We are actors, not Star Fleet Officers!

Basically, Galaxy Quest with the cast of Star Trek The Original Series! A/N this is a Alternate Universe story weaved with fact and fiction regarding the relationships between the very real relationship shared between William Shatner and his co-stars. You have been warned.


13. Chapter 13

"Bill, your plan is suicide!" De said, as he and Bill came into shuttle bay.

"It has to be done." Bill said.

"Leonard would be agreeing with me if he were here," De said. "There has to be a better way." He hunched both eyebrows. "Have you tried thinkin' the way Jim would?"

"Tried that," Bill said. "But the chances of there being a random miracle is slim. Baron has conquered half of the known galaxy. Take her down and most of her followers will break away allowing Sarek and the diplomats to put back together their society and save Earth with some repercussions due to the plan."

De took Bill by the shoulder making the man stop in his tracks.

"Listen here,you are not goin' to die on my watch," De said, turning Bill in his direction. "You are my best friend. I can't lose you."

"You can, and you will,just temporary," Bill said. "Relax,De." Bill put one hand on De's shoulder and looked De in the eye. "Do you trust me?"

De's grip slackened on Bill's shoulder.

"I trust you." De said, letting go of Bill's shoulder.

The Enterprise was in Skull Planet's orbit. Skull Planet had two moons. Skull Planet was twice the size of Earth. It was relatively the size of Vulcan. It had several continents covered completed by forest and rocky mountains. Though it had two polar ice caps respectively on the bottom and the top . Beside Skull Planet was The Water Planet strictly enveloped by water and had water inhabitants. There were many other habitual planets in this solar system. De was not in the surgical tunic but a sized small blue shirt. Karl was in sick bay drilling questions from Vulcans regarding their medical practices including the Klingons, too.

"Don't tell them the plan if you make it," Bill said, his hazel eyes were full of plead. "Please,De."

"I will not." De said.

"You are a good friend, De." Bill said, putting one hand on De's shoulder.

Bill's hand slid off De's shoulder then he turned away then resumed his way toward the shuttle. By the Shuttle, with the back end opened, stood Worf and two of his Klingon officers. S'Chick was running a system diagnostics with the science tricorder. De's eyebrows shot up briefly seeing the familiar yet iconic prop that Leonard would walk around with on set. It was part of his method acting, Leonard would later say, to get into Spock's mind.

"Boys and girls, are you ready?" Bill said.

"Today is a good day to die, Captain." Worf said.

De put one palm on his face lowering his head.

"Not what I wanted to hear today." De said.

"Of course it is," Bill said. "S'chick?"

S'chick looked up from his device.

"I have conducted a system diagnostics on the science tricorder," S'chick said. "It is prepared for the away mission."

"First mission?" De asked.

"Negative,Doctor McCoy," S'chick said. "I have been on two hundred thirty-three missions. All of which were uneventful unlike my brother S'obi's away missions." De noticed S'chick's sleeves had the rank of lieutenant. He had seen that on Nichelle's cuffs during filming fifty years ago and it was made obvious she held the rank of Lieutenant when the series began. "I hold the rank of Lieutenant due to participating in my part."

"Klingons first," Bill gestured in to the shuttle. "Vulcans second, and humans last."

"Of course." Worf said, then he said something in Klingon toward the two red shirts.

The three Klingons went into the shuttle followed by S'chick.

". . . Jim, why is there three Klingons when there should be a hell lot more?" De asked.

Bill had a bewildered expression on his face then it turned into one of concern.

"Doctor's first." Bill said, gesturing toward the shuttle.

De shot Bill a glare then walked on in the shuttle.

Bill looked around the shuttle bay looking as though he was making a wordless goodbye to the Enterprise. A worldess possible farewell to life as he knew it. Baron was probably on their tail at any given moment. Doohan was working with the other engineers to give the Enterprise as much power and as much light they could give her. Dividing chunks of still intact pieces of the dilithium crystals into shards buying them five hours worth of more worth of beaming power. Doohan was consumed by it, really, preferring to go along than being returned to Earth via transwarp. Imagine Doohan's reaction when told they had accomplished transwarp.

Bill sighed overhearing bickering and two familiar voices from among-st the bickering.

Farewell, Enterprise, Bill thought, For now.

Bill turned away then walked into the shuttle.

"Did you honestly use the Jeffery Tubes to get down here without being seen all to see a planet that is much like Skull Island from King Kong?"

"Yes." George and Walter said.

"And that we wanted to see a gigantic rock monster." George said.

