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Basically, Galaxy Quest with the cast of Star Trek The Original Series! A/N this is a Alternate Universe story weaved with fact and fiction regarding the relationships between the very real relationship shared between William Shatner and his co-stars. You have been warned.


7. Chapter 7

Bill found himself looking at it in amazement and at the uniformed aliens strolling right past him. He recognized immediately a Andorian and a Klingon deep in discussion regarding the latest civilization that had fallen by Baron's hand. It was the planet of peaceful white human with blue paint on their bodies. They were the Painted Mute Ones. The planet? Muta. They were wiped out within hours after Baron's followers destroyed the plants, which as it turned out, lead to the downfall of the Painted Mute Ones within hours because they were so ugly. It became clear that the plants were the very beings that kept them alive.

Apparently it seemed that Sarek had a spy in Baron's fleet.

"That makes three." Sarek said,bitterly.

Bill looked over toward Sarek.

"What were the others?" Bill asked.

"The Whalefurs and the Tree Lovers," Sarek said. "The Whalefurs were aquatic based humanoid life forms with fins. If there is even a chance a small colony could have survived. . ." Sarek seemed to be disturbed. "The Tree lovers were reptile like humans that blended with trees and spent their entire lives living among them. They could blend in with the trees. I knew the Ambassador of that planet who I met by pure accident two years ago and promised we would not search for them and eliminate them. Baron did what I had promised not to."

"It is not your fault, Ambassador Sarek." Bill said.

"It is my fault." Sarek said.

The two men came into the turbo lift without the two brothers. Sarek spoke up, "Bridge." The turbo lift rolled up. Bill took Sarek's shoulder and squeezed it saying, "I grieve with thee." Sarek's eyes had emotion within him. Despair and sadness. Guilt. Regret. Bill let go of Sarek's shoulder. The Turbo lift came to a stop. There was no levelers unlike the original version of the Enterprise. Bill felt frozen in place hearing the familiar beeps and the whirrs of the technology from inside the room mere steps away. Bill was frozen. He was tossed mentally back in time to the first day he stepped on the bridge on the set. Everyone was so young back then. Bill was thirty-five when he first took the captain's chair. Nichelle's dark hair hadn't grayed yet. George otherwise still looked as good as he was fifty-years ago except during those days he had dark hair. Leonard at the science station wearing a wig and a pair of prosthetic pointy ears. They were the same age. Both thirty-five when filming commenced.

Sarek turned in the direction of Bill raising the eyebrow standing out of the turbo lift.

Bill relaxed himself while mentally chastising himself for freezing there after snapping out of the memory.

The past was the past.

Let it go.

Bill walked onto the bridge. It strikingly reminded him of the bridge set for the Enterprise except merged more into futuristic designs. There was no scanner propped up from the console that had a distinctive blue blow. There was a engineer to the left monitoring the engines. Perhaps the engines, unlike the reboot, are not hydro-powered but powered by dilithium crystals? He remembered them because of a major plot-point they had in the episode with a princess who's tears could make someone love her for eternity. He could see the most basic part of the Enterprise sitting there in the middle of the room surrounded by the red rails. Bill looked over to see a Vulcan at the communication's station with a ear bud in his ear. It felt surreal to be on the Enterprise that felt so alien but so familiar to him.

"Prepare to take us to the meeting destination Baron has requested, Stonn." Sarek said, drawing Bill's attention away from the surroundings to the front of the room.

"Aye, Ambassador," Stonn replied. "Warp five. Estimated time of arrival is one hour and thirty-three minutes."

Bill's surroundings were starting to get dizzy when Walter appeared after the starship went into warp.

"Bil--Captain, this is the most awesome fan experience I ever had!" Walter said. "We could use some cadets taking the Kathryn Tuvok test, the replacement for the Kobyashi Maru, to get a feel of what they would do when the ship they are serving on is under mutiny or an invasion!" Bill focused on Walter's face to get a grip on himself. "Captain, I never had this much fun before on a starship in decades. Talking with--" Walter faked a cough. "Real." He faked another cough. "Aliens."

Bill heard the Chekov Russian Accent coming from the man.

"Do you know who Baron is?" Bill whispered, taking Walter to the side.

"No," Walter said. "Who is he?"

"Remember Galaxy Quest?" Bill asked.

"Yes." Walter said.

"And Sarris." Bill said.

"Of course." Walter said.

"Baron is a female Romulan and is our version of Sarris." Bill said

"Baron sounds like a man." Walter said.

Bill looked over seeing a curious Sarek then turned his head back toward Walter.

"Admiral Chekov, we are in our Kobyashi Maru scenario." Bill said.

Walter frowned.

"No." Walter said.

"Yes." Bill said.

"No." Walter said.

"Eighteen starships. One starship against eighteen. Do the math." Bill said.

Walter mouthed back "eighteen?" followed by a "yes" back. Walter was starting to fall back. Bill caught the man by the shoulder.

"We are going to save this star fleet and return to Earth," Bill said. "We will not allow Baron to violate the prime directive. You can either help or return to Earth." Please say leave, Bill thought, You are not the one who Sarek thinks is a galaxy savior. I hate for your life to be ended if my help ends up fruitless.

Walter looked over in the direction of the Andorian at the communication's station then back to Bill.

"How can I help?" Walter asked.

Bill could see that in Walter's eye that he genuinely wanted to help. So much for my back up plan to send Walter back to Earth, Bill thought as he had a sigh. A idea landed in his mind. That was the most silly, insane,irrational, and most illogical idea in what could determine the fate of Earth. But it could work. Jim would have thought the idea was fitting. A smile grew on the actors face. If it went according to plan the two of them could be back before the dire situation before the sun sets on the American side of the planet.

Walter recognized that look on Bill's face.

Walter had seen that a lot on and off set when Bill got an idea.

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