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In 1969, after filming the last episode for Star Trek: The Original Series, William Shatner is beamed aboard the Enterprise. A/N Inspired by Geronimo by Shepard.


5. Chapter 5

Nimoy was sitting in his chair reading his script for the first episode of season 4. It was unexpected that Star Trek got renewed in the first place. NBC decided to take a five month break from filming for Star Trek shortly after Shatner went missing and then in the fourth month he had returned. Shatner was popping up everywhere namely most of them being charities. It was as though he was making up for the lost time. And then him talking a kid out from jumping off a ledge to a museum. That was topping the cake. Then there was this other time Shatner rescued a family of four from a car crash including their German Shepard. He just was there, so happens, Shatner claimed.

De swore to himself that by the time they meet again, Shatner is going to have a bigger ego.

Being a hero in real life and all.

How did Leonard stand that ego on set?

De was sitting alongside Leonard snickering at his script.

"This is one of the most ridiculous script I read, except for that brain one." De said.

"None taken." Leonard said.

"I knew that Janice Lester episode was no good. Now we are picking up that plot thread about marriage bonds, T'hy'la's, and talks about a bonding ceremony."

"Actually, bonds are the most important part to a Vulcan marriage. T'hy'la means friend, lover, and brother." The two men looked in the direction of Shatner who did not seem to be wearing a toupee. "It is especially painful for one to lose their T'hy'la."

"Now you are talkin' like the script." De said, sliding back in his chair.

"Vulcans are telepathic," Leonard said. "That is quite logical."

"Did you co-write this episode with D.C. Fontana?" De asked, glaring at Shatner.

Shatner held his hands up.

"I just suggested some parts." Shatner said, with a shrug.

"No one has made a episode about bein' gay in the history of television and had two men kiss the other while at it," De said. "You know that episode wouldn't make it past the censors."

"Well," Shatner said. "Captain Kirk is Bisexual."

De stared at Shatner.

"What is that?" De asked.

"He likes both genders." Shatner said.

Leonard raised his Vulcan eyebrow.

"Since when?" Leonard asked.

"Since he was a child," Shatner said. "Actually, when you think about it, Spock has been courting McCoy and Kirk but McCoy is rejecting his advances and Kirk is all 'I accept!'." Shatner had a hearty laugh amused by the very though earning stares from the two men. "Like my hair?"

"That is a toupee." Leonard said.

"It is not a toupee." Shatner said.

"Yes, it is." De said.

"This is my actual hair." Shatner said, sitting beside Leonard. "See for yourself."

Leonard combed his fingers through Shatner's hair and attempted to yank the toupee off only earning a "ow!" from Shatner. A little while later Takei came past them then he walked backwards seeing Leonard and De combing their hands through his hair appearing to be intrigued but confused. De looked over in the direction of Takei mouthing, "Not what you think." Shatner was reading his script paying no attention to the two puzzled men. Takei went past the three shaking his head.

"This is illogical." Leonard said.

"Of course it is," De said. "He should be bald!"

"Should we get a razor and make him unbald?" Leonard said.

"That is temptin'." De said.

"That would be mutiny, Mr Spock," Shatner said. "And on grounds of being court martialed."

"Captain, where did you get this sudden influx of hair?" Leonard asked.

"Bones let me use his hair regenerator." Shatner said.

"We don't have that." De said, as he and Leonard took their hands off Shatner's hair.

"We have bone knitting, crutches,dermal regenerator, burn treatments, and neck braces to name a few," Shatner said. He heard a commotion from the set. "Excuse me, gentlemen." He put down the script on the chair then went after the group. "I have a senseless fight to break up."

Leonard looked over toward De.

"Is it me or is Bill acting more like Jim?" Leonard said.

"He is lackin' that big ego." De said.

"Puzzling." Leonard said.

Shatner got inbetween the two men with his hands on their chests and politely reminded them what was the point of arguing. The two were obviously pissed off at one another. Shatner acted as the mediator and convincingly defused their argument. Five minutes later the two men were walking away laughing about it. De and Leonard had their jaw dropped. Shatner returned then resumed reading. He looked over at the two.

"Why are you staring at me like that?" Shatner asked.

"You. . ." De said.

"Never. . ." Leonard said.

"Do. . ." De added.

"That." Leonard finished.

Shatner shrugged.

"People change." Shatner said, and he resumed reading his script.


