Say geronimo

In 1969, after filming the last episode for Star Trek: The Original Series, William Shatner is beamed aboard the Enterprise. A/N Inspired by Geronimo by Shepard.


6. Chapter 6

"Gene, Will is not leaving unless he gets to improvise and be in a scene with me." Shatner said.

"Klingons cannot act!" Roddenberry said.

"Yes, we can." Koloth said.

"Klingons do not act." Roddenberry said.

"Clearly, you have not heard of the wedding rituals." Koloth growled.

"Roddenberry, I can tell the truth about you deserting your crew in a time of need if you don't let this guy in." Shatner said, into the man's ear.

Roddenberry's eyes went huge backing away.

"All right, you win." Roddenberry said.

Shatner clapped on the shoulder of Roddenberry.

"Now wasn't that easy?" Shatner said.

"SHATNER, YOUR SCENE IS UP!" Came a camera man.

"Come on, big guy," Shatner took Koloth by the wrist and towed him to the set. "Someone get me a fake dagger!"

Leonard and De were in the fake cell, together, and their characters were bickering over means of escaping. It was a fond reminder of what Shatner had left behind. They were sixteen episodes into the fourth season. Roddenberry had said they were going to make the last episode definitely the last of the series just so the viewers wouldn't be disappointed. Ever since Janice Lester's episode, they had a woman commanding a starship and explain away that Lester was too insane to be captain regarding what she had chatted with Jim about.

"How about this:" De said. "I attempt to strangle you."

"Illogical." Leonard said.

"Or tear your pointy ears off to get their attention?" De asked.

"Logically, howling like a cat in heat would draw their attention." Leonard said.

"No way in the universe am I doin' that!" De said.

"Not you," Leonard said. "I."

"You can do a cat in heat?" De said, in shock.

"My mother has plenty of cats back at home that are Vulcan," Leonard said. "They catch the Vulcan mice."

De sat there contemplating.

"I wonder what your versions of dogs are." De said.

"The concept are bear like lions called sehlat," Leonard said. "Native to planet Vulcan."

De stood up then grabbed onto the bars.


Leonard had tilted his head.

"Ssssh." The first guard said.

"Let me outta here and I will consider talkin' about medicine," De said. "Expecially with that sore throat you have. You can die from that rather than standing round or bein' attacked. It is a silent killer. Without medical treatment you are a dead man. Let me out and give me my bag. I need to treat you face to face."

The second guard was taking a piss, apparently.

"Just you." The first guard said.

"Only me." De said.

The first guard unlocked the door then slid it open. De then did a Vulcan nerve pinch and the man collapsed to the ground. De went over throwing junk off his medical bag. Leonard came out of the cell with a raised eyebrow at De's direction. The expression was a curious one on the actor's face.

"Who taught you to nerve pinch when you have arthritis in your hands?" Leonard asked.

"Got rid of it," De said. "Nurse Chapel gave me the arthritis cure-o-laser."

"Hm, fascinating." Leonard said.

The two men looked over to see a group of men falling to the ground. The two shared confused reactions then made their way to the setting. Lo' and behold was Shatner dusting his hands off issuing a compliment to Koloth while pretending to be Jim. Koloth was staring at his blade in fascination or in anger, it was hard to tell with that bewildered look on his face.

"Jim?" Leonard said.

"Aren't you supposed to be dead?" De asked.

"I saw you die." Leonard said.

"Mr Spock,Bones," Shatner said. "That was part of my cover. Star Fleet issued me a mission that had no one be aware of it, not even you two except for Nurse Chapel." Shatner patted on the shoulder of Koloth. "Now me and my friend has just cleared the area and retrieved your communicators." Shatner held the communicators. "Gone for a week and you get caught this easily and lose four security officers on one mission? That is impressive."

"So you did die?" Koloth asked, his attention fixated on Shatner.

"And then I came back," Shatner said, handing the communicators to his friends. "Of course."

"Kahless returned you anew." Koloth said.

"Who is Kahless?" Leonard asked.

"The warrior who watches over us, the one who made Klingons the Klingons!" Koloth said.

