<>White Diamond<> and <>SonicQuartz<>'s New Experience as a Family

This is the story of <>White Diamond<> and <>SonicQuartz<> becoming a family again. If you read my first book "<>SonicQuartz<>'s New Experience" then I bet you would like this one. This is a Mother and Son story. Since I really loved making my first book of them, I just really needed to write another one. I really love them as a family. It makes me feel happy, because Mothers are so caring, sweet, and can really fight for there family. I love <>SonicQuartz<> too, I just love making stories of him. So here is a story of him and his mother finally together as a family! *If you didn't get to read my first book, this book might not make since. This book will get confusing if you didn't real the first one. just fyi =D *


1. The New Beginning of the reborn Family

 Days and weeks later, <>White Diamond<> and <>SonicQuartz<> recreated there home world into there own world of happiness, harmony, and Sunshine and they both lived together as a family once again.

It started to become day time and sun started to rise from the clouds and shined into the Quartz Stone Castle in the sky. <>White Diamond<> was wrapped up around <>SonicQuartz<> sleeping while <>SonicQuartz<> is in a meditating position sleeping as well. The Sunshine starts to shine through the Castle doors and wakes up <>White Diamond<>. She unwraps herself then goes down to the surface of the planet to get some fruit. When she unwrapped herself, <>SonicQuartz<> falls on the ground asleep. He wakes up, sits up, and his fur is all puffed outward. He looks down at himself half asleep and gets surprised by his fur. He looks like a big hair ball of fur pocking out.

He straightens it out and stands up. <>White Diamond<> comes back to the Castle, flies through the doors, lands near Quartz and drops some fruit on the ground. They both start to eat and enjoys the Sun rise.

<>SonicQuartz<> stops eating for a min, looks down, and says, "I keep having this strange feeling, like I meet someone. Somewhere but not here. Some that is real close to me, like as if, we were friends." <>White Diamond<> looks at him. <>SonicQuartz<> continues and says, "I also have a strange feeling, I was attacked a lot from something dark and lifeless. But, I can't vision it or remember it very will... All I remember is walking away from the Castle, then there was a big explosion, then I wake up and I was one the floor of the Castle and saw you. Did something happen to me, long ago?"

<>SonicQuartz<> looks at <>White Diamond<> and she looks at him. "Its starting to sound like you are getting your old memory back. The memory that was erased when you were recreated. When Gems are recreated, they lose there old memory, then starts a new life and regains the old memory. There is a reason you have these strange feelings from a long time ago. Since its starting to come back to you, I should tell you what happen long ago.", <>White Diamond<> tells him and then starts telling the hole story of everything he has forgotten.


After <>White Diamond<> explains what happen in the past, <>SonicQuartz<> tries to understand but is really confused and says, "That all happen long ago. I don't remember doing all that. I guess there was a good reason I forgot." <>White Diamond<> looks at the sky and says, "Yes, there is a reason you forgot. Your friend Sonic wanted you to not remember any of it so you would be come safe and not worry about the past. He really cares about you, he wanted you to have a new life with out any bad feelings getting in your way."

"I understand. Having a new beginning with you is a blessing. But will I ever see him again?", Quartz asks. <>White Diamond<> tells him, "We can go see him anytime you want." <>White Diamond<> puts her forehead on his and <>SonicQuartz<> smiles. They both look at the sky and continues eating.


Later on that day, They started walking around the surface of there planet and exploring the mountains and oceans.

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