On the first day of shooting, Shatner did something unShatner like. He apologized to Doohan about something he did in the past then to Koenig and Takei. He went to Nichols and did a very sincere apology. Most of the cast members were bewildered how 'UnShatner' like he was. Just earlier that year he was unapologetic, attempting to make Leonard laugh, and that ego. Leonard read his lines and his script.

One scene made him stop dead in his tracks.

Leonard wanted to faint, ask if this was real, and groundbreaking in the history of television.


JIM'S quarters. Dimly lit. The doors close behind Spock.


JIM. Spock.

JIM is in his green leisure outfit holding a hypospray.

SPOCK. What is the hypospray for for?

JIM looks over in the direction of the hypospray.

JIM. Oh, this?

SPOCK nodded.

SPOCK. Affirmative.

JIM. Just in case. Bones wanted me to use it when the time was right.

SPOCK comes to the captain concerned.

SPOCK. Jim, what is the matter?

JIM. It's about that psychic bond.

SPOCK has a momentary pause.

SPOCK. I understand.

JIM looks at Spock in anguish.

JIM. No, you don't. If I die then you could as well too in the next seven years! You could die because you were unable to mate!

Spock grabs the captain by the shoulders.

SPOCK. Jim, I can control my biological urge.

JIM. But your second one?

SPOCK is unable to form a reply.

JIM. If you bond with me then you could as well seal your death. I don't want that. I want you to live. To captain your own ship! You are the best officer in the fleet, and I will be damned if you die because you were unable to reach me. I expect to see you in a century after I die! Not sooner.

SPOCK lets go of JIM'S shoulders.

SPOCK. Jim, I would not allow that to happen.

JIM. This is for you.

JIM holds the hypospray to SPOCK.

SPOCK. That is unnecessary.

JIM. Then let me do it for you.

JIM injects the hypospray into SPOCK's neck.

JIM. This will make you stay alive. To be a Vulcan. - JIM takes Spock's hands. - I love you, Spock, always have, always will.

SPOCK engages on a kiss with the captain.

Leonard speeded his way to Shatner's trailer then he knocked on the door. Shatner opened the door holding a puppy in his arms with a tamed smile on his face. It occurred to Leonard that he was quite literally staring at a different man in the skin of someone not many people liked in the past. Shatner had a look of shock on his face and his hands were still clutching the script so he attempted to find the words to speak.

"You remember that dog we had on set a few years ago?" Shatner asked.

"Affirmative." Leonard said.

"Looks like next episode we are revisiting it." Shatner rubbed under the chin of the animal. "So, what do you want to talk about?"

"The scene where Spock kisses Jim." Leonard said.

"Ah, bugging you already?" Shatner said.

"It is illogical to need a hypospray to be a Vulcan." Leonard said.

Shatner sighed.

"Come in." Shatner said. "And shut the door behind you."

Shatner went over to the couch then put the puppy down. Shatner took out a chew toy from under the couch and handed it to the puppy that grabbed onto the toy. Shatner sat down at a table. Leonard came into the trailer closing the door right behind him. He sat down in a chair behind the table.

"How long do Vulcans live in your perspective." Shatner said.

"Hundreds of years." Leonard said.

"How long can a Vulcan who is madly in love with a human (who is dead)stand to continue on living? How can he stare into the face of danger when he knows he is alone and has nothing to lose? When his friends are trying to cheer him up? One who he deeply calls his T'hy'la is there but not that quite? A drug that makes him think of cute things like puppies when he goes to the dark side of his mind. It can be administered once and then," Shatner subconsciously reached for the comn button on the side of the wall. "Bill to Mc--" His hand froze. "Ah damn it." Jim put his elbows on the table. "I am doing it, again."

"Is this a joke?" Leonard asked.

"Negative," Shatner said. "And then as I was saying, he would die naturally or by a mission that isn't suicide."

"Suicide is illogical." Leonard said.

"I know. That is what Spock said after we found a dead Klingon in the brig that we had as POW." Shatner rubbed the side of his face. "Oh god, I stop thinking about that. Why am I still drawing experience off that?" He smacked his fist on the table. "Stop thinking about it!"

"Bill?" Leonard said, concerned.

Shatner sighed.

"I wish you were really there to feel the pain I am in," Shatner looked up in the direction of Leonard who was in his Spock make up complete with the ears."Really. But you are a family man, family comes first, and it would be simply illogical to be on the Enterprise in your case."

Shatner took a sip of tea.

"Bill, what is wrong with you?" Leonard asked.

"I am in Enterprise withdrawl." Shatner said.

"You were on drugs?" Leonard said.

Shatner looked up in the direction of Leonard with a furious look in his eyes.