"What rock monster?" Bill asked.

"You wanted rock monsters in the movie with God and Sybok." De said.

"I don't remember there being rock monsters in that movie." Bill said, buckling himself up.

"That is because Paramount scrapped it!" De said. "And it would have been a silly addition."

"My husband asked why it felt like the rocks should be coming alive in that one scene." George said.

"So where is this rock monster discussion coming from?" Bill asked, sitting down alongside De.

"Galaxy Quest." The three men said in unison.

There was a moments pause.

"Then . . . . if Chekov is here. . ." Bill said. The door behind him closed. "Who is on the bridge?"

"Sarek," George said. "He encouraged us."

"And who's driving the Enterprise?" Bill asked.

"T'Priss. I instructed her how to fly hours ago in case she needed to replace me." George said.

The doors to shuttle bay parted ways.

"Excellent strategy for getting the way you want," Worf said. "Admirable. You have remarkable honor, President."

"Actually," George said, looking over toward Walter. "It was--"

"Don't," Walter cut George off. "Accept the kompliment, Hikaru."

George turned his head back toward the screen.

"Lifting off." George said.

The shuttle lifted off the floor then flew toward the exit.

"Raising side shields." George said.

"Hikaru, I am detecting huge chunks of space debris around the planet." Walter said.

"Space debris?" George said.

"The planet civilization is pre-warp," S'chick said. "It is currently in the agriculture/ hunting life style for the Skullians."

"Worthy opponents in battle." Worf said.

"Aye." The two red shirts agreed in unison.

"That is fascinating." Bill said.

"Spells certain doom upon us, don't you think?" De said, leaning on the side of the arm rest. "With spears, arrows, and rock monsters chasin' after us with the chance of a King Kong appearin'? Also gigantic ugly insects and prehistoric dinosaurs with the possibility of bein' covered in feathers."

"I will take wrangling fathered dinosaurs over being eaten alive by insects." Bill said.

"Jim." De said.

"No doom upon us," Bill said. "We have three Klingons. Three!" He held his fingers up. "I believe we have a good chance of coming back in one piece."

There were some parts of the plan that Bill hadn't told De He intended for the little bits to happen when he wasn't there. Sarek was bound to find out the truth, eventually, and hopefully he will not believe that they were lying about being actors. Bill had nearly spelled the truth out when he first met Sarek. He should have elaborated that he was not really the man they wanted. Bill should have told them his real name. Just to save face. And that would have spelled doom for his solar system on the get-go.De leaned back into the chair then rummaged through his sack and began taking head count of the medical devices afterwards putting them back in while calling them by name.

There were seven seats in all on the shuttle craft.

Bill closed his eyes then took a nap as the shuttle craft swung passed a cylinder object.


"Bill, wake up!" De's voice came to.

"It was just a quick nap." Bill complained.

"That was a hour ago." De said.

Bill's eyes squinted to see that he was on the chair facing the sky that was being partially blocked by huge trees. The scenery behind De was more of a blur and he could not see all that well. He could feel drowsy and lazy not wanting to move from where he was. His vision was dizzy at first seeing doubles of De. Bill blinked adjusting his eyesight to the man using a laser object on his eyes. De took back the pen shaped object putting it into his medical kit. Bill could see there was one De glaring down at him. The side of Bill's head didn't feel too good. De lowered himself down from Bill's vision and Bill heard a click.

"The shuttle exploded in mid flight?" Bill asked, as De came back into his line of sight.

"Not exactly." De said.

"What do you mean?" Bill asked.

"We struck a pterodactyl by accident, shuttle went bezerk, and then there was this whole emergency regardin' sudden weight configuration," De said. "Next thin' I knew the back end had detracted. It was frightenin' as hell! Could have given me a heart attack. I watched in horror as your seat ejected sending you flyin' out of the shuttle. Three of the Klingons were ejected. S'chick found them alive forty-five minutes ago. I was ejected prior to crash landin'." De shook his hand. "Walter and George are okay."

Bill sighed.

"S'Chick wasn't ejected," De said. "Fortunately he was not injured gravely when I came to. I just made a splint with the given resources." Bill noticed that there were blood stains on the side of De's face. "We have the proper medical equipment for your leg back in the shuttle."

Bill's left leg felt numb.

"What did you do to my leg?" Bill asked.

"A sedative," De said. "You will be feelin' drowsy for the next twenty-three minutes."

"How cheery." Bill said, sarcastically.

"Doctor McCoy," Came a monotonous voice. "I cannot seem to find you."

