Without You

Its a love story of the director and the puppy eyed actor, it sounds poetic, yes? He was staring at me. I didn’t look away. Instead, I held his gaze. His hazel eyes were my favorite things to look at. I never thought I had a chance. He was totally out of my league, but love has no bounds.


8. Chapter Eight

RECAP: I just too distracted by him. One of my favorite things at this moment, is the way he runs his fingers through his hair, and pulls on his kitchen when he's nervous. 

"We've been talking for 6 hours and there's still stuff to talk about." I said looking down at the duration on my phone

"That’s because everything’s better with you. How about you come with me to the beach tomorrow. You can bring some of your friends, I'll bring some of mine.  It'll be fun."

"Ive known you for like 2 weeks, and you're already trying to get me half naked." I laughed 

I could see his grin already. "What can I say, when I see something I like, I move fast."

"What about the little ones?" I asked sitting up

"Consuela will be here around 11, so we'll have the rest of the day free." 

Xavier Point of View

We headed to go to the beach for the day. We left really early in the morning. We piled into my car then made the long drive to the ocean side. Druid was wearing a blue  sarong and a string keyhole bikini. The pervert deep inside me hoped she would take off that sarong so I could see her legs, mostly her butt. It's freaking huge. I just wanted to see her body. It was getting harder for me to deny my desire for her. I imagined kissing her again, feeling her lips against mine. I wanted to feel my palm against her bare skin. My thoughts continued in a never-ending spiral. Its a good thing I wasn't driving, or we'd be swerving by now.

She brought two of her friends Chachi and......Peter. It kind of pissed me off, like my jealousy is over the top right now because he gets to sit in the passenger seat of Chachi's  car and make Druid laugh the whole way.  I texted her during the drive. 

'Wats up wit the dude.'
'Peter? Peter wanted to soak up some sun.' 
'Is he Chachi's boyfriend.'
' Aww looks who jealous. Nah Peter's gay.'
I felt a weight lift off my chest. 'Sorry, but who wouldn't be? They get to be on a long drive with you.'

We parked at the beach then headed to the sand. After we laid out our towels and our coolers, we got ready to get into the water.  Chachi had already taken a liking to Logan, but I'm sure the girl was only interested in what was under the belt. I'm sure he was too, the way he was eye humping her.

"You coming?” I asked drawing Druid's attention away from the two hound dogs.

“I'll just hang out here for a bit.” Druid replied shielding her eyes from the sun.

“Why?” I pulled off my shirt and studied her face. Her eyes immediately lingered on my chest and stomach. I was pretty sure she loved it, and that made me feel good. My chest swelling with pride.

"Because I'll get a better view." She replied placing her hand on my abs, and pecking my right nipple before sitting down acting like nothing just happened. I was stunned for a moment before catching up with the guys.

“So, are you two together or what?” Ben asked. 

I’d been getting this question a lot. She and I spent a lot of time together. It was a natural assumption, and one I didn’t want to deny.

“Yes, on my part.”

“Huh?” Ben asked. 

"For all intents and purposes, we are together.”I said. “She’s mine.” Ben raised his hands in defeat and laughed.

I saw Chachi and Peter leave together about 30 minutes ago. Druid gave them both a hug and plugged in her headphones. When the right wave finally arrived, we paddled into the water then jumped on our boards. We all went in different directions as we let the waves guide us. I finally crashed then swam back out to the shore. I looked for Druid unconsciously, but she wasn’t sitting on her towel. She was gone. I panicked,  searching for her on the shore. Then I saw her. She took off her sarong and was buying herself a drink, her wet hair sticking to her neck and shoulders. She was at the bar near the end of the beach. I was hypnotized by her. Her stomach was lean and flat, a perfect hourglass around her hips. Lean and toned, her legs were dark with little freckles on her thighs. 

While she was leaning to get the drink and these assholes were hitting on her. Before I knew it,  I was at the bar pulling her in my lap. 

"She's mine! Back off." I tightened one arm around her waist.

"Whatever dude! I'm not that into black bitches anyway." He yelled

I felt her slip from my grasp, and I heard a loud bone cracking screech. She punched the shit out of him. He was out cold.

His friends swarmed around him. "I think she broke his nose. Let's just get him out of here."

Turns out we got banned from that bar, so we ended up walking towards the pier. 

"I still can't believe you hit him." I laughed but she wasn't paying attention. It was about a minute before she spoke.

She turned around with her back towards the wooden railing."So, I'm yours huh."

I closed the distance between us. We were almost chest to chest, nose to nose if you will. I’ve never felt so sure about anything in my entire life. I just want to make her day. "Only if you want to be."

"Then you'll have to ask me, to find out." 

"Dru, will be mine until, god forbid, you stop putting up with me." I said pushing a strand out of her face.

"No...but I will be your girlfriend."  She said kissing the tip of my nose.

I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her forehead. "Maybe we should get back to the guys." She said leaning her head up

"They can wait awhile, plus I got the keys." She laughed burring her head in my chest

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