Alyssa And Ivy

This is a story where these two girls, Ivy and Alyssa, go to all these places and solve mysteries. In this story, characters from every single book and movie are alive, so anything can happen!

They go to a small town in the heart of a forest which is the scene of a murder. But everything gets weird when they meet Gale Hawthorne and Wolverine.


1. Alyssa's POV (Point Of View)

"Alyssa! Lets go already!" My partner in mysteries calls from somewhere to my left. "Ok. But there is no way on earth i am letting you give me a makeover!" I roared. No. Bloody. Way. Ivy was really gorgeous and all, anyone can see the change in guys as she walks into a room, but i was just not meant to look like that. She liked skirts, shorts, heels, blouses and pretty hairdos, i prefer hunting boots, camouflage pants, t-shirts and leather jackets. Apparently i looked like a bit of a bad girl, but i just try to hide my insecurities. Admittedly, the detective agency had been a bit hesitant to let us on, but 48 hours and three mind-boggling difficult solved cases later and they were almost drooling at our feet. We were the very best, but almost the youngest, as we were in our early twenties. I packed up my stuff, glaring at Ivy every chance i got, and we left the hotel in a somewhat prickly silence. As Ivy and I loaded our stuff into our sportscar, i hear her mutter something under her breath. 

"What?" i asked.

"Nevermind..." She mumbled.

I was tempted to press her, but i just shrugged and swung myself into the drivers seat, Ivy climbing into the passenger seat. I switched the car on and we shot out of the driveway about a million times faster then we should have, but i couldnt have cared less. I had something of a reputation as a speed demon. I blared the music just to annoy her.

"Turn it down!" She shrieked, covering her ears with her hands. I just grinned devilishly, turning it up even more.


A few hours later we had arrived at the place believed might hold clues to the mystery we were trying to solve, one that i was fairly sure needed to involve magic to be possible. I pulled up outside the forest, and we got out of our car.


We had been walking for a few minutes when Ivy's blonde head suddenly snapped around, and she stared into the trees, her bod tensed and her hand slid down to the gun holster strapped to her thigh.

"What is it?" i ask quietly. She shook her head, saying that it was probably just an animal. Suddenly i felt a presence behind us and i whirled around, gun already in my hands and pointed right at a man. He was tall, with dark hair and grey eyes. He carried a bow in his hands and a quiver full of arrows strapped to his back. I noticed Ivy looking him up and down, with a smile lingering on her lips, her pearly white teeth flashing in the dim light of the forest.

"Sorry, you just gave us a fright, thats all." She apologized and i lowered my weapon, dipping my head slightly to the woodsman.

"That's alright," he said, "Im Gale by the way." He introduced himself.

"oh, umm - im Ivy, and thats-"

"Alyssa" i cut my stuttering and blushing friend off. "We have to go now, but maybe well see you around." i say in the most friendly tone i can manage. What, with my history, politeness isnt exactly my strong suit. I steer Ivy away from the stranger, and when we reach the car, having found no clues, i whispered in her ear

"Someones got a little crush." i grinned cheekily and she blushed.

"Just because you have no emotions-" she grumbled and i laughed.

"just get in the car, kiddo," i chuckled

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