<>White Diamond<> and <>SonicQuartz<>'s New Experience as a Family

This is the story of <>White Diamond<> and <>SonicQuartz<> becoming a family again. If you read my first book "<>SonicQuartz<>'s New Experience" then I bet you would like this one. This is a Mother and Son story. Since I really loved making my first book of them, I just really needed to write another one. I really love them as a family. It makes me feel happy, because Mothers are so caring, sweet, and can really fight for there family. I love <>SonicQuartz<> too, I just love making stories of him. So here is a story of him and his mother finally together as a family! *If you didn't get to read my first book, this book might not make since. This book will get confusing if you didn't real the first one. just fyi =D *


2. Don't be alone, have a friend!

On one calm night when the sun was setting, <>White Diamond<> is wrapped around <>SonicQuartz<> asleep, but <>SonicQuartz<> is wide awake. He wants to go see Sonic again, but has a feeling he shouldn't. <>SonicQuartz<> is happy he is home with <>White Diamond<>, but strangely feels alone. He wants a new friend, like another Gem. He has been thinking about it for a while, and knows what kind of Gem he wants. So <>SonicQuartz<> gets out of <>White Diamond<> curl and flies to a near by cloud outside of the Castle.

Later that night, he creates a Emerald just like his, and creates a Gem body in the form of Little Sonic. <>SonicQuartz<> wants to have a friend that is just like him, so he created himself of how he first was born. Quartz creates the body from clouds and adds the Emerald on its chest. The Emerald glows and reveals the body of <>Little SonicQuartz<>. Quartz made him be 8 years old and also made him not to age, so he can stay young forever. <>White Diamond<> recreated <>SonicQuartz<> to not age too, that is where he got the idea from.

<>SonicQuartz<> lays down, puts <>Little SonicQuartz<> on his chest, and covers him with his wings so Little Quartz doesn't get cold.


In the middle of the night, Little Quartz wakes up. He opens his eyes a little and holds a feather from Quartz's wings. <>SonicQuartz<> opens his eyes a little and looks down. <>Little SonicQuartz<> looks up at him still tired and Quartz smiles. Little Quartz looks down and falls back asleep. Quartz stands up caring him with his wings covering him and flies back to the Castle.

When he went inside the Castle, <>White Diamond<> was awake looking at him. <>SonicQuartz<> smiles, opens one of his wings, and shows her what he did. Quartz walks to her, <>White Diamond<> forehead touches Little Quartz, and <>SonicQuartz<> sits down still holding him like a baby. <>White Diamond<> wraps herself around Quartz and the both go back to sleep.


The Sun rises from the sky and wakes up <>Little SonicQuartz<>. He looks up and sees <>SonicQuartz<> looking down at him in his lap. Little Quartz looks down a little and sees <>White Diamond<> looking at him as well then he jumps. Quartz unwraps his wings and holds out his right hand in front of Little Quartz. Little Quartz looks at his hand and puts his left hand on Quartz's.

<>White Diamond<> comes closer and drops a half piece of fruit in front of <>SonicQuartz<>. Quartz picks it up and hands it to Little Quartz, Little Quartz gets confused and looks at Quartz. <>SonicQuartz<> is holding the other half in his left hand and eats it. <>Little SonicQuartz<> looks at <>White Diamond<> and she is eating some fruit too, so he takes a bite out of the fruit in his hand and eats it.

When Little Quartz was done eating, Quartz puts him on the ground, and walks to one of the walls of the Castle. Little Quartz gets confused and looks at <>White Diamond<>. She looks at him then looks at Quartz. <>Little SonicQuartz<> does the same and sees <>SonicQuartz<> bending down and moving his hands to tell Little Quartz to come. So Little Quartz gets up and walks to Quartz trying not to fall. He makes it to Quartz and falls in Quartz's arms. Quartz stands him up and smiles.

<>White Diamond<> walks toward them and lays near Little Quartz. <>Little SonicQuartz<> gets scared again and backs up. Little Quartz looks at Quartz and see he is smiling, then Quartz holds out his hand and pets <>White Diamond<>'s head. Little Quartz gets less scared and does the same. <>White Diamond<> closes her eyes and Little Quartz becomes happy.

<>SonicQuartz<> picks up Little Quartz and gives him a piggy back ride. <>White Diamond<> stands up and her and Quarts both flies out of the Castle to the surface of the planet with Little Quartz. Later on <>Little SonicQuartz<> was happy and became part of the family.

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