<>White Diamond<> and <>SonicQuartz<>'s New Experience as a Family

This is the story of <>White Diamond<> and <>SonicQuartz<> becoming a family again. If you read my first book "<>SonicQuartz<>'s New Experience" then I bet you would like this one. This is a Mother and Son story. Since I really loved making my first book of them, I just really needed to write another one. I really love them as a family. It makes me feel happy, because Mothers are so caring, sweet, and can really fight for there family. I love <>SonicQuartz<> too, I just love making stories of him. So here is a story of him and his mother finally together as a family! *If you didn't get to read my first book, this book might not make since. This book will get confusing if you didn't real the first one. just fyi =D *


4. Memorys from the past

Days and weeks has passed and <>White Diamond<>, <>SonicQuartz<>, and <>Little SonicQuartz<> are having fun being a one big family of three.


The sun starts to set and everyone is in there sleeping position and all of them fell sleep.

In the middle of the night, Quartz starts to have a happy dream of meeting Sonic and his friends then Quartz smiles in his sleep. In <>SonicQuartz<> dream he is having a race with Sonic and they both are winning. But then suddenly, they both start heading into a big field of fire but they both continue running. Quartz looks around while running and starts to get confused what is going on. Quartz looks at Sonic and then Sonic turns into >DarkChaos< then startles Quartz. >DarkChaos< looks at Quartz and runs straight at him!

<>SonicQuartz<> suddenly wakes up with a jolt and starts to take deep breaths. He looks down and sees <>Little SonicQuartz<> and calms down by seeing Little Quartz smiling in his sleep. Quartz gets out of <>White Diamond<> curl then puts Little Quartz in the middle of her and walks to the Castle doors then sits down on the side of the cloud. Quartz closes his eyes and wonders what happen. He starts to think of what he saw in his dream then >DarkChaos< shows himself in front of Quartz's eyes and makes Quartz jump. Quartz opens his eyes and sees he's not in front of him.

<>SonicQuartz<> looks down at his Emerald and sees she is glowing strangely. Quartz puts his head down and wonders what is going on and who is that person. Quartz feels something coming to him and its <>Little SonicQuartz<> walking to him. Quartz turns around and watches Little Quartz sit next to him. Little Quartz looks at Quartz with a confused look.

"I am fine, I just confused about something." , <>SonicQuartz<> says while looking at <>Little SonicQuartz<> then smiles. Quartz looks at the night sky and sees >DarkChaos< for a second again and jumps! Little Quartz gets scared of how Quartz jumped. Quartz takes deep breaths and calms down. Quartz puts his hand on his Emerald and says to her, "What is that you see? Who is this person that is making you scared?".

<>Little SonicQuartz<> turns his head and sees <>White Diamond<> walking to them two. <>White Diamond<> stands on the side of Quartz and forehead touches Quartz's left side of his. Quartz looks at her and looks confused.

"There is a reason you are having these visions.", <>White Diamond<> says ," When you died, you only had half of your Emerald left. I attached a new piece of a Emerald onto yours to fix it. When you were recreated, you forgot some memory of when you alive, now since you know the old memory, its starting to haunt you. I never got to fix all of your Emerald piece because I though the darkness left you."

"D-Darkness still lives inside me!", <>SonicQuartz<> says scared. <>White Diamond<> nods.<>Little SonicQuartz<> looks at Quartz and is scared as well.

"There is a way to take out the darkness from your Gemstone. Follow me.", <>White Diamond<> says and walks to the top of the Castle. <>SonicQuartz<> and <>Little SonicQuartz<> follows her.

They make it to the roof of the Castle and then <>White Diamond<> says, " There is only one pure source of Light in this world that can help you. It is Lightning. One shock might pull the darkness out.". Quartz nods and stands in the spot and looks up at the sky. "It might hurt you because, I have to send a lightning bolt straight to your Emerald.", <>White Diamond<> says and Quartz gets surprised. 

<>SonicQuartz<> understands and lays down on the Castle roof. <>Little SonicQuartz<> takes a few steps back and watches. <>White Diamond<> flies into the sky and creates a thunder storm cloud and hides in it. The thunder cloud starts to spark lightning around itself. Quartz closes his eyes and waits for the strike. The thunder cloud charges up and sends a big bolt of lightning and strikes Quartz Emerald!

Quartz yells in pain and Little Quartz gets scared! But then something starts to happen, dark lightning starts to come out of Quartz's Emerald and fights the Light Lightning. The Dark Lightning starts to push the Light Lightning back to the cloud, but at the same time The Light Lightning is trying to fight back and strike Quartz Emerald. Both lightning are fighting each other to strike each other.

<>White Diamond<> makes the thunder cloud bigger and makes more electric charge and sends two more Light Lightning bolts at Quartz's Emerald, but The Darkness is fighting back. <>White Diamond<> comes flying down fast from the cloud then lands on the roof and sends the big final blow of Lightning. Quartz is yelling in pain because The Darkness creates a black force field around him. <>White Diamond<> continues to send the blow and starts to walk closer to Quartz. The Dark force field starts to crack and then gets destroyed.

A shadow of >DarkChaos< comes out of <>SonicQuartz<> Emerald screaming in pain of the Lightning, The Light Lightning breaks through >DarkChaos<'s Emerald and shaders him. Quartz's eyes glow white and The Light Lightning stops. Quartz closes his eyes and Little Quartz walks to him slowly. <>White Diamond<> walks to Quartz and sits next to him, then so did Little Quartz.

Quartz opens his eyes and sits up. He looks to his left and sees Little Quartz. Little Quartz gets happy and jump hugs Quartz. <>White Diamond<> comes near them two and curls up around them.


Later on the day, <>SonicQuartz<> starts having the feeling of being free and being a Gem once again.

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