Even Demons Can Find Love

To be decided when finished


1. Introduction-Ciel's Un-Settling Feeling

  "Good Morning, My Lord."

   My voice found its way into Ciel's ears striking him awake. Slowly, He open his eyes to find blinding sunlight emerging from the tall windows which I had already set off to opening.

  "You seem to have acquired a clear schedule today My Lord. Something that is rare in the Phantomhive House."

  "Just another day to waste doing nothing? I don't think so. I, as the head of the Phantomhive Family Manor, has a duty to do and one can not simply take leisure time while there is still work to do. What is this morning's tea?"

  "Earl Grey Cream Tea with your choice of a Crescent, or Scone."

  "Scone will be fine." My young master replies in an almost disgusted voice.

   I'm not sure what it is, but this morning something is un-settling him. Knowing him he will try his best to not let it show for he does not need to show any signs of weakness but I am 'Merely one Hell of a Butler. Nothing slips by Me."

   A Few Hours Later:

  "Young Master, I feel as if this is a bad idea" I proclaim while I gather together the proper belongings into the carriage. I stop just to state my disbelief in my young master's plan.

 "Don't be tedious, Sebastian. Scotland Yard has discovered more bodies that have fell victim to death by mutilation.  Which has terrorized the city of London. The is Un-common for London to be scared enough to completely close down almost the whole town. Also, I cant help to feel someone I know is related to this."

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