One Element - A One Direction Fan-Fiction.

In a world of their own, five teenage boys stumbled upon an ancient secret that has been hidden in myth for centuries.

Although it was no coincidence for THE SOCIETY chose the five friends to be protectors of this world. To seek out the darkness that surged within and deplete it from existence.

And with elemental abilities friends became closer friends.

Friends became lovers.

Lovers became greedy.

Greed tuned into hatred and destruction.

Overtime as the boys grew their abilities and learned to control them. Zayn started demanding that he be their leader since he was the one who controlled all four elements.

Zayn, filled with anger and darkness sought out the book is Syco and attempted to take away Harry's ability to control fire. Niall sacrifices his powers to save Harry from losing his and Zayn flees, hatred for Harry still bubbling inside him.

Years later after their inevitable separation, Louis is killed making Harry and Liam return to London for his funeral. While Zayn resurfaces with plans to be the only Elemental in this generation of Magnae's.


3. Nightmares


Three Years Ago

"Would you stop doing that?" I turned around to glare at Zayn who smirked knowingly at me. I tried not to blush but his smile alone made me forget that I was upset with him.

"Don't tell me your still peeved about last night. I told you I had to go handle something." He whined and I ground my teeth together, not wanting to talk about it.

"Oh that thing you can't tell me about?" I asked glaring at him and his smile faded.

"You're unbelievable, we've been through this Niall." He warned and I turned to him, his eyes clouded over with an unreadable gaze.

"Been through what exactly? You not being able to tell me where you were? Or even what you were doing?" I shook my head vehemently rising from the couch.

"Hey don't do that right now," he pleaded grabbing onto my hand and I flashed my gaze to him. I felt the anger rise and plummet in my stomach and I tried my hardest not to overreact. It wasn't the first he had given this excuse, and I was simply sick of it. It was enough that he had been giving Harry a hard time about his leadership. Now he just wanted to play games, and keep things from me.

"I'm trying not to Zayn. I really am but you are frustrating me to a point where I don't care what happens between us." I said in a serious tone.

"Why does it always have to be about you?" He asked and I scoffed narrowing my gaze.

"About me? I am trying to save our relationship from falling to the dogs and now you want to call me out on being selfish?" I asked twisting my hand from his hold.

The living room door burst open and Harry stalked in, a dangerous glare on his face as he approached Zayn. "Where is it?" He queried with a growl and Zayn gazed up at him confused. Liam stalked in behind Harry but he paused as he spotted me, flashing me a cold look. My heart twisted in my chest and I looked away from him, feeling slightly awkward with him here.

"I don't follow," Zayn added dismissively but Harry grabbed Zayn up by gripping into his shirt. And I stepped forward resting a hand on Harry's shoulder.

"Hey, let's just calm down here." I shouted between them, as I pushed my right hand against Harry's chest.

"You know damn well what I'm talking about you bloody thief." Harry spat and my heart raced as I looked at Zayn smirking at Harry, who hovered dangerously close to him as the lean boy clutched onto Zayn's leather jacket.

"Let me go Harry," Zayn ordered in a low voice and I drifted my gaze to him, confusion filling and frustrating me. The veins in Harry's forehead were pushed out, pulsating wildly indicating that he was truly upset about what Zayn had done.

"What's going on here?" I asked turning to Liam and he hesitated before finally speaking.

"The Book of Syco is missing and we think that Zayn took it." My eyes widened and I looked at Zayn who's face was unreadable.

"Are you guys bloody mad?" Zayn asked laughing out loudand Harry huffed, a low growl emitting from his throat.

"You are trying to steal my powers," Harry confirmed and I froze.

"Oh wow Harry that is just bold." Zayn retorted glaring daggers at Harry.

"Is this true?" I asked looking at Zayn and he gazed back at me shocked. I suddenly felt bad for not believing in him, but I couldn't exactly pledge for him either. The realization of it all came slowly, but I eventually understood it all.

"So that's where you were?" I asked taking a step back from them and Zayn's face twisted up.

"Niall, no don't-"

"Give it to me now Zayn, or I will-" Harry growled dangerously and I stepped back.

"You will what? Burn me to a crisp?" Zayn chuckled and my chest twisted painfully as Zayn's gaze became dark, and threatening.

"Don't test me Zayn," Harry spoke low, and I could feel the anger flowing off of them both in waves.

Zayn seemed unbothered by Harry's advances, and I grew more worried as the time skipped by slowly. An awkward silence passing between us, so powerful that I could hear my heart beating in my chest.

"Please tell me it's not true," I spoke barely above a whisper and Zayn shifted his gaze to me, but he didn't give me an answer.

Fire blazed from Zayn's hand and Harry swiftly let go of him, taking a careful step back. "You don't know what it means to lead Harry. I should be leader." He spat as his hands blazed with bright orange flames that danced around his hands.

"I won't fight you Zayn." Harry added and Zayn chuckled dangerously.

"Oh you will Harry Styles," Zayn smirked and I dressed back in shock. I was utterly bewildered as the boy I once loved wasn't standing before me anymore.

His thirst for power was insatiable and I was growing weak with disbelief. Marauded by emotions that seemed to drift away from me, as the love I had for Zayn tried to fight the defenses within me.

Zayn thrust his hands forward and a burst of flames sailed towards Harry, but he ducked and took control of the flames flipping back swiftly, landing in a cat-like stance. I couldn't believe this was happening, much less to Ben be apart of it.