"Basically, their Moses," Shatner said. "I have some business to finish here. I will explain the operation." De and Leonard started to open their mouth but then Shatner held his hand up. "No, Spock,no, Bones, I do not want to risk your lives with a classified mission that can tamper your mind psychologically. Had that happen once to you and it will not ever happen again under my watch."

They closed their mouth.

"When did the doctor get psychologically injured?" Leonard asked.

"You have to ask him that yourself," Shatner said. "It happened during the mirror switcharoo."

Leonard looked over in the direction of De.

"Don't play that card on me, Jim," De opened his communicator. "Scotty, two to beam up."

"Mind rape is illegal," Leonard said. "And punishable by death."

"You don't say." De said, glaring in the direction of Shatner.

"It has been used numerous times prior to the days of Vulcans being reformed." Leonard said.

De's eyes grew with life looking in the direction of Leonard closing the communicator with a click and started to open his mouth in reply.

"ANNNDD cuut!" Roddenberry said.

Leonard was staring at Koloth.

"Koloth meet Leonard Nimoy," Shatner said. "Leonard Nimoy meet my good warrior buddy Koloth."

"This does not belong to me." Koloth said, referring to the dagger prop.

Koloth tossed the blade into the distance where a prop person caught it and returned it to where it should be after saying "I GOT IT!" Most of the stunt men got up with a daze after being tossed around like a rag doll by a actual Klingon. Leonard's eyes were widening at the sight of the taller Klingon. De walked off set unphased.

"I would like you to be the subject of a photograph." Leonard finally said.

"What is in it for me?" Koloth asked.

"I will make thousands off it and you will be given more honor than you have right now on this planet." Leonard said.

"I am in." Koloth said, leaving with Leonard off the set.

Shatner sighed, wiping a sweat off his brow.

"If this keeps up, I might have to start a talk show with everyone who visit this planet." Shatner said, walking off the set.

Roddenbery approached Shatner.

"This is the second tenth time in a row you have been visited by an alien race." Roddenberry said.

Shatner looked up in the direction of Roddenberry.

"Get in line." Shatner said.

"Your very presence is going to be a threat for this planet one day," Roddenberry said, as Shatner walked past him. "You should go back to the Enterprise if you know what is best for everyone."

Shatner headed back toward his trailer taking out his key.

"I will think about it!" Shatner shouted.


Jim, Spock, McCoy, and a few red-shirts were exploring the landscape for a classic Star Trek planet. Spock had his tricorder aimed at the ground. McCoy was searching for any life with some red shirts. Jim had one foot on a boulder looking around contemplating how perfect it would be for a expedition. Or a colony. It looked fine for someone to build a house, raise a family,and have streets lining the scenery.


"Jim, look out!" It was McCoy's voice.


Jim looked over to see a phone with a cord flying in his direction.


Shatner grabbed onto the phone, lifted it off, and put it onto his ear.

"William Shatner of The USS Shakespeare," Shatner said. "I mean . . . William Shatner of the USS Enterprise."

"They want to film a damn sex scene." Roddenberry said.

Did I just hear Roddenberry right?, Shatner thought lifting himself halfway up with his elbow hitting the pillow.

"Pardon me, Gene?" Shatner said, one hand on the side of his face.

"The consummation of Spock and Kirk's marriage!" Roddenberry raised his voice.

"Tell them we are wild, but not that wild." Shatner said.

"They want to see the wedding, Shatner," Roddenberry said. "The fans want it!"

Shatner sighed.

"I am half asleep, half awake." Shatner said.

"They want a wedding." Roddenberry repeated.

"Then let's give them the humanization of a wedding," Shatner said. "A open marriage." He left it lingering in the air. "Or we can just flat refuse filming that scene."

"They refuse to renew Star Trek if we don't." Roddenberry said.

"Then gently say, quote, William Shatner has ran out of steam for weddings,unquote." Shatner put the phone down.

Shatner heard a familiar grumble from alongside him.

"Bill, what was it?" Leonard asked.

"NBC thinking we want Star Trek renewed, just the usual." Shatner turned over onto the bed.

"Stupid network." Leonard said.

"Don't know when no means no." Shatner said, kissing the cheek of Leonard and his right hand came close to Leonard's chest.

Leonard took Shatner's hand.


"You are tellin' me that Bill and Len are not goin' to be in the next season?" De asked.

