Without You

Its a love story of the director and the puppy eyed actor, it sounds poetic, yes? He was staring at me. I didn’t look away. Instead, I held his gaze. His hazel eyes were my favorite things to look at. I never thought I had a chance. He was totally out of my league, but love has no bounds.


23. Chapter Twenty Three

RECAP: "Yes, mam." He started chuckling as he only slid on his underwear and got back to posting pictures and strings on the board. 

Xavier looked like he was going to blow smoke through his ears. "WHAT THE HELL IS ALL THIS?!"

Druid's Point of View
這個男孩沒有脊椎, 他看到裸體男子和遮眼
"This boy has no spine, he see naked man and cover eyes." Shen-Wei said softly to himself strumming my cello

"What did he just say?! Dru what is going on?" I got on my tippy toes, kissed his nose and whispered "Breathe"

"You're going to have to explain this to me." He said basically dragging me to the nearest room, which happened to be a bathroom.

I was standing off to the side while he was leaning on the sink. I couldn't think of what to say or how to say it. "I'm waiting." I heard him say

"Shen-Wei is a high level P.I. for the Chinese and American government, so it is important that you say nothing to anyone not even the kids. Seo works for him. There crashing here for a couple days, I think its because of this Chinese Gala hes going to. He never gives me any warning about when hes coming. I understand if you think I'm crazy, but I'd never lie to you."

"Druid if this is important to you its important to me too. I'm actually glad you told me."

"Good." I said scratching my neck nervously

"You know now that I look at you, I can see the Chinese." He touched around my eyes. "Your eyes are very tight around the corners, the tattoos and the garden in the backyard looks like it was cut out of China."

"Is that right.." I mumbled

"Hey, how did you know what type of underwear that guy wore? You didn't even look down at his clothes." He raised his brow

'Fuck, I'm screwed.' I thought biting my lip "I....I was kinda...I don’t wanna talk about it.” I turned for the door, but he pulled me into his chest and nuzzled my hair with his nose

"I wont push you, because I love you, but I would like to know."  He took a deep breathe "I'll be here when you're ready.”

I bit my lip again. “About that…..uhmm I think it'll be better if you and kids stay at your place.” He was about to argue with me when I held my finger to his lips. “Do you really want them to see Seo walking around naked….I didn't think so.”

“If I'm leaving you're coming with me. We can argue all day but it'll end up with me slinging you over my shoulder." He crossed his arms, and when he does that i just can't get out of anything.

"Fine." I gave up and he smiled melting my frown as he kissed around my mouth

"Why didn't you tell me you were blasian?" He said

I smirked "Never came up, love." I grabbed his hand and led him to the kitchen where my father had well expected this sit down.

Xavier’s Point of View
Her dad was intimidating, he was glaring at me like I ate his egg fu young. Occasional he would swipe his nose, like Dru, now I see where she gets it from. He was sitting across from us.

"How long have you been nailing my daughter?" Shen-Wei snapped 

I couldn't understand what he was saying, but whatever it was made Dru’s mouth hang open. 

"Not long." Druid replied when he slapped his hand on the table

"Let him speak." Shen-Wei exclaimed tuning his attention toward me

“你認為你是個好人” Shen-Wei said again more calm and collected

“Do you think you’re a good man?” Druid translated staring at her father as if trying to decipher the nature of this conversation

“I think a good man takes care of his own, and I’m trying to do that much. My brother and sister are upstairs asleep. I’m all they got.” I said rubbing Druid’s palm with my thumb.

“我見過很多男人都不比我好你仍然一旦你證明你自己一個人,我會看到你作為一個男人男孩” Shen-Wei swiped his nose again

“I've met many men none better than me. You are still a boy. Once you prove yourself a man, I will see you as a man.” Druid said I must have looked confused, because I was so she dumbed it down a bit.

“Basically you're not a man yet in his eyes, meaning you're not worth my time. And he will continue to speak to you in Chinese until you man up. Don’t worry I’ll to teach you a bit.” 

“He won't learn past hello.” Shen-Wei chuckled, and suddenly I felt Druid tense up and her skin grew hot

“You will not insult him, you have no right. Give him a chance…. he's lasted this long.” Druid yelled throwing a pot that was on the table

Shen-Wei stood up and picked up the pot placing it rightfully on the stove, and he bowed to his waist. When he stood back up he was smiling, he ruffled Dru’s hair and walked out the kitchen. “Forgive me, Zhui.”

She climbed out of the stool, and pulled me along with her. “Help me take some stuff to your place.” 

“Of course.” I kissed her forehead “But you're going up the stairs on my shoulder.” I smirked moving my brows up and down

“No!” She starting backing up slowly then running for the stairs.

It was a waste of energy. I caught her before she reached the first step, and slung her over my shoulder, she must have tired out because she didn’t fuss. “Let me down.” She laughed

“Nope” I replied popping the p, then I slapped her butt. God it was just so big, like a top of the line pillow you just wanted to lay your head on all day.

“You're ridiculous.” She mumbled into my shoulder

“Ridiculously in love with you, Zhui.” I put her down on the top of the stairs. “What does that even mean anyway?” I followed her as she walked into the bedroom

“It means ‘to pursue greatness’. Its my middle name, Druid Zhui Madden…...Now that I think about it I don’t know your middle name, or even your favorite color.” She said turning to me

“It’s Red like my favorite color.” I said sitting on the bed

“Oh my god! The festival I forgot all about it.” Druid stated, and started running around the room, she picked out a couple of things and through them at my face. “Put these on, I’ll got get the kids dressed and get some of my clothes and stuff to take over your house.

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