<>White Diamond<> and <>SonicQuartz<>'s New Experience as a Family

This is the story of <>White Diamond<> and <>SonicQuartz<> becoming a family again. If you read my first book "<>SonicQuartz<>'s New Experience" then I bet you would like this one. This is a Mother and Son story. Since I really loved making my first book of them, I just really needed to write another one. I really love them as a family. It makes me feel happy, because Mothers are so caring, sweet, and can really fight for there family. I love <>SonicQuartz<> too, I just love making stories of him. So here is a story of him and his mother finally together as a family! *If you didn't get to read my first book, this book might not make since. This book will get confusing if you didn't real the first one. just fyi =D *


5. A New Change and Old Memorys

The sun starts to set on the next day after <>White Diamond<> removed the Power Of Darkness that was trapped in <>SonicQuartz<> when darkness took over their world.

Everyone is in their sleeping position and goes to sleep.

It becomes midnight and <>SonicQuartz<> wakes up. Quartz stretches and starts to feel something strange. Quartz looks at himself and parts of his body that was tan, has now turned snow white. Quartz starts to feel his Quills on the back of his head, and they turned into light blue fur with white fur streaks on the tips. <>SonicQuartz<> puts his hand on his Emerald and realizes his Emerald turned into a Quartz Gemstone. Quartz starts to feel that he has more Light power in him then before. Like if he was recreated from the beginning when her was a full Light Gem. He bows his head, closes his eyes, and smiles happily.

<>SonicQuartz<> takes his hand off of his Quartz gem and gets an idea. He stands up while holding onto <>Little SonicQuartz<> then lays him in the middle of <>White Diamond<>'s curl and walks to the Castle Door and sits down on the side of the cloud. He sticks his hand in the Cloud floor then takes some of the floor and starts to mold it into something. He starts to mold it into something big, long, and smooth. He created a little light blue Gemstone and attaches it to the front like a little belt buckle. Quartz starts to brush off some of the cloud he doesn't need and it starts to reveal what he created. It was a long snow white Cloak / Cape with a light blue buckle on the top. Quartz stands up and puts it on, then covers himself with it like a cloak, then puts the hat on.

<>Little SonicQuartz<> starts to wake up and looks at <>SonicQuartz<>. Little Quartz gets up, jumps over <>White Diamond<>, and walks to him. He stands behind Quartz and pulls on the cloak. Quartz turns around and looks down, he sees Little Quartz and picks him up. Little Quartz looks all around at Quartz and gets confused.

"Something wrong? You don't like my new look?", <>SonicQuartz asks.

<>Little SonicQuartz<> tilts his head and is confused. Little Quartz looks at Quartz and realizes he looks different all of a sudden!

<>SonicQuartz<> looks down then looks back at Little Quartz and tells him what happen. Little Quartz is amazed of how it happen and wanted it to happen to him as well, but he didn't know that it will take a while to change form like Quartz did. Quartz puts him down and sits down in the side of the open Castle Doors and Little Quartz sits too.

They sit there for a while watching the stars shine. <>SonicQuartz<> starts to laugh and smiles with his head down, <>Little SonicQuartz<> looks at him and gets confused.

"It has been a long time since I seen him. Him and his friends are so nice and kind. If I could see them again, that would be amazing.", says Quartz. Little Quartz gets confused again. "But I have to be here, to take care of this world if it gets controlled by the darkness again. And here to be with you and <>White Diamond<>.", says Quartz while looking at Little Quartz.

<>Little SonicQuartz<> still looks at Quartz confused. <>SonicQuartz<>  looks at Little Quartz and tell him the story of how he meet Sonic and everyone.


The sun starts to rise and Quartz finishes the story. Then Quartz looks up and thinks.

"Maybe some day, we can all go to his world and see them, you might get to meet them." , says <>SonicQuartz<>.

Little Quartz looks at Quartz and smiles.


The rest of the day, <>White Diamond<>, <>SonicQuartz<>, and <>Little SonicQuartz<> were getting ready to go to Sonic's world and meet him and his friends.

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