The Boy Next Door

"Hi honey, this is Penny and her son Luke the new neighbors" as Luke turned around his face turned full on red

"Hi" I say awkwardly

"Hi I am Penny and this is Luke, Luke say hello"

"UMM, Hi"

"Why don't you show luke your room while I talk to penny"mum asks

"Sure" as luke slowly walks up the stairs and I show him around and as we reach my bedroom he shuts the door behind us

"Hey what are you doing" I ask

"Look please forget what happened last night.. OK"

"What the hell is wrong with you"



8. Black out

As my eyes open and see a blur of colours, as my eyes adjust I see Luke 
"Aria, are you ok?"I sit up to see a dark room, the mucic is muffled but still loud
"yeah, I'm fine, where are we?"

"Gingers bedroom" I should have known by the posters and creepy vintage dolls, she thinks that the dolls are cute and funny but they just freak me out. luke turns around "creepy right?"

"yeah" I laugh a little as Ashton walks into the room

"Are you ok Aria?"
"Ash get out" luke yells 
"Geez I was just seeing if she was ok well I am going to go back to the party" Ashton closes the door 

"I am going to go downstairs and get you some water" luke says and walks out the door. Ashton walks back in

"Hey are you going to Lukes party?" he asks

"Why do you want to know"
"Just asking" he stands up and leaves "See you there" and then he closes the door



i am working on a new chapter and a long one sorry this one is so short

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