Our Life. L.H.

We have dated for a while now. What will happen? Were will we end?


4. Welcome home!

A/N- If you haven't read the last chapter/thing then go do that cause it will make all of this make some sense. haha. Lets get on with the story...

Luke's POV:

I am so happy I finally get to see Lucy it feels like it has been forever! I have missed her like crazy the last couple of months. Its unreal. When I walked in the house earlier I watched them do the pie to the face thing for one of her videos. It was awesome! Skylar got hit in the face by Nick and he felt so bad because it got in her eye. I was laughing like crazy but then shut up because I wanted to surprise Lucy. I hid behind the corner till Skylar and Lucy walked in.After Lucy passed I grabbed her waist. She looked scared until she realized it was me. Then a look of relief spread over her face. She was so happy to see me home. 

Lucy's POV:

"Oh My Gawd I thought you weren't coming home till late tomorrow night" I say as I hug Luke. I let go and see I left a "face" mark because of the whipped cream on his black shirt. "Oops, Sorry babe." I say. " Its fine. I was going to get some anyway." He says laughing. He takes his shirt off when we get to my room. I walk in to the bathroom but not until after I get a big glimpse at his abs. I start to undress to take a shower. The usual first the shirt then the pants.I feel arms wrap around me and I look to see Luke. "What are you doing?" I question. He just replies with "I have missed you. Can I join you?" "No." I reply. "And why is that?" Luke responds. "Because I don't want to." I reply a little to harsh. "But babe..." Luke whines. "No." I state again. " Fine" Luke grunts and walks out to my bed. I hear the T.V. turn on and jump in the shower.

~10 minutes later.~

I finish up and walk into my bedroom after getting dressed. "What was that about?" Luke questions me. I am quiet. "Lucy are you a virgin?" Luke asks. You can hear the sensitivity in his voice. I just nod and look down. He gets up and tells me that he would never force me into anything and he is sorry that he tried earlier. He hugs me and for some reason I start crying. "What's wrong Lucy?'' "I just don't want you to leave cause I said no. (sniff) I don't want a repeat of last time." I say. "What happened last time?'' "Well..."

~FLASHBACK (2 years ago)~

"Hey babe!" Jaxson yells over the music. "Hey what?" I yell back "Lets go somewhere." He yells. I nod then follow him. He walks up the stairs stumbling a couple times. I follow. When we get to the top he pulls me into a bedroom and pushes me on the bed. "Jaxson what are you doing?" I question I was scared of what he would do to me he was clearly drunk but because he was 18 the drinks had a bigger toll on him then a normal person. "I am going to make love to you right now." he replied slurring his words. "No Jaxson I am not having my first time be with a drunk who won't remember it." "OK FINE THEN IM DONE WITH YOU I NEVER WANT TO SEE YOU AGAIN!!!" He yells. "You don't mean that.'' "OH I DO I HAVE BEEN DONE WITH YOU FOR A WHILE I JUST DIDNT WANT TO HURT YOU LITTLE FEELINGS." he says still yelling. "You know what I don't care anymore! I'm leaving and if you wake up tomorrow and miss me to bad I'm not coming back!" I yell back. I walk out crying

~End of Flashback~

"Oh Lucy, I don't know what to say" Luke says after I told him everything. "It's ok I just don't want you to leave." "I would never leave because of something like this. I love you and you saying you're not ready won't change that." ''Thank you Luke'' I say. We just sit there and listen to each others breaths till we fall asleep.

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