"No!" Shatner raised his voice. "I would never do that!" Shatner took a sip of tea. "You are curious about the scene. I get it. You don't like the use of the hypospray. I get that. But you can improvise and so can I regarding the hypospray." Shatner took it out placing it on the table.The hypospray had the label of Leonard Nimoy on it. "Bones gave it to me before I left."

"This is concerning." Leonard said.

"You think I am insane. Do you?" Shatner asked. "I can't blame you."

"You were missing for four months." Leonard said.

"I was on away missions for four months." Shatner said.

"Okay, what did you do on these missions?" Leonard asked, playing along.

"I saved lives, Leonard," Shatner said. "I made friends. Real, tangible friends. The Enterprise crew became my family. Spock was the big brother who got me out of situations. McCoy was like the warm but grumpy grandfather and reliable friend. Uhura was like the aunt you would never expect to speak in twenty-three languages and she was so nice and independent. Chekov was the little brother who was over excited about his heritage. Sulu was like the other brother who was so calm and easy going that it would be a mistake to believe he was naive and could be a real fright. Scotty was the uncle who threw massive celebrations and pulled off miracles. Nurse Chapel was like . . . a mom. She and McCoy gave me advice. I made hundreds of friends aboard the Enterprise and hundreds more off it. I never knew what a friend was until I met them. I now understand how sad Jim felt dying, leaving his family behind, on the biobed with McCoy by his side."

Shatner's hands were trembling and Leonard took them.

"I grieve with thee." Leonard said.

"I miss them." Shatner said, closing his eyes.

Knock. Knock . Knock.

"We are filming the first scene of episode 1 in five minutes!" Came Doohan's voice.

"You don't have to go if you want." Leonard said, as he looked in the direction of Shatner.

Shatner pulled back his hands then had his classic Kirk smile.

"I am not emotionally compromised, Leonard." Shatner said. "Poorchie, come here you little rascal!"

Leonard was amazed by how quick he jumped from sad to his usual perky self. But then again Shatner was an actor. And he could just make some-one pity him on the flash of a dime. But this was sincere coming from Shatner. By the inside he was in emotional pain. Leonard walked out of Shatner's trailer experiencing a odd feeling coming from his chest. It was odd, he hadn't experienced this with Shatner.


Leonard decided to go with improvising rather than go off the script with this scene. It was to be unpredictable. The doors slid up into the quarters of Captain James T. Kirk. Shatner was sitting down in a chair looking down at a hypospray in his hand. The door shut behind Leonard. Cameras were on them. The scene was set. De was watching the scene unfold with a bowl of popcorn because who wouldn't pass up history in the making?

"Jim?" Leonard said.

Shatner looked up with a forced smile.

"Spock." Shatner said.

"You requested I come here," Leonard said. "Is it about the bond?"

Shatner stood up.

"Yes, and. . ." Shatner said. "I do not want you to replace me. Do not find a man who looks exactly like me to captain the ship."

"I have no desire to captain the ship." Leonard said.

Shatner smiled.

"Spock," Shatner said, coming over to the man. "Someday I won't be your captain."

"Nonsense. You always will be." Leonard said.

"Who was your first captain?" Shatner asked.

"Captain Pike." Leonard said.

"Star Fleet is ready for a Captain Spock. Make us proud." Shatner said.

"What about the bond?" Leonard said.

"Spock . . ." Shatner said. "Do you really want this? Consider this: I die before you."

"I will ensure that will not happen." Leonard said.

"Listen Spock, you won't always be there. Bones won't always be there." He took the man by the shoulder. "When I am gone. Just remember the good times we had." Shatner's hand traveled up. "I am ready for a connection that you are seeking. I feel. . . that I will die alone. Without you and Bones by my side. I am scared of dying, Spock." Shatner squeezed side the side of Leonard's shoulder. "Help me not to be."

Leonard's hand traveled to the side of Shatner's head.

"I will." Leonard said.

Leonard's hand went to the psi points on the side of Shatner's face and he closed his eyes. Suddenly, instead of just seeing darkness he was thrust into a world. Different. He could see himself informing Shatner about the success of fooling a pair of Klingons. Shatner, no, Jim smiled at the news and took the man's shoulder then whispered into his ear, "I owe you, Mr Spock." The Vulcan raised an eyebrow.


Shatner protested against that a moment later.

"BILL, GET OF THAT BOULDER! Do you want to kill yourself?" De, once again, this time he seen taken back by what Shatner was doing.

Shatner was conducting a experiment.