". . . Yes." Roddenberry said.

"Then I am not comin' back," De said. "I am goin' to start searchin' for a new show after I finish my last scene on Star Trek."

"But you are type casted." Roddenberry said.

"I am sorry, but without those two that is a completely different story," De said. "I am sure my agent can find me some small pictures to be in. Like say, cowboy westerns?"

There was silence on the end.

"I could help with that." Roddenberry said.

"You will not help me with that," De said. "I won't return to a show that claims to be set on the Enterprise without the three most basic principals: logic, compassion,and ethnics. We are the triumvirate of the twenty-third century on a starship that could become legendary. Replace me, if necessary."

"Are you sure about that?" Roddenberry asked.

"As hell." De said.

"Star Trek can flourish with out you three." Roddenberry said.

"It will have to end sometime." De said

"And burn." Roddenberry said.

"You get where I am goin' with this." De said.

"Of course I do, DeForest." Roddenberry said, sounding smug.

"Gene, I hope you have a story to wrap up in season 5 with plummetin' ratin's." De put the phone down on its cradle.

He just signed the death wish for Star Trek, and DeForest knew that, apparently. He had come across some Trekkers who were nice as anyone could be. That was just last week. One of the trekkers was a director who was searching for someone to play a character, Private Detective John Gordon, a character who dealt with supernatural subjects and operated along the law and made sure to stick away from the media. Director John Smith had given De a phone number to call.

DeForest dialed the number then put it to his ear.

"Hello," De said. "Still lookin' for someone to portray your protagonist?"

And what De heard next was music to his ears.


Fifty years from then, the cast of Star Trek: The Original Series would look back and treasure every moment they had. When time was so fleeting. When their days with the very one unlikely person was numbered.

Before The Next Generation.

Before Voyager.

Before Deep Space Nine.

Before Enterprise.

Before the dozen movies featuring The Original Series cast meeting The Next Generation then handing the mantle to them.

Before the one reboot with two sequels (and many more to come) featuring Leonard and De side by side meeting the counterparts of the original bridge crew. Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana, Simon Pegg, John Cho, Anton Yelchin, and Karl Urban. Pine's performance would remind them of their old friend William Shatner. Hell, they didn't realize they would miss him that much. It was odd that they continued to live and age. Doohan figured it had something to do with that hypospray that actually hurt. It became their personal headcannon that Shatner had gave three out of the group a cure for some kind of diseases they would have had like at this age and prevented their untimely demise.

Their careers after Star Trek: TOS was rather remarkably un-typecasted.

They got many, many new roles.


"Good morning, De, Len!" Shatner greeted his friends on set.

De looked over his shoulder to greet the young man only nothing came out just a stare at the man. Leonard looked over to continue that stare. Shatner came in-between them raising a brow at De and Leonard. De had a doughnut in one hand. Leonard had a cup of coffee in one hand wearing the prosthetic Vulcan ears.

"What is wrong with you?" Shatner asked.

"Your hair." Leonard said.

"Yes? What about it?" Shatner said.

"It is golden." De said.

"Nah, that can't be real. You are pulling my leg." Shatner said.

"Your hair is blonde." Leonard said.

"Last time I checked, it was brown." Shatner said, heading in the direction of his trailer with a yawn.

"And he looks three years younger." De noted.

"Indeed," Leonard chimed in. "It is like I am looking at a rerun of Star Trek."

"If he watched the episodes he would definitely see the youthfulness between now and them." De complained.

"He hates watching himself." Leonard said.

"So what are you doin' after your last scene?" De said.

"I am playing a scientist gone mad in a movie called The Anonymous Scientist," Leonard said. "And you?"

"Detective John and The Cavallary," De said. "I heard Doohan is goin' to be playing a police officer in a TV show."

"That would be a fascinating experience for him," Leonard said. "Nichelle is going to be playing a spy on a movie called Agent U."

"Is that a play on Uhura?" De asked.

"I believe it is." Leonard said.

"Or Uganda, Unnie, Urnie, or Urchie . . ." De took a bite from his doughnut.

"One, two, three, four, five, six,seven, eight, nine--" Leonard said.

"SOMEONE USED THE COLORIZER ON MY HAIR!" Came Shatner's shout from inside his trailer that was especially loud.

