friend of Ciel's.

    "Oh, Ciel! I imagined you be here for this. It is a pleasure to see you acting upon your duty to resolve the Majesty's worries." Abberline exclaims ecstatically when he spots Ciel and I in the crowd.

"My Lord has requested that you tell him as much information as possible. By any means necessary." I make sure my stern tone sends my message across. As usual Abberline coughed up all the evidence gathered from the scene.


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