The Boy Next Door

"Hi honey, this is Penny and her son Luke the new neighbors" as Luke turned around his face turned full on red "Hi" I say awkwardly "Hi I am Penny and this is Luke, Luke say hello" "UMM, Hi" "Why don't you show luke your room while I talk to penny"mum asks "Sure" as luke slowly walks up the stairs and I show him around and as we reach my bedroom he shuts the door behind us "Hey what are you doing" I ask "Look please forget what happened last night.. OK" "What the hell is wrong with you" "JUST FORGET IT OK"


1. Hello Luke

Aria's POV

As I sit down at the bar I look to the side and notice a cute guy checking me out. He stands up and sits next to me.

"Hey those shorts look skin tight, how do you get into those"

"You can start by buying me a drink" 

He laughs the cutest laugh ,

"Hey can I get two tequilas"

"So where are you from?" he asks

"Somewhere far away"

As the barmen handed us the drinks he asks my name.

"Aria, yours?"


Suddenly my body takes over, I push my lips against his. He looks surprised but then he gets into it and closes his eyes. Quickly I push away but he grabs my neck and pulls me in, I feel his slip his hand into my pocket. He pulls away and leaves, I reach into my pocket and pull out a key card.

I look at luke and he winks, I flip over the key card and there is a sticky note with a room number and an address. 

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