Yellow Eyes // C.H

If you go down to the woods today, you're sure of a big surprise...



2. Chapter 2

A/N I'm listening to heartache on the big screen and they sound so fetus. Gah, why you do this 5sos?


Calum's POV:

A hard, rushed knock sounded from the wooden, office doors.

"Alpha, Alpha!" I heard my beta, Michael, call out.

I pinched my nose, rubbing my tired eyes with the palms of my hands.

"I swear to god Michael, if it is about the lack of food in the fridge again, I will personally chase your ass into the dungeons!" I muttered to the door, knowing Michael heard me.

"This is serious Alpha! Quickly!" Michael replied, his pacing foot steps echoing through the door.

I forced my self out of my leather desk chair, pushing the paper work I have been working on into a neat pile before walking towards the door. Slowly opening the door, the scene of Michael pacing and biting his lip came into view.

"Alpha! Finally!" He said while a sense of relief seem to appear in his eyes.

"What is so damn important that I must be disturbed from finishing pack paperwork? You know how important these are today!" I replied glaring at my brightly coloured haired beta.

"Humans have moved into a house that is on the pack lands..." He whispered while everting his eyes to the ground, as if any sudden movement would send me into a spiralling rage.

"What?" I glared at Michael. "YOU ALLOWED HUMANS ON MY BLOODY PACK LAND?!" I boomed, Michael physically shaking.

"I sw... sw... swear it was,wasn't me Alpha" Michael stuttered. "A... a human company s... sold the house without us knowing."

I padded around my oak desk, walking past a trembling Michael.

"Well..." I replied thoughtfully, "I will have to go see these pests myself."

I placed the palm of my hand onto the doorknob, and turned my head towards Michael once again.

"Are you coming or not?"

Michael quickly turned around, almost tripping over his own legs, before speed walking towards me.

"Sometimes I wonder how you are even a Beta." I mumbled, shaking my head whilst opening the office door.



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