"Ten." Leonard finished.

"I heard Takei is going to be a fighter pilot in his next picture and Koenig is goin' to be playin' president of the US for a Science Fiction movie featurin' a large crab." De said.

Leonard had a short laugh.

"A large crab?" Leonard said. "That is beyond silly."

"Silly as it comes." De said.

"I hope that Bill's career doesn't crash after this." Leonard said, concerned for his friend.

"Knowin' Bill," De said. "That is not likely to happen, my friend."

Apparently all of the cast members were goin' to be replaced next season.



One day, out of the blue, Stehart appeared on set. It was on the bridge. Shatner walked on the bridge coming to a abrupt stop. The Camera crew were still rolling. It had been seven months since he had seen the face of Stehart. One hand was grasped on the red rail where he apparently was leaning his side against it. He straightened himself out.

"Captain, we are being hailed by the bird-of-prey." Nichelle Nichols said.

"Do not hail them." Shatner said.

Nichelle turned away from her station.

"Bill?" Nichelle asked.

Leonard looked over to see now what Bill was seeing. There was a faint "CUT!" heard from the background.

"Captain Stehart," Shatner said. "My name is William Shatner." Nichelle turned her head in the direction of Stehart. Doohan was unable to move seeing a real life Klingon just feet away. "I am an actor." He stepped forward. "Captain James T. Kirk is dead because of you in a dishonorable manner of death. Leave my cast-mates out of this."

"All of you are actors?" Stehart asked. "No wonder they are so stupid."

"Don't you dare insult my crew." Shatner said.

"Which one are you talking about?" Stehart asked.

"Both of them," Shatner said. "Gene Roddenberry was the captain of the USS Nosedive. It was overrun by Klingons. He and a small group were able to escape blending into our society." Stehart looked over to Roddenberry then aimed the phaser at Koenig. "Do that and not you are only just starting a war with Star Fleet but a war with me."

"You are just one man." Stehart said.

Shatner stepped forward.

"One man can do more harm than you can," Shatner said. "Fire at me. Not them. Because then Jim will be dead for good." He was coming closer to the disruptor. "I know you have a strict code of honor. But would you want to be . . . lets say. . . dishonorably discharged from The Klingon Ranks because you killed innocent people for no reason."

Leonard had gotten up.

"You lied to us!" Stehart said.

"So?" Shatner asked.

"You have stained your honor!" Stehart aimed the gun in the direction of Nichelle. "And I will stain those who stand in my way."

Stehart pressed the trigger and no sooner than that Shatner was in the way absorbing in the blast that channeled through his chest knocking him back. Leonard leaped over the railing then crashed the female Klingon to the ground. Nichelle screamed in horror. Leonard pinned the Klingon down using her two arms. Nichell came from her station then to the young man's side to see what had happened.


Shatner got upright, dazed, but otherwise fine.

"Bill!" He was treated to a unexpected hug by Nichelle.

There was a look of realization on Shatner's face, ground breaking really, he knew what he had become. The laws of natural phaser shots were immune to him since he was James T. Kirk off-world on a away mission. It was only logical since James T. Kirk never died in a episode but if he did it was momentary. William Shatner, in ever sense of the meaning, had become a fictional character.

"I am not the one who should be sucking on soap for saying that on a children's show." Leonard said.

"Nitchelle," Shatner said. "You are squeezing me."

"I thought you were dead." Nichelle said, letting go of Shatner.

"Never that," Shatner said, with a friendly smile. "I am James T. Kirk. Nothing kills me."

Shatner felt dizzy and wobbly as he used the rails as his support.

"You should be dead!" Stehart said, as Shatner trailed over to the side of the Klingon.

"I just said who I am." Shatner said, calmly.

"You are William Shatner!" Stehart said.

"No, I didn't say that." Shatner took her communicator.

"Yes, you did!" Stehart said.

"My name is James Tiberius Kirk," Shatner said. "I don't even look like William Shatner anymore." He flipped out the communicator. "I have some scenes to finish up so I will stay for awhile." And then spoke in fluent Klingon. He put the item into the Klingons hand afterwards. "Your men are not going to be happy by the time you get back up there. Leonard, let go of Stehart."