"We are over here,S'chick!" De said.

"My head hurts." Bill complained as he closed his eyes.

"No,no, no, don't go to sleep on me!" De said, shaking Jim-no, wait, Bill by the shoulders.

"Okay, okay, okay!" Bill said, finding the idea of sleep soothing and ideal than staying awake.

Bill forced his eyes open to see that Dee was rummaging through the knap sack hearing the sounds of a S'chick headed his way in their direction. De had a look of panic on his face, briefly, muttering "Where is the skull regenerator when I need it?" He could hear the sound of insects and other animals in the rain forest like setting. De took out an item from the bag shouting "Eureka!" then put a object on Bill's forehead then pressed a button.

"Thank the great bird of the universe that we made this tool." De said.

"The Man Trap, episode 1." Bill said.

"You can sleep after this procedure is over." De said.

"There was a salt vampire in that episode." Bill said.

There were melodic beeps coming from the device.

"What about Majel's funeral?" De asked.

Bill glared in the direction of De.

"I never attended that and you know it." Bill said.

A 'humor me' facial expression grew on De's face.

"Well, at least we can help that Gene and Majel's ashes get thrown into space if we have the Enterprise still around by that time," De said. "A torpedo. Wouldn't that be lovely? To be blasted into space with tributes."

The beeping ceased.

"You can rest now." De said.

Bill's eyes closed as S'chick came over.

"You have my permission to pick him up bridal style." Bill heard De.


When Bill's eyes opened he found himself back in the shuttle feeling fully rested and his leg had regained full motor. He was alone, however. De was not there. Nor was Walter, George,S'chick, Worf, and the two Klingon red shirts. Bill came off the extended chair then gained his footing on the ground. He raised his right hand up to see the circular metal device was still embedded in his skin. There was a communicator on the seat across from Bill.

Bill picked up the communicator then flipped it open.

"Kirk to McCoy," Bill said. "Kirk to McCoy, can you hear me?"

Bill waited until there was a buzzing coming from the communicator.

"McCoy here," De said. "We are searchin' for the dilithium crustals."

Bill looked over to see under the chair was a science tricorder.

"And how is that search going?" Bill asked.

"Terrible." De said.

"S'chick's science tricorder is with me." Bill picked up the science tricorder.


"I will search for the dilithium crystals." Bill said.

"The hell you are doin' it alone!" De shouted.

"Kirk out." Bill said, flipping his communicator down and put it into his pocket.

From De's side of the conversation S'chick heard a beeping from a wrist-watch device.

S'chick looked down toward the wrist watch device.

It was indicating the science tricorder was in use and was tracking the device.

S'chick darted from the group.

Bill took a bag out of the spare compartment that had a shoulder strap and swung the tricorder over his shoulder then set it properly, with reasonable guessing, for the dilithium crystals. It spoke like the computer straight out of Star Trek the reboot series. He walked out of the shuttle. From there the tricorder gave him directions via beeping. Bill went through the forest passed the gigantic tree barks. He saw a gigantic typical fly hovering in the air staring at him tilting its head. Bill ignored the insect walking right under it. He continued his trek into what was comparably a large field of grass. He could hear something large and menacing making the ground trembling beneath his feet.

Bill looked up.

"Sauropods." Bill said, in awe.

There were sauropods strolling past him making strange sounds.

"I love my job." Bill said.

Damn, they were huge.

"Come on, Bill." Bill said, looking back down at the raised tricorder.

Bill continued on avoiding being squashed by the gigantic dinosaurs. He saw a triceratops fighting with another triceratops. Gigantic compared to him. Larger than life. Larger than what the usual size for these dinosaurs would be. Everything was bigger in Texas. It became apparent that this planet is the planetary version of Texas rather than Skull Island's counterpart. Meanwhile De and co were running from gigantic wasps chasing after them. De was shouting "I HATE WASPS!" Bill could hear the sound of waves crashing against the sand when he came to a stop and the beeping was very loud. Cringe worthy. His foot did not meet the ground when he stepped forward. Bill had came to a stop realizing he was on the edge of a cliff.

He could see there was a pathway leading down the embankment. Bill carefully, ever so delicately, traveled down with his back pressed against the wall. His eyes were staring down at the fine yellow sand. There were sticks, skeletons, and shells in the body of sand sticking out. The beeping coming over the tricorder was being blared over by the ringing in his ears. That ringing in his ears resulted from an event that occurred on set fifty some years ago during the arena scene where he made a lathe. Leonard suffered from it as well.

