Gotta' love Adrian

"I'm content where I am, no need to worry about me" "How can you be so sure?" "I..I'm.." "Exactly. Perspectives Halle, perspectives.." Everything you want, isn't exactly what you need. There's a difference. Because when the annoying dark haired, French boy entered Halle's life, all she really wanted to get away from him. Or did she? it was all about perspectives and opinions. And Adrian definitely did possess those. Warning; mature scenes and obscene languages may be used, without warning. Read at your own risk, but don't worry, I don't bite. RAWR. ;)


2. You and I

You and I

"You and I, we don't want to be like them. We can make it to the end"


Hot. That's definitely the first thing that came into my mind, when I woke up with Matt sprawled out on my chest. His hand was firmly wrapped around my waist, the covers doing nothing to cool me off. His hair was disheveled and even in that state, he still was devilishly handsome.  His face was relaxed, not showing that crease in the forehead, that sometimes would appear. He was breathing deeply, peacefully exhaling. His lashes fanned out on his cheeks, making him look like a little boy.

I didn't particularly want to get up and get to work. Firstly because I didn't want to wake Matt seeing him look as content as he was and secondly because I was enjoying laying here much more than I should. The scent of his cologne and the way he deeply breathed, almost lulled me to sleep again, but I managed to pull out from the haze. Barely.

I stirred a bit and a slight shift in his breathing, told me he was awake. He embraced me a bit tighter, his hand tightening around my hip, knowing that I was awake too. His hand, that had been on my waist, now traveled to my face, caressing it. I could feel his rough finger pads as his fingertips lightly gazed over my cheek, sending chills throughout my whole body. I wanted to do nothing more than one stay in bed with him all day, but unfortunately for me, I had work to do, whereas Matt had taken a day off.

"Morning" He mumbled, voice hoarse in the morning, still not looking at me. I figured he'd have a headache just like me and his voice definitely told me that he wasn't at his freshest point.

"Good morning" I let my hand stroke his hair a few times, feeling the soft blonde strands, before telling him that I needed to get up. He groaned, clutching his yes shut, but let me up nonetheless. I knew he wanted me to stay with him and actually, that's exactly what I wanted. My head hurt tremendously, making me even more lazy than usual. Yeah, hangovers really sucked.

I was a total mess. My hair was all but neat and my mascara had smudged around my eyes. I should've washed my face yesterday night, but hadn't bothered seeing as I was too tired to care. The alcohol running in my system had done nothing to help that situation. And the fact that I was a lightweight made it even worse. What if I had done something incredibly embarrassing? I would have to ask Matt about that later.

Me and Matt had been together for three years officially and  celebrated our  anniversary the night before, by throwing a huge party and inviting a hell of a lot of friends. Some of them weren't even our friends, but still showed up. It was crazy yes, but awesome. The drinks, the music, the conversations. I remember most of it clearly, not really regretting anything I did. Even Jonas showed up, even though he'd promised himself to stop partying too much, because of his cautious boyfriend. That made me grin. Jonas and his boyfriend really was something else.

After getting dressed and eating breakfast, I kissed Matt goodbye telling him to call me if he needed anything. He nodded and continued eating, being nowhere near finished with his meal. That made me smile a bit. It had been one of the many things I'd teased him about, before we got together. I still did it now, but he'd gotten used to it, in spite of my efforts to get some emotion out of him, by dragging it on a bit longer and exaggerating it. He would just shrug it off and come with a dirty remark like "See if you can tease me, when I'm eating you slowly" and smirk, knowing that he'd won that one.

When I stepped outside in the cold air, I shivered, goosebumps rising on my pale skin. It was staring to get cold, the leaves falling from the trees and turning orange. I hastily walked toward my small car, my heels clicking with the asphalt. My car was like a damn freezer when I sat inside it. I hastily turned on the heater and texted Lissa, telling her that I was there soon.

The road to work, wasn't really that trafficked. I managed to get there pretty fast, considering the time and the road. Lissa was the first one to notice me, when I stepped inside the office. She smirked, knowing that I would have a hangover. Lissa was practically like a sister to me. She had been there since I could remember and always helped me if I needed anything. However, she was also pretty annoying sometimes and today, seemed to be one of those times. She smirked and rolled her eyebrows, before saying:

"Someone's moody today" She grinned, outstretching her arms in front of her. She'd been to the party, yes, but had managed to avoid the alcohol. That was something huge on her part. Knowing her, I knew she had a weakness for alcohol and partying crazily.

"Shut up" I grimaced at her, slumping down in my- not so comfortable -chair. Lissa grinned, but made no further comment. I clicked out my pen and began working - editing to be precise. I edited the articles for our magazine, HQ fashionable, and everything needed to be perfect. No mistakes, nothing. Not even one single mark placed wrong. We were selling in great amounts now, making us one of the best selling magazines.  and if we had to keep doing that, everything needed to be perfect.