"DAMN IT, BILL!" De was covered in paint appearing to be grumpy.

Shatner laughed running away from this De look alike.

"Bill. What. are. you. doin'?" De was holding back a dark skinned woman with a strange forehead design.

Shatner was revealing the truth to some conspiracy wrapped neatly by the Romulans.

"I am sorry, Bill." Leonard, no, Spock had his head lowered and guilt in his voice.

"I want you all to forgive Captain Spock and Doctor McCoy." That was a apologetic Shatner.

So Leonard kept acting in character by closing the space between him and Shatner. Mind you these events he had seen never happened. His hand grazed the side of Shatner's thigh. Shatner's grip on the hypospray tightened. He had already hypoed both De and Doohan without them knowing that it was a geunine and real hypospray. They could live a long and meaningful life. It was a different fate. Shatner hesitated whether or not to extend Leonard's life span. Then again, he could die sooner before Leonard with his new found lease on life. Shatner hypoed Leonard on the side of the neck with it. The contents of the hypospray began to take effect by the inside. Shatner let go of the hypospray where it fell to the ground. Frankly, he was enjoying the kiss with Leonard. How come they never did this before?

Leonard pinned Shatner against the wall and his face well kept in character.

"Fascinating." Leonard said.

"Annnnnd cut!" Came Roddenberry's shout.

De applauded.

"That!" De said. "Was!" Inbetween his claps joined by the film crew. "Good!"

"May we continue what we started in my quarters?" Leonard asked. "I would like to explore this . . . New discovery, captain."

"Well, your quarters it is." Shatner said.

Hand in hand, completely obvious to everyone, they walked off the set.

". . . Who knew one scene could hook two full grown men up." De said, rolling an eye.

"We are filming the next scene in a hour, Mr Shatner!" Roddenberry shouted.

"All right, Captain Roddenberry." Shatner held his hand up and left his middle finger up in front of everyone minus Leonard.

Roddenberry froze at once hearing his rank be mentioned.

"Oh shit," Roddenberry said. "Star Fleet knows."

"Knows what?" The camera man asked.

"Nothing." Roddenberry left.

Our scene transitioned to Leonard and Shatner side by side on bed staring at the cieling. There is a moment of awkwardness between them.

"How did we get here?" Shatner asked.

"We walked." Leonard said.

"And how did we get in?" Shatner said.

"I opened the door." Leonard said.

"Ah." Shatner said.

"Bill, did I mind meld with you?" Leonard asked.

"Yep." Shatner popped the p.

"But mind meld is not possible." Leonard said.

"It is real. All of it. It just became possible because I am. . ." Shatner bolted up. "Jim."

"Bill?" Leonard asked.

Shatner smiled.

"Of course," Shatner said, closing his eyes. "Why did I not realize that?"

Leonard leaned up.

"Realize what?" Leonard asked.

"I don't belong here." Shatner saaid.

"On this plane of existence?" Leonard asked.

"No, not there. Up there. In space." Shatner said.

"Bill, of course you belong there and here, but you can't just change your mind about where you belong off the bat. Somethings are more serious and permanent." Leonard said.

Shatner paused.

"I realize that." Shatner said.

"And?" Leonard asked.

"When I see Spock again, I am going to ask him to do one final mind meld and give me Jim's memories. Make mine dream like." Shatner said.

"He won't come back." Leonard said.

"A man can dream," Shatner looked over in the direction of Leonard. "I don't feel like William Shatner anymore. I feel like. . ."

"James T. Kirk." Leonard finished.

"Yes." Shatner said, nodding.

"You are not James T. Kirk." Leonard said.

Shatner had a glint of hope in his eyes and a look of conviction.

"You believe me." Shatner said.

"James T. Kirk is a separate person," Leonard said. "You spent four months pretending to be him. It will take time for you to let go of that identity and reclaim yours."

"What if I don't want to be that man again?" Shatner asked, in a low voice.

"You are always you to me." Leonard said.

"That is the best words of encouragement anyone has told me in two months." Shatner said.

"How about another round?" Leonard asked.

"YES!" Shatner said.

Our scene backtracks to outside. De is heading in the direction of the trailer reading his lines with furrowed eyebrows and bewildered expression on his face. His character was in character speaking with Kirk in this one scene on the bridge. He noted how relaxed and easy going the man was in this scene unlike the previous one he shared with Shatner where he acted unlike himself, different, and virtually understandably worried.


Bridge, MCCOY enters and comes over to JIM who is focused on the vast unexplored space before him.