Bill came to a stop on the sand that seemed like a desert with hills that nearly blocked sight of the sea.

Bill held the tricorder up and checked the screen.

The arrow was pointing in the direction of the cave.

It then showed the image of a dilithium crystal.

"Cave," Bill said. "What a cliche."

Bill lowered the tricorder feeling uneasy.

Something did not feel right.

Bill walked in the direction of the cave. He imagined himself on set, acting, executing a scene as James T. Kirk. Cautious but wary of the impending events that could unfold from going in. He didn't feel scared. He felt brave. He came to the mouth of the cave then looked on in. The tricorder let out a gulf of light that showed the inside of the dripping wet cave. There were colors being black contrasting against the orange. Bill could picture Leonard standing across from him, younger, raising a brow and saying "Fascinating." earning a sigh from De as Doctor McCoy. Then Leonard, as Spock, would monotonously explain how unusual it is for the tricorder to emit a light and that it had to be a new installment in the machine. Bill went on into the cave using the wall as his guide into the cave.

Bill traveled through the cave finding skulls while at it.

Complete skeletons and in-complete skeletons of various animals that had traveled into this cave to die or to seek shelter but instead found death. It reminded Bill awfully of that one scene from Dracula Untold. It was a fairly good movie, that he would admit to, of a good man becoming a monster to save his family. However these skeletons were not wearing helmets, armory, or any kind of fabric.

"Ew." Bill said.

Bill came to the center of the cave that had a pool of light landing on a pile of dilithium crystals. Football sized chunks. Just what they needed. Bill came to the large pile. He picked up one dilithium crystal then put it into the bag followed by another and another. Sarek could use the extra dilithum crystals. In the Star Trek: The Original Series universe they were rare to find. The bag felt heavy after awhile so he stopped what he was doing. Bill looked over to see the bag was almost full. Bill grinned then turned away to see what was apparently child shaped rock beings lacking eyes staring right at him.

There was only one way he could get past them.

"Excuse me!"

Catching them off guard by using one of them to walk on, Bill speeded his way toward the entrance. He came to a landing after running on three dozen rock monsters. Bill's legs felt sluggish as he continued his way toward the light. Suddenly he could feel something had grabbed hold onto his leg. He took one of the dilithium crystals out of the bag then threw it at the rock monster. The rock child let go grabbing hold onto the dilithium crystals. Bill tossed out more dilithium crystals behind his shoulder as the bag went lighter and lighter. He had a dozen or so dilithium crystals left in the bag when stopped throwing them since they were so behind him. Bill made his way onto the sand landing knee first onto it. He looked over his shoulder hearing rocks clack against the hollow walls of the cave while panting. He could feel sweat coming down his skin. He got up feeling his knees were sore. Bill climbed up the narrow path not giving it a care focusing on the route ahead. He could hear their screeches that made him lose balance. Bill was at the top. He started to fall back when a large, but soft hand took his hand.

"You have infuriated the rock children, captain." S'chick said.

"You don't say." Bill said.

"I do say." S'chick said, helping him up to the top.

"Where is Bones and the others?" Bill asked, standing on the grass and let go of S'chick's hand.

"Logically in the forest," S'chick said. "They are unable to join us since I have left them behind tracking you using the tricorder tracker."

"You expected that to happen." Bill said.

"You are James T. Kirk," S'chick said. "You do not stand around and wait."

Bill had a genuine smile.

"We must go," S'chick said. "Captain, they are on our tail."

Bill nodded.

"Lead the way." BIll said.

S'chick and Bill darted away from the cliff side.

The rock creatures swung over the edge landing on the grass. There could have easily been over a thousand of the rock children. There was a loud roar that came from the rock children. The sauropods made loud panicked whistles. The ground trembled beneath the two men's shoes. Bill looked over to see the sauropods were running with them. They were so doomed if one of the dinosaurs stepped on them. No, that was not an option. Bill and S'chick went through the field of grass. S'chick looked over his shoulder to see the oncoming rock children then he turned his head in the direction of the fleeing captain in the lead. The triceratops were splitting up away from the sauropods making cow like noises. S'chick speeded up toward Bill.

"Captain!" S'chick shouted. "Stay away from their feet!"

Bill looked up to see a sauropod foot headed his way.

"Oh shi--" Bill ran out of the way.

Bill was almost there to the forest.

"CAPTAIN!" Bill was shoved out of the way crashing on the ground.

Bill looked over to see S'Chick vanish under the foot of a sauropod.

"No!" Bill shouted,his hand outreached with a horrified expression on his face.

