Without You

Its a love story of the director and the puppy eyed actor, it sounds poetic, yes? He was staring at me. I didn’t look away. Instead, I held his gaze. His hazel eyes were my favorite things to look at. I never thought I had a chance. He was totally out of my league, but love has no bounds.


22. Chapter Twenty Two

RECAP: "Is it safe" I said retying my shoes
"Zhui, you fear much." He swiped his nose

Druid's point of View
I swiped my nose, forgetting my hands were covered in filth. I forgot to bring gloves. I rolled up the sleeves of my jacket and was elbow deep in soap and dirt. Father, worked on the front of our family's memorial while I worked on the back. I was sweating and tired. We already picked up all the dead fallen leaves and branches. When I looked up, father was sitting cross legged on the grass, eating the pomegranate. 

I groaned "Aren't you gonna help me finish?" I whined through the sponge into the bucket again

"I have finished my work. You must do yours." He said simply taking a bite of his fruit.

"You couldn't be done.....already." I gasped his side was sparkling. It all looked brand new

My side however, looked like I was smearing the dirt around. "Rock and glass are different. You must push the dirt down."

I didn't want to listen to him, but I took his advice and my side wasn't half bad. I packed up the supplies and asked him what was next.

"You'll have two guest staying at your house." He took out a burner phone and dialed one. "Seo, bring the car around."

"You brought that asshole Seo, with you!...wait you can't stay at my place, I...I have someone." Within a second my breathe caught in my throat and I was pinned against the tree

"Did you say anything!! Don't fuck with me, Zhui!" He had be by the throat

"No I'd never!" I choked

"Good, have him vacate." Seo said taking off his seal skin gloves.

I snarled I hated his fucking guts. "I still don't see why you brought him." I turned completely ignoring Seo

"Seo is my assistant, so he stays. Now you need to remove your pet." He replied

"He's not my pet and he's not going anywhere. I...I think he can handle it. I told him about Vera."

"We shall see what he thinks, when he learns of..." Seo said I couldn’t take it anymore I used his own body strength to flip him on his back. And I dug my heel in his throat he was gasping for air

"You do not control my love life, so fuck you. And if you try to harm Xavier in any way, I'll feed you to the wolves." I let go of him. "I'll be in the car." I started walking over to the black rose royce. 

When we arrived at the house I bolted for the door, I closed it behind me and locked up the house. "X!!...Xavier where are you?" I said running down the hallway

"Im right here love, what's wrong?" He said getting out of the lazyboy. He was in our room.

"Okay, look there are two people outside. They'll be here for a few days at most. You don't have to oblige either one of them, but it would be good of you to meet them. " My hands were shaking

He interwove our fingers and kissed my forehead. "Of course. Can I go meet them now?"

When we walked back they were already in my playing room setting up note boards and linking chains. How did they even get in, I bolted the door. "X, this is Shen-Wei Madden, my father and why are you naked, Seo?!" He was stretching in his birthday suit, and I noticed he still kept his body. 

"Clothing constricts my mind, you of all people should know, Dru." He said turning around

"Just put on your underamour and shut the fuck up." I yelled throwing his clothes at him

"Yes, mam." He started chuckling as he only slid on his underwear and got back to posting pictures and strings on the board. 

Xavier looked like he was going to blow smoke through his ears. "WHAT THE HELL IS ALL THIS?!"

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