Without You

Its a love story of the director and the puppy eyed actor, it sounds poetic, yes? He was staring at me. I didn’t look away. Instead, I held his gaze. His hazel eyes were my favorite things to look at. I never thought I had a chance. He was totally out of my league, but love has no bounds.


3. Chapter Three

RECAP:  "He was the best cast yet, and to top it off he's fine as hell .......Yea, okay bye."
Druid was sitting in a booth in the front of Starbucks. She was shaking her head and looking at different profiles. I headed in her direction and sat across from her.

"So you think I'm sexy." I stated taking a sip of my hot chocolate


She started laughing, and I mean that kind of laugh where you can't breathe. "I said you were fine even with a milk mustache." She said trying to calm herself down

"What? Do I have something on my face?" I said trying to look over my nose

"Here let me get that." She said leaning over the table, taking her thumb and wiping the whip-cream off my upper lip.

But what she did next made my pants constrict. "It's sweet." She said licking it off her finger, and sucking off slow. I swear she was teasing me.

"If it's any consolation, I think your easy on the eyes too. So what are you doing?" I asked and I swear I saw a rise of color in her cheeks.

"Trying to find your co-star." She said pushing the pictures towards me.

"They all look like barbies to tell you the truth." I said watching her lips curve up and her perfect teeth pull into a smile.

"I know, its like judging Toddlers In Tiaras!" She seemed a bit agitated, "but I think these three have potential. "

I clasped my hand over hers to calm her, I shocked myself. "How about you bring them in tomorrow, and we'll kick each off the island until we found our queen." 

She chuckled under her breath. "So we'll set the stage where they'll fight to the death!"

We both couldn't hold back our laughter. I almost choked on my hot chocolate. "I better be going, but we should do this again sometime." She said sliding out of the booth.

"Here, I'll take that for you." I said grabbing the heavy box 

"Such a gentleman." she chuckled as she opened the door me. "The black maserati on your left, love."

My mouth hung open. "I know right its beautiful." She said opening the door

"I wasn't thinking about the car."

".....Thank you, darlin'. But don't think I can't see what you're doing. I've never dated someone I employee and won't start now." 

"But I'm not like anyone else...darlin'"

Xavier's Point of View

 I arrived at the studio. The thick brick wall looked as if it wasn't of this time period. The red brick cased a shadow for the plaque that hung above the revolving door. The sign read: Madden Films in bold black ink. I walked through the doors and followed the red brick as it intertwined with the solid marble floors. 

"Oh my god he's here." The platinum blonde screeched 

"My agent, is so not getting paid if he messes up my contact again." The ginger said looking at her nails

"I just want to hurry up and skip to the kissing scene." The brunette jumped up and down holding the script 

'Now I see why this is gonna be hard.' I thought

"Girls, girls calm down he's not a fucking piece of meat." Druid yelled  "Everyone into the White Room."

"Okay Xavier, this is Avery, Reese and Brianna. You guys this is Xavier. Now I only have one rule: "Dont pretend to be the boss." I don't give a damn how good the ratings are. I will cancel your contract and make your character get into a freak accident and replace you. Now do we all understand."

"Y-yes ma'am." The girls said

"Ma'am?...I'm not that damn old. I'm only 24. Just call me Dru." Druid started flipping through the scripts. By the way I'm 21, shes 3 years older than me and my friends.

"May I call you Dru as well?" I asked kissing her knuckles

Her gaze traveled to her hand, up to my jaw and to my lips, she sucked in a breathe, but she took her hand in her arms and looked at the three dumbbells again.

"You are not  here to impress me. You are here so Mr. Triad can decide who will be his Juliet." Druid emphasized Juliet with a chuckle before sitting in a chair behind the desk.

None of the girls could take hard criticism. I know Druid didn't expect much, but these girls weren't cutting it. Brianna had already left in tears half an hour ago screaming she'd never act again. Avery couldn't deliver the line and Reese was just ignorant. I'd rather get hit by a bus then work with her.

"I should have been their for you. It should have been me..." Avery cried weakly on her knees in front of me.

"CUT!" Druid yelled pinching her nostrils 'god dammit' I heard her mumble under her breath. I chuckled she cusses.. alot

"Avery! You're not vocalizing and stop with the fake whining. It's like someone stole your fucking toy. I want to feel your pain goddamit, show some tears for shitsake!" She continued pacing

"But..but the script doesn't call for tears." Her voice crippling under the pressure

"Give me that!" Druid said taking a good look at the script.

Druid walked up to me, looked loving into my eyes, and held my waist with her right hand. "I should have been there for you. It should have been me! There is no me WITHOUT YOU.... (tears flowed down her cheeks) But now you're gone, and I'll never see your smile again." 

I had this estranged feeling to comfort her, and I found myself whispering sweet nothingness into her ear as her head lay on my shoulder. It was almost too quick to notice, but she nuzzled my chest. I didn't know if this was an act or not. When realization hit her, she snapped back to her earnest self, handing her the script.

"Dig Deep! Remember you're a vulnerable wreck." She said squeezing her shoulder

"Take 15." Reese said still on her phone 

"That's enough I found my Juliet." I interrupted with a grin

Druid looked confused. "Okay...who?"

"Not out here." I replied claiming her wrist

We were now in the Glass Room behind the Casting Area. It looked like one of those huge offices where associates meet in movies. It was nice. There was a long black stained glass table in the middle of the room, 13 Blue chairs a lined on either side and a smart board on the right end.

"Sooo tell me, who did you pick?" She said shutting the door behind her

"I pick....you."

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