From the Enterprise, Sarek could feel the pain of the family bond snapping.


In a golden flash, Leonard's surroundings changed to a forest. He was talking talking with his agent regarding a minor movie role for Godzilla Vs King Kong. It would be a fascinating experience to be part of a movie that could change the public perception of King Kong's height and how they could be a powerful force when reckoned. But why would Godzilla fight King Kong? That would draw the crowds of older people and younger people in the standard population who had seen movies featuring the titular characters. King Kong facing Godzilla would be illogical. Godzilla is twice King Kong's height! That is a sure death wish. Why would Godzilla hunt for King Kong? Unless, there was a misunderstanding like the overdone CGI Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice.

"I will talk to you later, all right,I will call you later." Leonard put his phone away.

Leonard could hear a familiar voice complaining from the distance.

"I told you not to fight the wasp," De said. "But noooo, Klingons have to fight what is chasin' after them."

"Being chased is unhonorable." Worf replied.

"Unhonorable my ass." De said.

Leonard followed after the source of the voices.

"You have to admit," George said. "Klingons do not flee unless they have a very good reason to."

"Such as being outnumbered." Walter said.

"Klingons do not flee." Worf said.

"Keep sayin' that," De said. "Damn it. The acid has gone down to the bone."

"Then I will cut it off." Worf took out what sounded like a dagger.

"That would be unethical," De said. "And unsanitary."

"If the acid has gone through my right leg then it would be making me ripe for being killed without honor." Worf said.

"There is such thin' as dyin' while puttin' up a fight." De replied.

"You are lucky that you survived when your komrades did not." Walter said.

And then Worf started howling of the sort at the sky.

"Chekov." De said, warningly while glaring in Walter's direction with a eyebrow twitch.

Five minutes later Leonard arrived to where they were at. De was covering his ears giving Walter a death glare and Walter had a sheepish look on his face. George was covering his ears as well. The four men were in Star Fleet uniform ripped out of the reboot Star Trek. Why was there a Klingon howling at the sky? George had a wave at Leonard mouthing back "Are you enjoying the scenery?" There were many questions other than the Klingon howling. For example: why was he brought here? Who brought him here for that matter? And where the hell is he? Then Worf stopped howling.

"You don't need to say it," Walter said. "I won't do it again."

"Good." De said.

"De, where am I?" Leonard asked.

De looked over in surprise at Leonard.

"You are not supposed to be here!"De said.

"Who is he?" Worf asked.

"Ambassador Spock." Walter said.

Worf squinted at Leonard.

"I see. He has undergone genetic surgery." Worf said.

"Doctor McCoy, what is going on here?" Leonard asked.

"Remember Galaxy Quest?" De asked.

"Affirmative." Leonard said.

"Put Sarek in Mathesar's position, put a random female Romulan in Sarris's position, and us into the position of the crew of the Protector. No, their planet is intact. No, your father not the alternate version of him." Leonard's eyes started to widen. "And Jim has gone off with a youn' Vulcan man for some Dilithium crystals without us." Worf took a phaser out of its sheath putting away the dagger and then set it to vaporize. "DON'T YOU DARE, MR WORF!"

"I cannot conduct my duties with a limp leg." Worf said.

"It is logical to get rid of what is hindering oneself." Leonard said.

"Sometimes I hate logic," De complained. "Someone get me three leafs for after the procedure!"

Walter and George looked around for a set of large leaves.

"Your reputation proceeds you, Ambassador Spock," Worf said. "Klingons are greatly disappointed in the counterparts of Romulans."

The two men returned with leaves.

"Let me do the vaporizin'," De said. "You are not a doctor, Mr Worf."

"I believe I have met you before, Mr Worf." Leonard said.

"My other counterpart lost his father to a battle and I did not," Worf said. "Mogh lives."

"That is a interesting development," Leonard said. "I did not expect for this universe to have Klingons. We specifically went here to avoid breaking the prime directive and living out our retirement."

Worf had a laugh.

"Indeed." Worf said.

De took out a roll of gauze then put the large leaves under the Klingons right leg.

"Hold still, Mr Worf." De said.

De turned on the vaporizer turning it into a cutting tool. De's hand was trembling. Leonard took De's hand and helped him keep it steady. De was scared that he would cut the wrong body part. This was a Klingon for crying out loud! Even on one leg Klingons were a menace to reckon with. They shared the equal strength to that of a Vulcan. De managed to separate the knee from the rest of the body. Effectively leaving Worf with one leg. Leonard let go of De's hand. De wrapped the gauze on the injury while handing the phaser to Leonard instructing him to vaporize the amputated leg. Leonard aimed the phaser at the leg then hit 'vaporize'. The leg vanished in a red flash.

