Without You

Its a love story of the director and the puppy eyed actor, it sounds poetic, yes? He was staring at me. I didn’t look away. Instead, I held his gaze. His hazel eyes were my favorite things to look at. I never thought I had a chance. He was totally out of my league, but love has no bounds.


11. Chapter Eleven

RECAP: I interlaced our fingers and kissed her knuckles. “No, it’s just...I don’t want you to feel like were rushing into things. Plus I want the first time to be memorable.”

Druid point of view
I was on set, with my staff. The first half of the season had been completed, but the air date was right around the corner. I was under so much stress,  I've only seen X inside the studio. Because of our time crunch we've had to film two episodes daily. But because X is out sick I had to change today's lineup.

"Boss, take a deep breath. Everything will be alright, just don't freak out." Peter said rubbing my shoulders

I was panicking, I hadn't slept in days. "I'm not freaking out I'm panicking." I stated 

"Well that's not any better." He chuckled

"We can do a recap episode of what it's like for your character when she was still a child. That way you can go and check up on your toy, and then you'll have nothing to worry about." Carter said flipping through the profiles

"Why don't you like him? He's really good to me." I said sitting in my chairs 

"Because I believe you're just using him to fill up your pencil skirt. We can always make our get away in Monte Carlo look like a cake walk." Carter said stepping too close for comfort.  
I put a hand to his chest. "What happens in Monte, stays in Monte. You had your chance." 

I took a seat. "Now let's go over the script. Kara, my character, needs to experience some sort of trauma. Like her foster parents beating her or living on the streets."

" How about the last straw concept. Foster parents neglect to put food on the table, so she stills some of their drug money to feed the children."

"HBO will eat that up! Omg Ems (Emily) I could kiss you." I yelled spinning in my chair.

"Well don't stop on my account. I’d love to see you to in action.” It was Xavier’s deep voice, a little foggy though.

I picked up a book and chucked it at him. “I was just kidding, but I do like em violent.” He smirked 

I got up from my seat and hugged him, and he swung me around. “So what are you doing here? I thought you were sick.” I stated

“I am, I am, but Mulan wouldn’t stop talking about you so I came here. She’s in the lounge.”

At her name she turned in the spinning chair and screamed my name. Scurrying over the marble floors and sliding to my feet, rubbing her chubby face in my skirt

"Big brother wouldn't let me come see you.  He was being a meanie head." I lifted her up and she wrapped her legs around my side

"I'm sorry Lani darling, I can't come and see you every day. I have to work, but next time I'll come with alot of toys.” I said 

“You’re the best.” Mulan said before kissing my cheek

“If you want to wait a bit, we could take the kid to Chuckie Cheese.”

“Pleaseeeeeeeeeee, Big Brother. “ Mulan went from my arms to his

“Fine, I’ll be waiting outside when you're done.” He leaned down and pecked my forehead, before walking out the door

“If you don’t reel in that kid already. He’s already on your hook.” Peter said snapping his fingers. “If I had what you have, please, you wouldn't see me in the studio no time soon. That headboard would be bouncing like eeh ernt eeh ernt eeh-"

“Oh, just shut up, peter!” Carter yelled biting his lip and sitting down

"I'll get it done, when I get home." Druid smirked

“Alright then, lets get filming.” Emily said fixing her camera

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