The Chase

This is my first work here, so please be patient and i will try my best to make it as professional as possible.
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WARNING : this book may ( will) contain, violence and sexual scenes.


" I'll blow your head out" he said lowly while he stared daggers at me .

"Do it"

" I'll beat you up till you're black and blue" he warned.

" Do it" I challenged.

" you should go" he stated throwing his gun on his arm chair then rubbed his eyes.

" I should but I won't "

" why won't you listen?" He exclaimed loudly.

" I'm cold and insane " He added looking down.

" well I think that if someone is cold then know it must be because someone sucked all the heat out of them. No one is born cold! It's just their life and it's just the weather; it always appears to me that sanity is humanity and some people are just insane" I stated lowly as I stood between his legs.

He pulled me to his lap, " you sure are something shawty" he whispered against my lips and I pushed mine against his .

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3. Chapter2.

A/N: Hey guys !! from now on I'm naming chapters so you'd have head up! bye and enjoy <3






"Wake up right now!" i heard a voice but i just groaned and covered my head with a pillow.

"oh. if you won't wake up nicely, i'll wake you up bitch-ly" chelsea screamed in my ear. "Fine" she whined one more time in my ear then i heard her footsteps and i felt at ease that i would be able to sleep peacefully again; not a moment later i felt my head and the pillow being soaked in water and i jumped suddenly out of the Now-wet-bed .


“First of all, “Bitchly” is not a word in the Mother-loving dictionary in any country” i screamed holding one finger up and making air quotes to elaborate to what I'm saying.

“second, i can easily murder you right now for waking me up and Third, You are responsible for wetting my sheets and favorite pillow so you are responsible for drying them, Eh?”  i narrowed my eyes and automatically my hands held both sides of my waist.


“okay, okay, fine but after come back from that date, its 8pm already and they will drop by here to take us at 9pm!! “ she exclaimed loudly therefore i was quick to slam the palm of my hand on her mouth, holding the back of her head with the other one, she stared at my with wide eyes.

“shhhh, are you crazy? Lower your voice few notches Chels and what do you mean by drop by? you know how strict is my mum! if she heard you she will have our and their heads in a snap of a finger “ once i was done explaining i took my hand off her mouth.


“oh, sorry, sometimes i forget that you have a total B for a mother” she nods understandingly. “ Anyway, i’ll call Jamie now to let him know to come and pick us up from your neighbors house at the end of the block “ she suggested but i could see the hint of annulment in her eyes but i know that her hard feelings were towards my mother not me so i remained silent, sometimes i feel like i want to defend my mother when someone calls her a bitch but she is usually so quick to prove me wrong and prove people right .


she skimps towards the balcony and starts dialing jamie-which is her new obsession and future boyfriend if this goes on for a little while more- i smile at my own thoughts.


i go through my closet and i pick a simple denim-ripped skinny jeans and a white sleeveless top then my eyes fell upon the shoes rack and i picked my casual white converse All-star.


i took a shower while Chelsea finished the call and got dressed then i started getting dressed and i could see that she wasn't happy with my choice of clothes, but i didn't expect her to like what I'm wearing when i saw her beautiful bright red short dress that adorned her curvy body perfectly, i saw her opening her mouth but i was quick to interrupt, “one comment about how I'm dressed and I'm going back to sleep” i pointed my finger her way and that was enough to make her raise her hands in surrender and turn around and going back to doing her makeup.


after i was done getting dressed, she insisted on doing my makeup and hair and i was too tired to mind so i let her.


After she was done with me, i must admit that i looked way better, i looked ...Alive.

she smiled at me from behind me at my  reflection in my mirror, i don't know why but that look that was full of love made me hug her so tight and i heard her snapping a mirror selfie, capturing both of us in the moment.


“ i know that you are fighting to smile and live normally Alex, you've been through a lot in your life and if i was you i would be dead or in a mental asylum but here you are being the strongest person i’ve met and interacting casually and you should know that i love you” she said and i could see her glassy eyes struggling to keep tears in, i don't know why she remembered that old stuff right now but i knew since i told her that she will never forget and i didn't mind that but i always felt guilty that she had to know that horrible past of mine.


“i love you too and... “ i let go of her and she wore her heels, i was about to thank her but a phone ring interrupted us.


“Come-on, they are there already “ she quickly mentioned.

i grabbed my phone and some money from my drawer and followed her down stairs.


we sprayed some perfume of mine, it was my favorite perfume ever, it smelled so powdery and sugary at the same time, like it’s soft but sassy and i loved it. She walked out and i stopped by the kitchen to tell me mum that I'm going out to a birthday with chels. Another lie but thats the only way my mum would let me out at 9pm; after telling my mum i followed chelsea out and we walked for few minutes till we saw a silver SUV and chelsea hopped in shotgun which signatures that Jamie is driving, So i sat in the un-comfortable backseat Ft. the irritating face of Daniel, i merely said a hi to him and i cheerfully talked to jamie for couple of minutes.

I never understood how a nice-bubbly guy like Jamie can have an Idiotic and self-centered cousin like Daniel, i put by Headphones in till we arrived to the beach.


we all got out of the car then started walking to the beach, to my horror i found two Separate tables surrounded by candles on the beach sand, i glanced at chelsea with panic running through me and she sent me an apologetic look and i silently cursed her, I'm so killing her when we go back home.


Let the hell be let loose . and i mentally groaned. again. please god, send me anything or anyone to get me out of this hell date, ASAP please. 










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