The time passed with me taking breaks, drinking a hell of a lot of coffee and working. Lissa would send me a teasing look from time to time, which I would shrug off or ignore. She knew me too well, to say anything more, than she did this morning, which I was grateful. I knew I'd have to face Jonas later and he would definitely be commenting on my mood.

"Who even wrote this? Look at the layout!" Lissa exclaimed, tossing the piece of paper. I chuckled lightly, which she responded to, with a middle finger. After all this time and she still behaved like a teenager.

After a while, Lissa sighed, pulling her phone out from her custom made Gucci I bag. Lissa had always been the stylish type, really making an effort where as I, being the person I am, just would occasionally make an effort. I had a great taste and was well known for being of of those whom you would ask for fashion advice, but I wouldn't normally make a huge effort. I mean, why make an effort every day to impress people, when I had Matt? Matt who loved me just the way I was.

"Hey, do you know that we're getting an intern soon? It's a guy!" She gushed excited, her eyes lighting up. Whatever. I had Matt and I was content. I should be. I was
"Oh light up will you? I heard he's French! Just imagine if he has an accent and oh what if he's-"
"Liss, I really don't care. Matt is the one for me, I-"
"Yeah yeah, you have Matt you're content, blah blah blah. I get it" With a roll of her eyes, she slumped back in her chair, focusing on her work. It had always been like that. She never really had anything against me and Matt, but she just thought he wasn't 'the right one'. But how would she know? Had she ever been in love? Did she know how it felt to put someone else's happiness before her own? Did she know how it felt to want to do anything for anyone?

After work, I was exhausted. The coffee hadn't helped that much, not to mention my bitch of a headache. I knew I had to meet Jonas soon, seeing as he was driving with me home and I just prayed to God that he wasn't in one of his teasing moods today. 
He was already standing by my car, when I stepped out on the parking lot, wearing his usual smirk. 
"Hey bitch, you look like you're ready to tear my head off"
"Shut up, because I'm highly considering doing that right now" I unlocked my car, getting in and slamming the door. He got in only a few seconds later, still wearing that teasing look. Everyone really wanted to piss me off today.
"It would be a shame to get rid of this beautiful face" He motioned to his face, smiling, which I just shrugged of with a roll of my eyes. He grinned, pulling his phone up from his pocket. He'd definitely noticed my mood now. Great.

"Ew, did you even see what Veronica was wearing today? Those heels were, like, a disgrace to the whole fashion world" He looked at me grimacing, waiting for my response. And he was right. Her outfit really was a disgrace to the whole fashion world. Jonas was like, some kind of fashion guru. He knew everything and almost always managed to wear perfect clothes. I could never point anything non-fitting out from his outfit.
"Yeah, and the worst was that they were gold colored. Can you believe it? I mean, sure the color's great but just not with those clothes"He gave me an approving look, as if saying 'Exactly my words'
We soon pulled up at his apartment and he gave me a kiss on the cheek with a quick 'Bye bitch' before leaving my car.I chuckled, shaking my head before driving off. I wondered what Matt was doing, knowing that I had left him alone for the day. He was probably dazing off, relaxing like I should've been.
And I was right. He was dazing off on the couch, shirtless of course, which gave me a lot of pictures in my head that I quickly pushed away. He smiled when he noticed me in the doorway, standing up to greet me. His hands wound around my waist, while his lips captured mine in a sweet kiss. I let my hands rake up his stomach, locking them behind his neck, pulling at the soft strands of hair.
"Hiiii" He smiled down at me, brushing my hair away from my face. And his eyes. That beautiful, mesmerizing blue color, that I could get lost in forever. 
"Hiiiii" I responded, kissing him once again on his lips. He sighed and let go of me, plopping down on the couch again. He beckoned me to follow which I gladly obliged to. I landed on top of him, his face in my hands, his arms around me. 
"Three years, huh?" He asked, thinking the same thing as me. It really was incredible that we'd been together for three years. That was the longest relationship I'd had.
"Yeah, I know. It's crazy to think about"
"It is. But after all, I got to spend them with you." I grinned at his romantic comment, and he smiled one of his gorgeous smiles, one that had particularly been one of the things that had pulled me to him. 
"Yeah, you're damn lucky" He laughed, the sound sounding like music to my ears. I could feel his chest vibrate beneath me, every time he laughed and it was wonderful. 
"That," He kissed me on the nose. "I," He kissed me on the forehead. "Am" and his lips finally found mine, in another warm and wonderful kiss. I could stay like that forever with him. Lissa was wrong. He was in every way perfect. And best of all, he was completely, entirely, mine.

"No nothing can come between you and I"

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