JIM looks over.

JIM. Hey,Bones.

MCCOY. Did you talk with Mr Spock?

JIM looked over at the empty science station.

JIM. Yes.

MCCoy. And?

JIM turns his head in the direction of McCoy.

JIM. We are going to Vulcan.

MCCOY's jaw dropped at first in shock then he slapped the man on the shoulder.

MCCOY. About damn time!

JIM smiled.

MCCOY. You are gettin' married to Spock. On the sands of Vulcan. We are goin' to have a good old fashioned bachelor party on the way.

JIM. Bones--

MCCoy. And no butts about it! -JIM sulks- Plenty of pictures and plenty of invites. I am goin' to check if Spock is in my sick bay pregnant or somethin'! God knows he is!

MCCOY exits the bridge through the turbo lift.

JIM shakes his head, bemused.

JIM. This is going to be one legendary wedding. -There is a moment of silence on the bridge.- And everyone on the bridge is invited.

There is a round applause of a cheer. Screen backtracks to watch the Enterprise soar through space followed by the end credits.

De was laughing.

"Whose idea was this?" De asked out loud to himself. "It is a shame that there is not goin' to be a episode regardin' the weddin'."

De came to a stop at the door to Leonard's door.

"Leonard, did you read that your character is gettin--" De was cut off.

"OOOOHH!" Came Shatner's voice. "Give me more, Commander Spock!"

"There is no more power in this phaser, captain." Leonard said.

"I have a extra one!" Shatner said.

"Your fin--captain, that is greatly inappropriate!" Leonard said.

"No it isn't." Shatner said.

"Bill." Was an exasperated sigh.

"How about I do the phaser firing?" Shatner asked.

De was standing there soaking this in.

"That would be logical." Leonard said.

"Duck for cover, Mr Spock!" Shatner said.

De turned around with a brave look on his face then walked away from the trailer that was rocking back and forth.


It had been a month since Star Trek season 4 had begun filming. They filmed an episode regarding Spock's childhood. Shatner had somehow become friends with most of the cast and reconciled what he done, but no one could exactly pin point why he chose to go on a clean slate with them. Sure the grueling reshoots were terrible. He did not, however, have sex with Leonard not that often in hopes that he would not ruin a potentially good friendship. Leonard claimed that was a lie and it was done half the time they were filming. Shatner felt out of place with the inferior technology. It appeared so old while he was so young.

Then De came across a surprisingly different group of people waiting at Shatner's trailer.

They were dressed like Vulcans needless to say.

"Why hello there." De said.

The two adults and two Vulcan children turned in the direction of De.

"Deforest Kelly, my name is Stonn," Stonn held his hand up doing the ta'al. "I am here to inform the captain that he may be a . . . Uncle."

"Well, he hasn't come on set, yet," De said. "And what about him bein' an Uncle?"

"He is married to Spock, so thus, he is a Uncle for the third time." Stonn said.

"Thi. . . third?" De said.

"T'Pring is with child." Stonn said.

Lawrence Montaigne and Arlene Martel were standing there before him apparently older. It was odd that they were standing in front of the trailer with two children in front of them. They were not even close to being married!

"Congratulations." De said.

"We are in his debt for rescuing us off the Klingon starship." T'Pring said.

"Did he not tell you that his name is William Shatner?" De asked.

"But he is James T. Kirk." Stonn said.

"It is Bill." De said.

"What about me?" Shatner was in a white shirt with a brown jacket on.

"UNCLE!" The two children cried running after Shatner.

Shatner lowered himself down to their level.

"Skink and T'Fellin!" Shatner said, bringing them into a hug. "How is my favorite two Vulcans this fine afternoon? And why are you here?"

"Martel is pregnant, apparently." De said.

"You are to be a Uncle, once more." Stonn said.

Shatner looked up.

"You know. . ." Shatner looked over toward De. "Hey De, why don't you show them around?"

The McCoy side of De wanted to ask "I am a Doctor, not a babysitter" and the other half of him wanted to say "Do I look like a baby sitter?" De knew the answer to the question so he simply said, "Yes." and took the two Vulcan dressed children by the hand and began to give them a tour of the set. Shatner came over to the two grown ups and explained to them the horrible truth. De brought them over to the empty bridge.

"Wooah." Skink said. "This is fascinating."

"This is the replica of the bridge?" T'Fellin asked.

"Of course it is," De said, as T'Fellin hopped up onto the captain's chair. "And you have honorary permission to sit in it."

"Aunt Uhura's station is made of plastic." Skink said, pressing several buttons and hearing beeps in return.

