The Chase

This is my first work here, so please be patient and i will try my best to make it as professional as possible.
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WARNING : this book may ( will) contain, violence and sexual scenes.


" I'll blow your head out" he said lowly while he stared daggers at me .

"Do it"

" I'll beat you up till you're black and blue" he warned.

" Do it" I challenged.

" you should go" he stated throwing his gun on his arm chair then rubbed his eyes.

" I should but I won't "

" why won't you listen?" He exclaimed loudly.

" I'm cold and insane " He added looking down.

" well I think that if someone is cold then know it must be because someone sucked all the heat out of them. No one is born cold! It's just their life and it's just the weather; it always appears to me that sanity is humanity and some people are just insane" I stated lowly as I stood between his legs.

He pulled me to his lap, " you sure are something shawty" he whispered against my lips and I pushed mine against his .

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5. Chapter4


*****AN: THIS CHAPTER GOES TO  @Kolle ****



“I’m bieber but everyone calls me chase .. So, tell me, what exactly did you see?”  He said and parked the car infront of what looked like a private beach.

“i need an answer today” He snapped and i took a deep breath.

i think I'm in for another ride.




I took a deep breath, this is it, if i screw up I'm gonna follow the lead of the bulky guy that has his forehead decorated with a hole between his eyes as from few minutes ago.

“i didn’t see anything “ i said calmly, I'm good at this.

"and who said you did" his pink lips grew into a smirk that i find very mocking and offending but he has a point, a point which I'm about to turnover.

“you did, one minute ago; when you asked what i saw?” i retorted back.

He started at me sharply, waiting for me to crack, little does he know.

i crossed my arms and narrowed my eyes to slits. “ i want to go home” i stated calmly but he didn't even blink. “ i need to go home today” i said re-using his former words in mockery.

His nose flared then he got out of the car slamming his door closed then he walks quickly in few strides to my side and then he opens my door aggressively, taking me by the hair out of the car, he walked with my bent down because of his forceful push on my head by my hair, after walking for five minutes or so he pushed me to the floor and again i found myself on a beech with this guy and his men surrounding me.

"Let's just kill her boss" a bulky, bald guy said, his blue eyes pierced through me, upon his statement i shook my head.

"i was about to kill you but i feel bad, so I'm gonna give you a chance shawty, i will count to ten then i'll look for you, if i find you, i take you" he says smugly.

" and if you don't ?" i bite back .

"then you're free " he smiles an evil smile.

"why are you doing this ?" i ask, purely out of curiosity, if he doesn't care if i run away, why does he bother with that stupid game. 

" the chase, i just Love the chase " his large palms cup my small  face, his black eyes making me shiver.

" Before you run, what's your name ?" he asks smoothly as if my life is not on the line here, i contemplate wether i should lie about it or not, i decide against it since i know that a lie like this may cost me, my life, taking in mind that i can't find my ID, so what if he took it while i trashed in his arms.

"My name is Alex " i state quietly.

"nice to meet you Alexandria, I'm chase "  when my full name falls out of his lips it indicates that my thoughts were right, he did find my Id and his name.. chase. he already told me his name which isn't so nice but i keep my snarky comment to myself .


" You saved me, why do this now?" i said defeated.

he leaned and put his hand on my waist causing my eyes to widen causing him to smirk.


" relax, i just need a smoke" he stated while taking his pack of cigarettes and lighter from the pocket of his jacket that is covering my almost naked body.

he lit a cigarette.


"i'm gonna give you the benefit of running shawty" he breathed smoke out fanning my face while whispering "run".


i shook my head.


" if you don't run, i'll kill you" he stated bluntly.


my feet started moving after a long moment of hesitation

He comes so close to me, i can feel his Minty breath fanning my face, " run " he whispers, so close to my face .

i Run and i can hear him start counting, i dive deeper between the trees on that damn beach as fast as i can but i can still him counting. 


" remember shawty, it's all about the chase " i can hear his shouting deep voice followed by a wicked deep laugh and i instantly shiver, this guy is nuts.


i count the numbers in my head and when i count to ten, i decide to stop running and hide .

i climb a tree and sit on one of the branches, drawing my legs in to my chest and silently i let my arms sneak around them while i buried my face in the middle. it is gonna be okay. i slowly told myself.