Harry thrust his large hands forward, blasting Zayn with the flames, sending him flying to the other side of the room and into the Television set.

I gasped and ran toward but the earth rumbled before me, before ripples of the spike shaped rock, began protruding through the hardwood floors.

Wood splinters and dust flew around me as pandemonium struck. With a blast of water I created an ice barricade to shield myself, dressing back as Liam rushed forward to launch himself over the sharp earth that stuck up high through the floor with jagged, sharp edges. The make-shift shield I had made splintered before me and I covered my face and eyes as I was thrown back violently.

I jumped to my feet quickly, swishing my hands once feeling the water ripple around me in waves. Earth rumbled beneath me, as two boulders formed from the protrusions began floated around Liam.

He slid his feet apart thrusting his hands forward sending the boulders in Zayn's direction.

Zayn jumped back swiftly and a cube of water floated around him, spreading out into an almost instant, ice shield.

I didn't want to fight him, I just couldn't.

I dressed back and watched as Liam, Harry and Zayn brawled before me. Harry got close enough to to deliver some blows to Zayn's chest, but he was faster than Harry. Clutching Liam by the neck, he flashed him away ferociously and I gasped.

Zayn twisted his body and grabbed on to Harry's shoulder, spinning him roughly then landing three swift punches to his chest.

The sound of the blows reached me and I felt like screaming, as I fell to the floor. Covering my ears and closing my eyes, hiding from the scene before me amongst friends.

Friends that once sat in this living room together to watch sports or just hang out with a movie marathon.

Now trying to kill each other.

A solid kick in the gut from Zayn sent Harry flying in my direction and I rolled away from him, my back colliding with the foot of the large couch. Sending blinding, white pain shooting up my spine and I groaned out loudly. Twisting my body as the pain took time to subside enough for me to move. Harry was in a bunch on the floor, trying to rise but a sinew of silvery water collided with his chest and I stood there in horror as it wrapped around Harry's neck, forming a ring of ice around the struggling boy's neck.

He was hoisted to the air and he began choking as he gasped heavily for breath. Clutching at the ice around his neck, locking off his air supply.

"No," pushed my hand out but the pain in my side hindered me from moving as I shifted uncomfortably on the floor.

Harry's face became ashen with fear, as he choked trying his to free himself.

I thrust my right hand forward seizing control of the water, and sent it running down Harry's chest in a silver, glitter of moisture. Forming a solid Boulder from the water, I sent it colliding into Zayn's chest.

A look of disbelief washed over his face as he went flying in the opposite direction.

I groaned as I rose from the ground, the pain in my side slowly seizing. I could finally move my arms without feeling discomfort and I looked around to see if I could find Liam but he rushed upon Zayn and the began ripping the floor of the apartment apart as boulders rose from the ground and collided with each other.

Dust and debris flew in all directions and I shifted my gaze to Harry, who sat up leaning against the couch. He shot me a pained look but I was relieved as color began filling his face again.

The heat in my side alarmed me as I side stepped a fire blast from Zayn's hand, I shifted my gaze to him and he glared at me coldly.

"You really want to fight me Niall?!" He shouted out the question running towards me and I turned just in time to see a stampede of large boulders, barreling toward me.

I quickly rose my hands to the air and water glistened before me, growing hard as it turned to ice. The boulder collided with the barricade, shaking and almost completely destroying it.

My hands flashed around my head and my fingers danced in the air as a swishing ball of water floated beneath my feet. Rising me to the air, and becoming one with the once solid barricade.

I spotted Zayn who swayed from billows of gusting wind beneath his feet, his hate filled gaze settling on me.

"Zayn you must stop this now!" I shouted but he didn't seem to hear me, or rather he didn't want to.

My eyes widened as a gust of wind swirled, picking us all up from the ground, then savagely pushed me, Liam and Harry away. I winced as my back collided into the far wall, dropping me to the ground on my knees. I let out a gasp of air, as the breath was almost knocked from my now frail body. I looked up at Zayn, a dark look in his eyes as he stood in the midst of us three.

Zayn dug into his back pocket and the book of Syco was revealed, and I quickly rose to my feet. Shock had my heart plummeting to the floor, landing hard at my feet.

Zayn opened the book of Syco and everything slowed as I stood there watching him, Liam's face became white with fear as he tried reaching for Zayne. Liam hurtled back clutching his side, letting out a loud roar.

"Say goodbye to your Ignis Harry Styles." Zayn roared and I rushed forward as a black force that resembled quarry smoke, billowed from the book and began rushing towards Harry. A screeching sound in its wake, as it neared our now weak and vulnerable leader.

"No!" I shouted as I jumped in front of Harry, and was doused with pain so intense that blackness filled my eyes and my limbs went weak.

I flew up from my bed panting uncontrollably, as I heaved and fought to catch my breath. I looked around me quickly and a wave of relief washed over me as I realized I was in my apartment, and in my own bed.

Years after the incident between us and I still dreamt about the horror of that night.

The nightmares haunted me almost every night, so much that I grew fearful even looking at a bed. Frustration and fatigue were the only reasons why I end up eventually sleeping. Tonight was no better for I had exhausted myself to compete numbness, wallowing in my own troubles.

I can't believe I ever loved a monster like Zayn.


So I was only supposed to update this chapter next week. But I was dying to upload something! Ugh.

For all my Ziall and Niam fans! ❤️

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