"This is your captain speaking!" T'Fellin pressed a button on the arm rest of the chair. "Everyone is to eat cookies and icecream all day long!"

"That is illogical." Skink said, glaring at his sister.

"Uncle McCoy says it is not," T'Fellin said. "Right Uncle?"

"Well, if you want a icecream headache then it is." De said.

"Awww," T'Fellin said. "But you are supposed to be on my side."

"No can do," De said. "I am netrual here."

"I have a phaser and you are dead, bam!" Skink said.


"No one likes a tatteller," De said. "Or would you want a good chase? Playin' phaser tag?"

"That would be logical." Skink said.

"Stay here, and I will be back with a prop." De said.

The children raised their eyebrows at the mention of prop. De went to the props box,threw stuff over his shoulder, and searched for the phasers. He was halfway leaned into the box. Takei was drinking a smoothie when he saw his cast mate throwing stuff over his shoulder. Takei ducked.

"Hey Bones." Takei casually said.

De fell completely into the box then poked his head out hearing laughter from his cast mate.

"Where are the damn phasers?" De asked.

"We are not using phasers this episode," Takei said. "We are using squirt guns. Didn't you hear? This villain of the week is anti-hydro and lives near grass life since it is a plant that is half man."

De glared a hole through Takei's forehead.

"I know what we are usin' this week!" De said. "And that is a monster made by accident by Henry Mudd that is a MUD monster! Not a grass life based monster."

"What is the difference?" Takei asked, then sipping.

"It lives in mud areas," De said. His face faltered. "Don't tell me the phasers have their own box."

"Apparently they do." Takei said.

De dug around for a random prop. He took out a wooden fake gun from the pile.

"Got it!" De said, leaping out of the box then he ran after direction of the soundstage.

Takei took his free hand from behind his back to reveal he had the phasers all along with a grin on his face. Eventually we see De chasing after the two Vulcan children who were laughing running away from him. Leonard watched in bewilderment the realistic Vulcans who did not have, at all, prosthetic ears. A look of bemusement replaces it seeing De chasing after them. Leonard shook his head taking a sip of his coffee. Minutes later one Vulcan children and one male were fleeing from a male Vulcan child. And god did they look like they were having fun. Leonard came over to Shatner's trailer where he saw the man deep in discussion with a Stonn look alike.

Leonard nearly dropped the cup.

Stonn was nodding listening to Shatner but his hands were in fists.

T'Pring had her arm wrapped around Stonn's left arm.

Leonard turned around and went in the direction of the children just to have a little fun.


"Klingons do not smoke!" Came a familiar young voice.

De entered the trailer to see, lo' and behold, Shatner playing cards with a strange alien guy. He resembled William Campbell except he had a forehead crest oddly enough. De stood there on the third staircase processing what he was witnessing. There was another Klingon dressed man sitting alongside appearing to be asleep with his hands on the table and his head on his hands.

"De meet Koloth," Shatner said. "Koloth meet my co-star Deforest Kelly."

"Ah, Doctor McCoy," Koloth said. "We meet again."

"I am not McCoy." De said.

"He is right you know." Shatner said, leering over in the direction of Koloth.

"William Campbell's character is real?" De said, looking over in the direction of Shatner.

Shatner nodded.

De had been brought into the little secret by Leonard.

"Yes, would you like to play a game of honor?" Koloth asked

"I am sorry, but we are in the middle of filmin' a two parter," De said. "And your scene is up."

Shatner laughed.

"I appear at the end, you know, it is part of a undercover mission." Shatner said.

"That is the scene I am talking about." Des said.

Shatner looked over toward Koloth.

"Let us pause the game and return," Shatner said. "Perhaps you can be of a little use, Captain Koloth."

"I would be honored to." Koloth said, humbled.

"Don't kill anyone, ya hear?" De asked.

"It is called acting." Shatner said.

"And pretendin'." De finished.

"You will be honored for countless generations." Shatner said, placing down his cards.

Koloth stood up.

"Then let us go!" Koloth said, going past De.

"WAIT!" De fled after the Klingon. "You don't know which set we are filmin', Klingon!"

Shatner smiled then walked out of the trailer and made sure to lock the door for safe keeping. Had to be careful with Klingons running around set. He just hoped the first officer would amuse himself by watching some TV or reading a couple books. After all Koloth had unexpectedly showed up at Shatner's place, a motel room no less, and requested for a honorable rematch. His first officer was, surprisingly, Greg of Sefalist.

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