We are actors, not Star Fleet Officers!

Basically, Galaxy Quest with the cast of Star Trek The Original Series! A/N this is a Alternate Universe story weaved with fact and fiction regarding the relationships between the very real relationship shared between William Shatner and his co-stars. You have been warned.


2. Chapter 2

And they are dressed up as Vulcans," Bill said. "Hey Sarek!"

De could just imagine Bill waving at the Trekker.

"Greetings, Mr Kirk," Sarek said. "Would you like to see your starship?"

De froze recognizing that voice from fifty years ago.

But Mark Lenard had died a few years back. De had attended the funeral along with Leonard. The media was all over the funeral. He had watched the casket be lowered to the ground inch by inch. Bill was forced to attend the funeral by Leonard and George claiming he had nothing better than to do than visit Lenard's funeral. De wondered if Bill would even attend his funeral let alone Leonard's funeral when they pass. It would be tough on Bill. And hard on him. Leonard and Bill split a few years back after the documentary regarding Star Fleet captain. Frankly, Leonard didn't give a damn about Bill even after he sent apologetic letters (Bill claimed he did but Leonard denied any said letters). They hadn't talked in years. De couldn't blame Leonard for that. Bill, without permission, used what Leonard said at comic con for The Captains.

". . . Kirk is an actor?" Sarek said sounded surprised bringing De back into the fold.

"Of course I am." Bill said.

"No, he is not James T. Kirk!" De said. "He is Bill Shatner! A actor like me."

"Nice communicator." Sarek said.

"Thank you," Bill said. "Talk to you later, De."

"Bill-" De was cut off when the line when dead.

De lowered the ipad.

"Damn it, Bill." De said.

What if, under some crazy circumstance, that there was in fact Vulcans? That would mean Gene had met Vulcans first hand, and, knew a lot about them. More than Leonard did in retrospect. Too bad Roddenberry was dead. He had heard Mark's voice over the device clear as day. De went outside from the apartment then scrolled through his contacts. Now, how does one tell a eighty plus year old man, who used to portray a iconic alien being named Spock, that a man he had seen personally in the coffin at the wake was alive? Leonard was over Bill. De tapped on Leonard's name.

De decided to text Leonard.

Leonard's health was not too good these days.

And De hadn't talked to Leonard in three years so this might be a little bit of a surprise to actually get a text from him. De knew he was being 'spared' in a sense of seeing his friend's declining health. Every now and then De would chat with Bill. Previously, Bill was energetic and very out-going popping out shenanigans. After Leonard stopped calling, however, Bill acted 'UnShatner like'. Bill was focused on his career and only had 'small chit chat's with De. De suspected this was in part of Bill feeling guilty. Bill claimed, to anyone who asked, he had no idea why Leonard stopped talking with him. Or that Bill's memory had become terrible. George once sent a wedding invitation but Bill claimed he never did (and George was never a liar). This was after they reconciled. Elizabeth confided to De that Bill had seen the invite, was excited, and planned to attend. He had thrown the invite away, declared he could remember to visit the wedding, without needing to write it down. Then just one day, out of the blue, he forgot. The trash had allready been taken out by then.

Elizabeth was getting worried that Shatner was developing Alzheimer's.

Bill left his keys in the refrigerator two weeks ago!

And there was this other time that Bill left his cell phone in a container of rice.

Bill was keeping himself busy for the sake of being busy.

De felt that Bill was in no position to write a biography about his days on set.


Vulcans are real.

De pressed send.

"He might as well rope us in, anyway, given that he is Bill Shatner." De said.

You remember Mark Lenard's Sarek?

De waited a minute.

Well, I overheard Sarek when talking with Bill.

De was concerned, mostly, about Bill.

Or there could be a more logical solution to this that Mark is haunting Bill from the grave. We both know Bill, someone who would rather pretend to be a character rather then tell the truth, and he is goin' to fly and burn with whatever they want from him. Given Bill's reputation as Jim. . . I think it is safe to say they need his help to save some civilization. Before you know it, Galaxy Quest will be happenin' IN. REAL. LIFE.

"Hello, Doctor McCoy, I am in need of your autograph." Came a monotonous female voice.

De looked up in the direction of the female Vulcan who held a padd. She was in a attire similar to the one seen in the new movie reboot of The Original Series. She had curly hair, upturned eyebrows, light blue eyes, a pair of pointy ears, a small birthmark on the side of her cheek. She had a pair of glasses on that seemed to be twenty first century equivalent.

De smile back at her holding up his index finger.

"One moment." De said, then he typed on the small keypad.

Sometimes I hate bein' right.

De put the small pad into his pocket.

"Give me the pen,please." De said, politely.

"My name is S'chen T'gren Frizzle." Frizzle said, handing him the pad with the pen installed into the side.

"That is a pretty name, Miss Frizzle," De said, signing on the screen that had a file regarding a medical procedure. De blinked reading the medical procedure that sounded a lot like a heart transplant. De looked up in the direction of Frizzle with a puzzled expression on his face. "What would you like me to write?"

"Anything, Doctor McCoy," Frizzle said. "It does not matter to me."

"Come on, it has to matter to you in that heart of yours." De said.

"Negative," Frizzle said. "Vulcans have no emotions."

"Riiight," De said, suspiciously. He jotted down: Have a nice, long emotional life and prosper with it. - DeForest Kelley. De handed the pad back to Frizzle. "Here is your autograph."

Frizzle did the Vulcan salute.

"Live long and prosper." Frizzle said.

Frizzle stepped back taking out a communicator.

"One to beam up, S'chon." Frizzle said.

"Beaming up, Doctor Frizzle." S'Chon said.

Frizzle disappeared into the darkness followed by a all too familiar melody.


De took out his phone.


I can breathe.

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