One Element - A One Direction Fan-Fiction.

In a world of their own, five teenage boys stumbled upon an ancient secret that has been hidden in myth for centuries.

Although it was no coincidence for THE SOCIETY chose the five friends to be protectors of this world. To seek out the darkness that surged within and deplete it from existence.

And with elemental abilities friends became closer friends.

Friends became lovers.

Lovers became greedy.

Greed tuned into hatred and destruction.

Overtime as the boys grew their abilities and learned to control them. Zayn started demanding that he be their leader since he was the one who controlled all four elements.

Zayn, filled with anger and darkness sought out the book is Syco and attempted to take away Harry's ability to control fire. Niall sacrifices his powers to save Harry from losing his and Zayn flees, hatred for Harry still bubbling inside him.

Years later after their inevitable separation, Louis is killed making Harry and Liam return to London for his funeral. While Zayn resurfaces with plans to be the only Elemental in this generation of Magnae's.


1. Introduction

One Element


Genre: Fan-Fiction

Sub-Genre: Fantasy | boyxboy®

Every two hundred years five individuals are chosen, five people that were bonded by blood or an unconditional friendship.

These five individuals were called The Magnae, and their responsibilities that came with their abilities were to keep the Human race safe from the evils that threatened to cause destruction.

Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis and Zayn were chosen by The Society to represent each of the Inner Circle's element control.

Harry was chosen to be an Ignis, the controller of Fire. With him being granted the Ignis first, he was chosen to be the leader of The Magnae after proving his worthiness to lead The Magnae after their training was complete.

Niall was chosen to be an Aqua, the control of water itself.

Liam was chosen to be Terra, the one who shook mountains and controlled all earthly elements such as Metal and Stone.

Louis was chosen to be Aer, the storm-bringer. The one who controlled the very air around us.

Zayn was the last to be granted his abilities, and within the order of The Society, the fifth individual would be granted the ability to control all four elements, but he would not be granted the privilege to lead the MAGNAE.

With no elemental abilities, Niall faces the attacks of a vengeance seeking Zayn. Who has pledged to kill them all, while Liam and Harry try to keep Niall safe.

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