Leonard stepped back just as she was in the process of being beamed while she screamed Shatner's name.

"Bill." Leonard approached Shatner.

"We will return to this scene in one hour and thirty-two minutes." Gene said.

Shatner left the set.

"What. . ." Nichelle looked over.

"There is something you all must know," Leonard said. "I will start from the beginning. Seven months ago . . ."




De was allready crying reading the script.

MCCOY enters the Bridge.

JIM. To think this is the last day in space we have together.

MCCOY. Never that.

JIM. Where are you going, Bones?

MCCOY. I am goin' to be a healin' hobo.

JIM. I am accepting another posting to Border Patrol. I am too young for admiralcy.

MCCOY. Somehow I think the hobglobin is goin' to be with you.

JIM. He is.

MCCOY. He is never goin' to accept promotion, isn't he?

JIM. Indeed.

MCCOY. That is our Vulcan.

De had read this script too many times. He walked into the turbo lift. His hands were fidgeting. The only thing calming his priceless nerves were the hypospray in his hand. Shatner had told them that he knew. He knew they were coming for him without being told. They left him and now they want him back? Too bad, they wanted him to stay. Shatner had explained how illogical it would be for him to stay. This was their final scene together. De wiped off a tear from his eyes. This was the crew returning to Starbase 1. It was five minutes away. The crew were being replaced because of a event that occurred within the script regarding Jim doing what he did best and Star Fleet deciding to end their five year mission and start a new one with a different crew because of some silly reason.

These were going to be poigent lines.

The doors rolled open.

"Jim." De said.

Shatner looked over, and he didn't even look like Shatner, with a smile onhis face.

"Hello, Bones." Shatner said.

"I thought our final mission wouldn't be forced by Star Fleet."

"It is only logical," Leonard added. "For the Enterprise would not be if the triumvirate were replaced."

"Logical. . ." De said, with a grimace. "Speakin' of logic, what are you goin' to do Mr Spock?"

"Be on the next assignment the captain is to be on." Spock replied.

"Patrolling the borders of the neutrual zone," Shatner said. "It is going to be fun."

"Preparing to dock." Takei said.

"Final Captain's log: Space. . ." Shatner started. "The final frontier. These were the voyages of the USS Enterprise. Her mission: to explore new worlds. To seek out new lifeforms. To boldly go where no man has gone before. She has since succeeded on that. As my final actions on the Enterprise . . . I am giving out everyone on this bridge promotions. And I hope their new commands will be long and meaningful."

"Except." De said, putting one hand on Shatner's shoulder.

"Except for Mr Spock, who refuses promotion." Shatner said, looking over in the direction of Leonard.

Nichelle forced back tears.

"Thank you, everyone, for the past four years," Leonard said, the camera was aimed at Spock. "I have learned many things serving with humans more than I did in my previous years as science officer of the USS Enterprise. Life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory." Leonard did the Vulcan salute. "Live long and prosper."

"We have docked." Takei said.

"And cut!"

A man came on set.

"Captain!" The man was frightened. "The captain and the doctor are in Klingon hands. Mr Scott is unable to take command because he is emotionally compromised." He had both hands on his knees panting standing alongside Koenig's station. "We need you."

Shatner stood up then came over to the man's side.

"Which Klingon?"

There is a future scene seen of Shatner with Spock.


Spock put his hands on the side of Shatner's face.

"The Stewart. I should have killed her when I had the chance."

Shatner's were closed.

"Captain, she has back up."

Spock closed his eyes.

"No-win scenario, huh?"'

The mind meld started, and Shatner's last thought was: Geronimo.


The memories of William Shatner were turned into a dream and replaced by James T. Kirk.

"I am prepared." Shatner said.

James T. Kirk's eyes opened once the mind meld was completed.

"Scotty was hoping you would say that." The man handed the communicator to Shatner.

Shatner looked around toward the silent cast mates.

"Goodbye," Shatner said. "Scotty, two to beam up."

In a transporter like melody, the two were gone and De staggered forward half in shock and disbelief until his hands came to the side of the chair. And it hit him. It hit him in the gut that Shatner was likely to never return. Leonard came over to his friends side and let De cry into his shoulder.

The End.

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