Our Life. L.H.

We have dated for a while now. What will happen? Were will we end?


1. The First Memories.

Lucy POV:

We first met when I am 18, he was 19 about to turn 20 It was my birthday the week before. My best friend Grace took me to a 5SOS concert we got backstage passes for some reason Grace will have to explain one day.

I went to the concert with Grace and I didn't feel good. I asked this lady where a bathroom was and she pointed through a crowd of a ton of girls. I asked if there was anywhere else and that I didn't feel good. She must have seemed how pale I was because she said there is a bathroom in the hallway behind her that she rushed me to. She told me it was just around the corner and got a call on her walkie-talkie to come back. She left and I ran into the bathroom. I threw up right away in the trash can. I can see in the corner of my eye a urinal. Oh great, the wrong bathroom. Hopefully, there is no one in here. After that thought leaves my head I feel someone behind me holding my hair back. I stop and turn to the guy behind me it is Luke Hemmings. "Uh.. hi" I stutter out. "Are you okay?" he asks. " I don't know, I just feel sick," I reply. "Here follow me you can lie down," he says.

We walk to his dressing room. He shows me the couch and grabs some blankets. I thank him for everything but tell him it is not necessary and that I have to go find my friend. I am turning down an offer to be in Luke Hemmings dressing room. What is wrong with me.I am not some crazed fan but I still think he is cute and I love his voice.  He said that he can go get her to tell me her name and give me a picture to prove it is her. "No, you will get attacked by all the girls out there. I will be fine I will have my security guards get her." "Okay," I respond. After they found Grace she came and told me that she was so scared because she didn't know where I was. We stayed till the concert started I slept through most of it.

When it is over I am still asleep. Luke walked in after and took his shower. I woke up to the water running. I sit up and out walks Luke with shorts on and a towel around his neck. I can't help but look at his abs. I look up to his face as he walks over. He puts his hand on my head and says that my temperature has gone down. I stand up thank him for his kindness and turn to leave. Before I go he grabs my arm and tells me that almost any other girl would have freaked out being with him. I giggle and walk out taking what he said as a compliment.

Grace and I go to the hotel we booked and I lay down on my bed. I get a text from Luke. I didn't know he put his number in my phone. I ask him why he trusts me that I won't leak his number. He calls me and tells me if I do he would kill me because he just changed his number from someone else doing that. I tell him that I was joking and I would not do that to him. We texted all night long.

2 Months Later:

"Bye Grace" I yell up the stairs. "Bye have fun with Luke, but not too much fun" she yells back. I am going to a one month anniversary dinner with Luke. We have talked for 2 months but he made official a month ago. It is hard to have real dates because of all the fans wanting pictures and things. Sometimes there is hate from fans saying I'm not pretty and that I am just in it for the fame. Luke tells them off a lot. I hate how some fans do not approve of us. There are others that are so fun and supportive. When I get to the restaurant I see Luke has rented out the whole place. So the only fans were at the door. We sat in the back to get away from the noise. He told me that he loved my dress. I laughed and said "You should you paid for it." He responded with "That's the dress that you decided on. Good choice." "They didn't have a dress bag that's why I made you walk out, I wanted it to be a surprise."

We order food and just talk. When the food comes, Luke asks for a bottle of champagne. They bring it and we toast for the best month ever.

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