I heard voices running everywhere and i heard his voice come my way, he passed right beneath me and stood there for a while, i thought he found me but his movement indicated other wise as he walked in the opposite direction and i quietly sighed, i felt happy, too happy and when I'm happy there must be a screw up somewhere in one of the nooks around me.

My phone rang. i didn't even know i had it on me. i quickly snatched the phone off of me and threw it as far as i can and it landed nine trees away i think and all of his men ran to the voice like dogs but he stayed beneath my tree and to my disliking he looked up and saw me.


“come-on babe, get down here, i really don't want to ruin my shoes, my eyes fell on his expensive shoes and i rolled my eyes but didn't move.

“are you gonna come down or do i have to get up and there and get you? but i promise if i even scratch the leather of this shoes, i’m gonna make you the House’s slut till you pay off it’s price” he darkly said while pointing to his shoes. i contemplated wether i should obey him or not, as much as the idea of going down there with my own feet killed me but he was going to get me anyway, so what’s the point.

i stared at my purity ring. i can’t be anyone’s slut and i knew that he isn't the kind of guy that would throw words around with out doing them and that made me slowly let my feet slide down, i skillfully hooked a leg after the other till i was down, i didn't even touch the ground yet when his arms snaked around my waist and threw me on his shoulder.

“found her guys” he stated loudly and everybody looked his way, they cheered and fist bumped him, i heard a guy mumble something along the lines of ‘assholes’ beside me but i shrugged it off anyway. i had one last shot at running away, an idea lit my mind as i caught a glimpse of chase’s car.

He’s a guy, if he isn't gay then he will react to this real quick. i wiggled my butt at his face since it was directly beside his head due to the position he held me in.

“i don’t recommend doing that” he casually said but i did it two more times again till he gave me what i was waiting for, he slapped my behind really hard, i declined my feeling of pain and i was quick to shoot my hand up to my behind as if I'm rubbing it out of pain but while I'm doing that i grabbed my little perfume bottle and i sprayed some on chase’s light brown hair, he didn't feel anything since his hair was only cut short from the sides and i sprayed on the upper part.

then i slid my hands to the pocket i saw him put the lighter in when we were in the car, to my joy it wasn't there but i caught a glimpse of it in his back pocket, i quickly slapped his behind and took it while i’m at it, i heard him chuckle. “ alright cat, just wait till we’re home” he said in a raspy voice.

“ you do have a lot of names for me don't you ?” i smirked .

“yes” he replied mockingly.

“ so, you like the chase?” i questioned casually.

“yes, best part about getting someone or anything, the chase is everything “ he mocked.

“i want to give you something as a reward for not killing me” i said innocently.

“yet--- not killing you, yet “ he said while whistling and all of the laughed.

“ what is that reward anyway, you wanna blow him or something?” another deep voice said and they all laughed.

“no, i want to give him what he loves most, the chase.” i said casually.

“ game over b!tch, we’re done with that part” another voice said, i giggled to cover the voice of the lighter scratching. i saw the fire and i put it directly on the part where i put perfume, two seconds later chase threw me down and kept fumbling with his hair. with out many words i ran to his car and opened the door, knowing that the keys is there since he didn't take it from the first place.

i pushed the horn and all of them looked my way surprised that they didn’t notice me running.

“game isn't over, its just level two “ i stared him down while all of them ran my way but i jumped in and pressed the gas pedal before i even completely closed the door.

i looked in the rear view to find them in their cars and hot on my tail.


unlucky them driving is a hobby of mine, i race.

i pressed the pedal, loving the car. the sound of the engine rived me up; i heard an iPhone ring tone blast, I'm pretty sure mine was laying somewhere in the forest. i looked down to see a space grey iPhone, it said “mike”, i picked it up.

“YOU FVCKING B1TCH, WAIT TILL I GET YOU” the very sound of chase boomed from the speakers.

“IF, If you get me chase” i mocked his earlier words again, i was shaking internally but the adrenaline got me hyped up, i hung up and sped down the road, losing them easily, i slowed down, now i lost them. where can i go? my mum must be freaking out. the digital clock in the car shone 12:59. i contemplated wether i should kill myself or face my mum. ugh. I'm dead anyway.

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