Gotta' love Adrian

"I'm content where I am, no need to worry about me" "How can you be so sure?" "I..I'm.." "Exactly. Perspectives Halle, perspectives.." Everything you want, isn't exactly what you need. There's a difference. Because when the annoying dark haired, French boy entered Halle's life, all she really wanted to get away from him. Or did she? it was all about perspectives and opinions. And Adrian definitely did possess those. Warning; mature scenes and obscene languages may be used, without warning. Read at your own risk, but don't worry, I don't bite. RAWR. ;)


4. Weird People

"'Cause we're all weird people and we love it"

"Matt! Come on, you can do that later!" I yelled at Matt, who was chatting to some of his friends about surfing. He turned around and motioned that he'd be there in a second. That was typical, he got distracted very easily which frustrated me a lot when it came to times like this. We were at the beach and we were supposed to just be sun bathing, swimming and enjoying each other's presence, but Matt was obviously busy with something else.

The sun was hot on my skin as I lay on my beach towels, the sound of the ocean relaxing me. I could feel the rough sand against my fingertips as I played with it, enjoying the warmth it provided. Kids were playing in the sand, building sandcastles prettier than I ever would be able to build.

Finally I felt Matt lay down beside me, his arms reaching out and pulling me to his firm, warm chest.

"Sorry babe, I just needed to talk to them about the contest" I sighed, turning around to face him, brushing some hair away from his face.

"I know, but you could've done it at another time"

"Another time? Babe, we're talking about the contest. My whole career can change because of it." Unbelievable. He just couldn't get that I wanted to relax and be in his presence without talking about his surfing.

"Which is why you should discuss it another time and not on the beach briefly." I didn't really want to lay down anymore. I sat up, reaching for some more sunscreen. He sat up too, frowning at me and helping me rubbing it on.

"Why are you mad?"

"Because today was supposed to be just us two relaxing and not talking about surfing. All you're talking about lately is surfing. I thought we discussed this before" He scoffed before laying down again, not even bothering with an answer. What a lovely day this had turned out to be.

And just when I thought it couldn't get any worse, Matt scoffed even more.

"What is it?" I asked, not in the mood to argue with him.

"Just the new dude around. Everybody thinks he's so damn good at surfing and he doesn't even have a membership or a team. He's just some free time surfer that everybody overrates" And then when he pointed, my eyes almost fell out of their sockets because if my eyesight wasn't playing tricks on me, Adrian was on the beach and he was the one Matt was pointing at.

He was just walking casually, with some other guys. Luckily he hadn't spotted us yet and I would make sure that he didn't.

"Oh Jesus.." Now it was Matt's turn to ask questions. He looked at me weirdly, probably trying to figure out why I was annoyed at him. I just hoped it wasn't one of his jealous times.


"God damn it, Matt. That's Adrian" His eyes widened in shock and he was just about to speak, when my hand reached out and covered his mouth.

"He's an intern where I work. He started today" 

"He's bothering you? I swear if he's bothering you I'll rip his-"

"Matt, it's fine" I glanced over my shoulder again, just to assure that he wasn't looking. He absolutely could not see us here. I wouldn't have it. Matt started packing our stuff, and I followed lead. I knew what he was thinking and together we packed our stuff and got out of there, before Adrian suddenly saw us. 

"I don't want you near him" Matt said, once we were in the car, stunning me. He'd never been the type to warn me about others nor had I.


"Because, Halle, he's a douche. And he'll probably hit on you" 

"No, trust me, he won't" I assured him, which turned out to be completely incorrect.

Two weeks had passed and Adrian was becoming more and more annoying to the point where I would take my stuff and work in the lunch hall. One day, he strolled in casually taking a seat next to me, knowing that it would bother me. 

"What do you want, Adrian? I'm really not in the mood for your shitty remarks" He chuckled lightly, shaking his head like I had been completely wrong. Honestly I just wanted to stand up and leave but another part of me, a bigger part of me, was curious as to why he had approached me.

"I just wanted to chat with my co-worker" He smirked, showing off his perfectly almost white teeth.

"You're not my co-worker, you're an intern"

"Hmmmm..So, Lissa tells me you have a boyfriend" Now that made me turn my head towards him. Why the hell would Lissa tell him that? She knew how much I disliked Adrian and yet still she told him.

"Yes, what does it matter to you?" I scoffed, realizing he was much closer than I thought. It gave me a great view to his handsome face, letting me really examine his features. But what struck me the most, where his eyes. They were a hazel brown color, the exact opposite of Matt's, but they were so deep you could get lost in them. They had so much to tell, but his face masked it, letting no one in. He was right the first day when he said I didn't know anything about him, I didn't. And yet, he reminded me so much of  Shane. 

"It doesn't" He said, almost whispered, breaking me out of what trance I was in. I abruptly pulled back, putting distance between us. I didn't want him so close, not at all. And Matt surely wouldn't like it either, if he even really cared. He'd been so obsessed with his surfing lately, it was the only thing he spoke about. 

"Okay, uh...yeah well, I have to go. I'll have to speak with Lissa about sharing information like that" I gathered my things, and put them in my bag, reaching for my coffee mug. Just as I was about to grab a hold of hit, Adrian took it and out it out of me reaching distance. Douche. I had to get it back, it was my favorite. It had me and Matt's initials on it. 

"Adrian! Give it to me" He smirked, pushing it even farther away from me. 

"I want to ask a question, and then I'll give it back to you" 

"No way" I crossed my arms.  

"Fine, then I guess you don't want th-" 

"No!" He was just about to let go of it, letting it fall to the floor when I yelled, making everyone look at me. I sighed, pulling a hand through my hair. Why did he have to be so damn annoying? Everything about him was screaming 'douche'

"Fine, just ask the damn question already" 

"What's your boyfriend's name?" That weirded me out a bit. Out of all the things he could've asked, that's the question? Why did he want to know?

"Uh Matt" 

"Matt what?"

"Fox. Matt Fox, look can you now please give it back?" I pleaded, finally getting it back.

"Hmmm" His expression turned suspicious, almost a bit angry which confused me even more. Why did he care? He probably recognized Matt from the surfing competition. I didn't really want to hang out with him even more, so I spun on my heel, heading straight back to me and Lissa's office. 

"Liss, why would you-" I stopped in mid sentence, stunned at the sight in front of me. Lissa and Alex, from the software department, were kissing. And I mean really, kissing, gripping each other tightly. They stopped, looking rather embarrassed upon my entrance, cheeks flushed and eyes wide. I couldn't help but grin. 

The funniest part was that Alex was a shy, quiet guy, so seeing him like this made me laugh even more. God I was terrible at awkward situations. 

"People like you and the people like me, weird people"


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