<>White Diamond<> and <>SonicQuartz<>'s New Experience as a Family

This is the story of <>White Diamond<> and <>SonicQuartz<> becoming a family again. If you read my first book "<>SonicQuartz<>'s New Experience" then I bet you would like this one. This is a Mother and Son story. Since I really loved making my first book of them, I just really needed to write another one. I really love them as a family. It makes me feel happy, because Mothers are so caring, sweet, and can really fight for there family. I love <>SonicQuartz<> too, I just love making stories of him. So here is a story of him and his mother finally together as a family! *If you didn't get to read my first book, this book might not make since. This book will get confusing if you didn't real the first one. just fyi =D *


3. Fun moment with <>SonicQuartz<> and <>Little SonicQuartz<>

The sun starts rise on another beautiful day.

<>SonicQuartz<> has Little Quartz in his lap with his wings wrapped around Little Quartz and <>White Diamond<> is also wrapped around Quartz and they all are asleep. The sun starts to shine into the doors of the Castle and wakes up <>Little SonicQuartz<>. Little Quartz looks up at Quartz and gets shocked, then starts giggling. His laughter wakes up Quartz and Quartz looks down at him.

"Huu.. are you okay? Is something wrong?", <>SonicQuartz<> asks <>Little SonicQuartz<> looking at him while rubbing his right eye. Little Quartz covers his mouth with his hand trying to keep it in but then burst out laughing. "What? What's so funny?", Quartz asks again and Little Quartz points at his face still laughing. Quartz touches the side of his face and realizes his fur is pocking outward again. Little Quartz is laughing because Quartz looks so puffy again.

<>SonicQuartz<> fixes his fur and then smiles. "You think me being furry is funny?", Quartz says while looking at Little Quartz and continues ," I know another way to make you laugh." <>Little SonicQuartz<> Stops laughing at looks at Quartz with a blank face meaning "Oh no..." . Quartz starts to smile and tickles Little Quartz. Little Quartz starts laughing hard and tries to fight back by keeping a straight face, but keeps laughing.

<>Little SonicQuartz<> gets out of <>SonicQuartz<> arms and runs to the side of the Castle wall still laughing. Quartz gets up and looks at him smiling. Little Quartz starts to run around in circles and taunts Quartz. Quartz gets out of <>White Diamond<> curl and starts chasing Little Quartz.

<>Little SonicQuartz<> runs to the Castle doors and taunts <>SonicQuartz<> again then jumps out of the Castle and lands on some clouds then takes off running again. Quartz flies out of the Castle and starts chasing him by flying. Little Quartz starts jumping on cloud to cloud and stops for a min to see if he lost Quartz. Little Quartz looks around and can't find Quartz. Little Quartz looks up and there was Quartz looking down at him smiling. It scares <>Little SonicQuartz<> and then Little Quartz walks off the edge of the small cloud he was on and falls out of the sky.

<>SonicQuartz<> jumps and tries to catch Little Quartz. Little SonicQuartz is so close of hitting the ground, but right before he hit the ground, Quartz catches him in his arms, Quartz wraps himself with his wings, and then Quartz hits the ground.

<>SonicQuartz<> is now what appears to be knocked out on the ground. <>Little SonicQuartz<> gets out of Quartz's wings and arms then looks at Quartz. Little Quartz gets sad and starts to cry. But then, Quartz starts to laugh an gets Little Quartz's attention. Quartz opens his left eye and looks down at Little Quartz. Little Quartz looks at Quartz, stops crying, and starts laughing too.

<>Little SonicQuartz<> looks at <>SonicQuartz<> and jumps at him. Quartz picks up Little Quartz and holds him in the air and Little Quartz extends his arms out like he is flying. Quartz blows some wind under Little Quartz and Little Quartz starts to levitate. He keeps Little Quartz in the air for a little while then stops blowing wind and catches him.

<>Little SonicQuartz<> lands in <>SonicQuartz<>'s lap and giggles. Quartz lays down on the grass and closes his eyes. Little Quartz sits on Quartz's chest and looks down at Quartz's face. Little Quartz lays down, puts one of his hands on Quartz face, and pats. <>SonicQuartz<> ignores it and tries to go to sleep, but <>Little SonicQuartz<> keeps patting his face. Quartz gets annoyed and grabs Little Quartz's hand to make him stop, but Little Quartz uses his other hand to pat.

Quartz grabs both hands, looks at him, and Little Quartz stops. <>Little SonicQuartz<> pulls his hands out of <>SonicQuartz<>'s hands and sits up. Then Little Quartz gently grabs Quartz's nose, and Quartz jumps.

<>SonicQuartz<> gets up and looks down at <>Little SonicQuartz<> still holding onto Quartz's nose. Quartz gives Little Quartz a creepy looking smile and Little Quartz lets go of his nose then Quartz starts to tickle him.

<>White Diamond<> comes down from the clouds and lands near them two and sees they are having a fun time. Quartz stops tickling and sits back up. Little Quartz keeps giggling and looks down. Both Quartz gets up and walks to <>White Diamond<> and them three starts walking to the open field of Gemstone trees to get some fruit to eat.

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