Without You

Its a love story of the director and the puppy eyed actor, it sounds poetic, yes? He was staring at me. I didn’t look away. Instead, I held his gaze. His hazel eyes were my favorite things to look at. I never thought I had a chance. He was totally out of my league, but love has no bounds.


5. Chapter Five

RECAP:  I inclined my head to the left, shut my eyes; before I knew it the touch of soft lips set my nerves aflame. The kiss was cool and refreshing. He tasted like a sugar cookie. 


It's been about a week into filming, and a week into the late night phone calls with Xavier. I'm actually really started to like him. I feel there's something pulling us together. I know that sounds so cliche, but its true. The good morning beautiful texts make my stomach do back flips, so that started to clear up mixed signals. We were talking about going out on a date, later on tonight. Chachi, my best friend is coming over so she can help me pick out an outfit since Xavier isn't telling me where were going.

So back to filming. The plot line was going well if I must say.  I don't think I've explained what my TV show is about. Well it is a about a girl and a boy who grow up with nothing. There both orphans who rely on each other everyday. On the last adoption day for the preteens, the boy is adopted, and there separated. The orphanage though will not take children over 13 years old, so she left to the foster care system. It's not long before, she and the other foster children are forced to sell their foster parents drugs in order to get a hot meal, and even that looks like slop. When she turns 18 she runs into the arms of her old friend, that left so many years ago. He's the next in line for a major company. Though of course, the close quarters didn't help but grow their feelings for each other.  Like most stories the fame begins to cloud your thoughts, and soon your judgement and actions. It wasn't long before they both hated the person staring back at the mirror. 

 I was just finishing setting up in the White Room. Today I planned to a create an little date scene.  I made a makeshift living room. There was a blanket over the plush couch, and a coffee table, tv, and some decor all around. It was supposed to be a comfy day, I told Xavier to just dress how he felt today. I mean this is already a low budget project, I'm going to blow my money on a custom designer. They only serve per set, if you can find the good ones.  I may have money, but i'm not stupid.

I heard the front door open, and I know he knew I was here already because we usually rehearse lines before set time. I heard Xavier call out my name. "Druuuu!" 

I closed my eyes and patted my ears "Great it's 10 in the morning and my ears are already about to explode." I opened my eyes when I felt a strong arm wrap around my waist and his cool breathe on my neck. 

"I'm sorry, I'm just so hyped for tonight. " He exclaimed with that big goofy grin. He was like a 5 year old. He must of noticed me staring, because he made an odd look, and tilted his head. I kept the intense contact as I felt him slide both arms around so that we were both standing in front of each other, but his hands rested on my hips. 

"What?" He asked as he started to rub his thumb into my side.

"1. Why are you so affectionate?  2. Why are you wearing a Llama hoodie?  3. Where are we going tonight?" I asked tilting my head

He laughed, like legit burst into tears laughter, probably because I was talking so fast.  "1. I like you 2. I have strange obsession with Llamas 3. Somewhere." Woww! he said that way faster than me. I'm surprised he's not outta breath 

Now it was my turn to laugh. " Obsession with Llamas." I lightly banged my hand on his chest and tilted my head back to stifle a laugh

"Aye don't bash the Llama, they got street cred to you know." He replied trying not to laugh at his own words, I felt him tighten his arms around me, now we were only about 2 inches apart

"Do you even know what that means?!" I asked him 

"I'm sure I...don't...know." He said and again touched me. But this time he ran his fingers through my bangs, the tingle spread all through my body.

"Why do keep doing that?" I said as I put my arms around his neck. For a second, I lost myself, my eyes flickering to his lips

His head leaned in ever so slightly."Because I love the feeling I get when I touch you." He leaned in even more and I got on tippy toes.

We were at least a centimeter a part. "And I love the feeling  I get...." It was barely a whisper but I know he heard me. I moved even closer and tugged at his bottom lip lightly with my teeth. "when you touch me."

We then heard the door open again, it was probably Rita so I broke away from him to much dismay. "Lets practice our lines."

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