The Chase

This is my first work here, so please be patient and i will try my best to make it as professional as possible.
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WARNING : this book may ( will) contain, violence and sexual scenes.


" I'll blow your head out" he said lowly while he stared daggers at me .

"Do it"

" I'll beat you up till you're black and blue" he warned.

" Do it" I challenged.

" you should go" he stated throwing his gun on his arm chair then rubbed his eyes.

" I should but I won't "

" why won't you listen?" He exclaimed loudly.

" I'm cold and insane " He added looking down.

" well I think that if someone is cold then know it must be because someone sucked all the heat out of them. No one is born cold! It's just their life and it's just the weather; it always appears to me that sanity is humanity and some people are just insane" I stated lowly as I stood between his legs.

He pulled me to his lap, " you sure are something shawty" he whispered against my lips and I pushed mine against his .

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6. chapter5

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Flashback : 


“YOU FVCKING B1TCH, WAIT TILL I GET YOU” the very sound of chase boomed from the speakers.

“IF, If you get me chase” i mocked his earlier words again, i was shaking internally but the adrenaline got me hyped up, i hung up and sped down the road, losing them easily, i slowed down, now i lost them. where can i go? my mum must be freaking out. the digital clock in the car shone 12:59. i contemplated wether i should kill myself or face my mum. ugh. I'm dead anyway.




I’m literally dead, i don't know what drove me to do what i did, maybe it was my fear or a sudden rush of adrenaline but i don't know what to do now, whatever it was that made me do that is gone now, it totally vanished; and what remains ? my noisy stomach that indicates my severe hunger.

i groaned loudly when i saw a Macdonalds logo, it was so hard to pass it, i literally heard the angels singing when i saw the sign, I decided to take the next U-turn back to Macdonalds, i parked the car few buildings away and told myself that if i didn't find any money in the car i’ll go, i opened the trunk to find few hoodies, shirts and sweatpants.. did they guy own a dressing room here? i grabbed a navy blue hoodie and grey extra size track pants, quickly wore them then i dumped the jacket i was wearing in the trunk, i grabbed a 100$ bill from the stack that was sticking out from a black bag  and walked to Macdonalds, am i just the luckiest kidnapped person or what ? i felt the urge to roll my eyes at my own thoughts.


i walked into Macdonalds ignoring some weird stares that i got, i ordered my food then i sat and ate, since my mother was going to kill me anyway, i had to make it worth it. 

i walked out sipping on my milkshake on the way to the car, i sat in the car, fired the engine and drove home.

Ten minutes later i was almost home, i parked the car five blocks away and decided to walk them, in case that chase guy has any kind of way to get his car back.. i don't wanna be with it.


i sucked in a deep breath and started climbing back up to my room, i successfully landed in and i silently closed the window. 

“i can't believe i didn’t caught” i whispered to myself.

“me neither “ i heard my mum say and i quickly turned around to see my mum sitting on my arm chair.


Damn it.


“ you come in here this late, wearing someone’s clothes, and not any clothes, men’s clothes. Please enlighten me and explain yourself, i didn't expect this from you, i’m so disappointed alexandria; you are grounded for a month and no phone “ she said and extended her hand forward. i remember hearing her say ‘explain yourself’ but never giving me time to. it’s not like i have anything to explain but i would've loved that chance, like i would love it if she can call me Alex.


“fine mother, it’s not like i go anywhere anyway and i broke my phone today, i threw it away” i crossed my arms and she stared me down, i know what she wanted. i pulled my pockets out to show her i had nothing. and she nodded and walked away.


“oh by the ways’m not getting you a new one “ she said and slammed my door closed behind her.



i hope i never see you again chase, i jumped in bed and immediately fell asleep.




Beep, beep, beep.




“Wake up right now Alexandria “ i heard my mum shout. i slowly got up and dragged my feet to the bathroom. i took a quick shower then i picked black ‘PINK’ undergarments then i wore the hoodie i took yesterday and a pair of ripped denim skinny jeans and my black converse All star.i added some BB cream and mascara then i grabbed my cotton candy pink back-bag and ran downstairs, it was 7:30 already.


“Brush your hair Alexandria” my mum sternly said while she made herself a cup of coffee.

i rolled my eyes and quickly pulled my hair out of the messy bun and it fell around my face and down my back.


“I’m going mum” i said while i went out. i locked the door behind me and i started walking to starbucks since it’s on my way to school anyways. Once i stepped in starbucks i felt at ease.



i ordered my everyday vanilla late with whipped cream and waited for it.

“ALEX” the starbucks guy which i know as Ricky by now called out while his eyes searched for me, he knows me pretty well by now.


i barely started walking towards him when a guy in a black hoodie and a red snapback took it, ricky looked scared and i knew why when the guy turned around.

Chase walked my way with the cup in his hand, he grabbed my hand and dragged me out.

“In the car” he simply stated nodding at a silver escalade, i shook my head denying what he said.

“In the car now as a passenger or one minute later in the trunk like a garbage bag” he stated taking his black shades off.

“i’m gonna give you a ride to school anyway so your pick Babydoll” he smiled mockingly at me .

i huffed in annoyance then decided on the passenger seat, i climbed in and before we started moving i told him “ Before we move it’s not ‘gonna’ it’s ‘going to’ and i have your car keys” i dangled his keys in front of his face and he just laughed.

“keep them doll, You’ll drive it to my place” he glared at me when i shook my head.

we were driving on a high speed by now. his right hand caught a hold of my neck.

“In my presence you only Nod doll, you do not shake that head of yours and you never roll your eyes” he stated before clenching his jaw and pressing on my neck, i refuse to give in so i remained still.

“ okay?” he asked pressing the issue further. i just shook in his hand, but he only tightened his grip, few seconds later and i was choking, bending too his well; again. i nodded and he let me go.


“Okay We’re here doll “ he calmly said while smoking a cigarette that i didn't notice he lit.

i looked around and noticed that we are in the school parking lot right infant of the gate, i noticed that everyone was looking at the escalade with the tinted window that to my misery i was in.


i opened the car door, saying a quick ‘thank you’ and sped walked to the entrance door because everyone was looking my way, including my ex, Brent.


“ Wait babe” i heard chase’s voice and i closed my eyes tightly. what now. he turned me around.

“what babe” i snapped air coating ‘babe’.

he laughed and rapped his arms around my body, he whispered in my ear saying “ You will go get my car after you finish the school day and bring it to my house, i know you finish at 3:00 , you've got till 3:30 ;30:31 kiss your momma and that virginity ring of yours goodbye” he pulled away and smirked at me. when i gasped.


“91st witchburn lane, you won't miss it” he smiled smugly and i nodded.

Witchburn lane is in ‘Witchinston’ compound. it is for extremely rich people. he walked away but threw one more sentence my way “ The ring will be mine” he warned from a far. then he drove away too quickly leaving tire burn marks on the ground.


Show off.

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