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Basically, Galaxy Quest with the cast of Star Trek The Original Series! A/N this is a Alternate Universe story weaved with fact and fiction regarding the relationships between the very real relationship shared between William Shatner and his co-stars. You have been warned.


9. Chapter 9

The Farragut fired upon the Enterprise. The Enterprise phaser banks were discharged against the Farragut. Baron sat on the chair that was draped in a gray like blanket surrounded by various weapons. The dark room turned from black with a green light to a darkened room brightened up by a red light. There were reports of decks one through ten suffering electrical damage from the communication's station. The communication officer,Stehart, screamed as she collapsed to the ground withering in pain. Baron pressed a button on the arm rest and requested a medical team to be dispatched to the bridge. Baron's eyebrow twitched.

Baron did not like losing. She would have an issue with it, really, and lash out her anger. It would have been the worst reaction to losing in the history of reactions. In fact Baron was the kind of Romulan who never lost and when she was near losing she would change the situations into her favor by a back door that the event had not been expecting. The technology these days. They allowed her to make quick escapes including by those she had befriended.

For all she knew the Ambassadors were on the Enterprise.

This ship alone.

Where would the Ambassadors go anyway after they lost?

They had no where to go.

Baron would have them executed for attempting to over-throw her with a new species.


The Farragut rattled from side to side. Some of the stations exploded sending several officers down.

"Continue firing!" Baron demanded.

The blue shield on the Enterprise sizzled once the phaser blast had struck.

"My queen," Helmsmen officer Graham, a Romulan, grabbed onto his station. "The Enterprise is still holding on."

"She may have tough hulls but not as tough as ours," Baron said. "Fire, again!"

The fifteen other starships were on patrol alongside several planets to ensure that the civilians were not going to launch an attack from the planet-side or attempt a suicide mission to destroy the starships. The next blast struck into the section where the engines would be for the Enterprise. The lights went out inside the starship making it seem idle for a complete minute. Baron felt inner delight, excitement, feeling a female small hand take hers. Just one more crippling blow and she will never be bothered by these traitors again. The Farragut fired its torpedoes at the Enterprise damaging the shields and the metal. Power returned to the Enterprise two minutes afterwards. The Enterprise fired back with torpedoes. The Farragut's phaser shots struck the nacelles. This ship was going to be taken down one way or the other. And the Enterprise inflicted equally damning damage.

Her dotting co-ruler had let go of Baron's hand.

Baron believed she was wining.

That is until the Enterprise made an unexpected move.

The Enterprise flew past the Farragut then went into warp. Baron's right eyebrow twitched. Damn it! The Farragut could not attack in warp. It was highly impossible. The turbo lift doors flew pen releasing a group of medics. Doctor Puri, a Andorian, came to Stehart's side then administered a hypospray to the Klingon's neck to null the pain for the time being. Nurse Chapel (A Bajoran/Vulcan hybrid) went to a science officer alongside Nurse Ty son of Scarless (Klingon, no doubt) and helped the injured science officer up. The science officer had facial burns and a wound on the side of his head.

"My queen," Graham said. "May we use the opportunity to repair the damage done by the Enterprise?"

"We are going after them once we're done." Baron said.

"Queen Baron," The Navigator, a Romulan named Charl'ez, rose his voice. "Their beaming history is rather scarce. It indicates they have been beaming off from unknown coordinates." Baron came to Charl'ez's side. "But I cannot make them into actual, trace-able coordinate without more history."

Baron came over to the chair then pressed a exposed button.

"Depending on the severity of the damage done on the Farragut, this ship may or may not be under no condition to chase after the Ambassadors on the Enterprise," Baron said. "I will be kept apprised of the repair work and the status of the injured personnel on this ship. To those who help in our effort to get the ship up and running, you will get generously awarded. Your queen, Baron, out."

Baron turned in the direction of Charl'ez.

"Continue monitoring for any transporter history and keep me apprised." Baron said.

"Yes, my queen." Charl'ez said.

Baron looked over toward her next in command gentlemen, well actually a woman, kneeling down to the side of a fallen security officer applying pressure on the wound. Baron drifted over to the thin Romulan woman who had a scar on the side of her face. It was in the shape of a V on her cheek. This was Tisk. Baron placed one hand on Tisk's shoulder.

"Meet me in my ready room," Baron purred into Tisk's ear. "And let the men handle their own."

"Of course, my lady," Tisk said. "I will be right behind you."

Baron smiled then went toward the small staircase in the front part of the bridge and approached the door beside the second station alongside the engineering station. The doors closed behind her. Tisk's mood changed followed by shouting and ordering people around. Tisk demanded for a nurse to attend to the wounds of the security officer. Tisk had a bruise or two on her body taking on the equivalent role of first officer on the bridge. Being tossed around by the attacks was not certainly her style.

Tisk let go after Nurse Chapel came to the security officer.

Among the chaos, Tisk needed to relax her muscles and have some proper time with Baron.

Tisk went through the door where she saw Baron sitting in the chair, legs propped on the desk, and her sharp ring like metal accessories making clicking sounds once striking one another.

"In time, we won't have this kind of trouble." Baron said.

"I count on that." Tisk said, then she took a towel and approached Baron.

"I will name our empire after you, my dear." Baron said.

"The Tisk empire. . ." Tisk put down the towel that had green blood on it. "That is a ridiculous name! I didn't just back you up to be naming a empire AFTER ME!" She pointed toward her chest. "Name it after your godfather. Shame him for that illogical Prime Directive."

Baron approached Tisk.

"Oh," Baron said. "I could name it after my father." She placed her hands on Tisk's thighs. "But then that wouldn't be satisfying."

Their forehead touched and Tisk's hands went through Baron's hair.

"I am the luckiest Romulan in the Galaxy." Tisk said.

"As am I," Baron said. "And our reign will be glorious."

Baron closed the space between them into a passionate kiss. Tisk's hands slide down to Baron's side. Tisk worked her way to kissing on Baron's shoulder. Baron was pinned against the wall by Tisk then slid up by the taller Romulan. This knocked over plenty items on the bookshelf put along the black wall. There were holographic pictures of Baron and Tisk. Tisk and Baron came to a pause within their making out session.

"You are not naming the Empire after me." Tisk said.

"I will see what I can do," Baron said, her right trailing along the cheek of Tisk and looking down at Tisk lovingly in the eyes. Baron's legs were wrapped around Tisk's waist. Her other hand was rubbing the backside of Tisk in a circle. "My dearest."

Baron engaged on the kiss and they resumed what they started.

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