There was a buzzing coming from De's pant pocket.

"That must be Jim." De said, once he finished the wrapping. He took out the communicator. "McCoy here."

"S'chick is dead." Bill said, solemnly.

"Where are you?" De asked.

"Right above you." Bill replied.

Leonard was staring at the communicator that De was holding.

"I can't see you." De said, looking up.

"That is because I have the shuttle craft cloaked." Bill said. "Do you hear the rock children? I pissed them off."

"What the hell did you do?" De asked.

"I got the crystals," Bill said. "They have been chasing after me."

De sighed.

"Did you tell Sarek to beam the Ambassador over?" De asked.

There was brief silence.

"I did not. By the way, the dilithium crystals are under your seat." De heard something running their direction. "I am beaming you up."

"Five of us." De said.

"Right," Bill said. "Bones. . . Time I stop running. See you later?"

"See you later." De said.

"What is that about?" Leonard asked.

The group of five vanished in a golden flash and the shuttle decloaked. In the golden flash exchange, Bill appeared where they had stood without the tricorder and the bag. The creatures came to a stop around him. Bill held his hands up, "I surrender." in a apologetic tone. Our view returned to the shuttle craft. Leonard looked over at the window in shock but not that much surprised but otherwise bewildered what had just happened. Leonard made the comment, "Still the self centered man I met fifty years ago. It's all about him!" De buckled the Klingon into the flat seat reassuring Worf that he would get the proper treatment on the Enterprise. The mere mention of the Enterprise made Leonard turn around with wide eyes.

"They built an Enterprise?" Leonard asked.

De nodded.

"And she isn't in good shape from the beatin' she took from the Farragut." De said.

"Mr Chekov," Leonard said. "Can you attempt to beam up the captain?"

"The beaming process has been rigged," Walter said. "It is almost as though the captain expected us to attempt to rescue him."

"Side shields have been raised." George said.

"Do not hit the prehistoric flying beast." Worf said.

"It was an accident." Walter stressed.

"And it won't happen again." George added.

"This time we are not crash landin' and ejectin' more seats." De said.

"How did Mr Sulu miss the pterodactyl when he is the best pilot in the known galaxy?" Leonard asked.

"It just came out of no where." George said.

"Indeed." Was all that De could say, looking over at the vanishing crowd of rock children.

The shuttle craft made its way into space through the heat of exiting the atmosphere. Walter and George worked together to avoid the flying metal debris around the planet. De filled in Leonard regarding Baron and what her evil plot was. De had been informed of Baron's conquering by Sarek and several of the diplomats hours ago when he demanded answers as to who they were up against. The shuttle craft exited the debris field.

"Look." De pointed in the direction of the battered starship that was in the distance.

Leonard froze.

"The Enterprise." Leonard said with wide eyes.

"Galavant to Enterprise," George said. "Captain Kirk is on Skull Planet. Request immediate beam up after the dilithium crystals being replaced."

There was a pause from the other end.

Leonard took his phone out and checked the time.

"How long until we get to the starship?" Leonard asked.

"Thirty-three minutes." George said.

"Felt like a entire lifetime descendin'." De said.

"I have been on numerous shuttle crafts to planet-side missions and they were usually under or over an hour but never beyond two hours." Worf said.

"Very punctual." Leonard said.

"Klingons do not enjoy being late to a warriors party." Worf said.

"What kind of party?" Leonard asked.

Worf glared over in the direction of Leonard.

"I believe he is referring to fights and battles." George said.

"Fascinating," Leonard said. "He is all ready in tune with analogy's that is common on Earth and unKlingon like. That is unexpected."

"Indeed." De said.

"Sarek to Galavant Shuttle craft," Sarek's monotonous voice came over. "Request granted." Leonard could feel chills going down his skin. "Mr Scott is the most preferable and most experienced one in beaming Captain Kirk," Sarek then added after a beat. "I will request his immediate presence in Transporter 1."

"Roger that," George said. "Sulu out."

De and Leonard's eyes widened.

"But Jimmy doesn't know how to beam someone!" Leonard said.

"Who is Jimmy?" Worf asked.

"That is Scotty's nickname," De said. "It has been decades since he last manned the console."

"He is Scotty," Walter said. "He kan do it!"

"God help us all." De said, sliding down into the chair rubbing his forehead.


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