Gotta' love Adrian

"I'm content where I am, no need to worry about me" "How can you be so sure?" "I..I'm.." "Exactly. Perspectives Halle, perspectives.." Everything you want, isn't exactly what you need. There's a difference. Because when the annoying dark haired, French boy entered Halle's life, all she really wanted to get away from him. Or did she? it was all about perspectives and opinions. And Adrian definitely did possess those. Warning; mature scenes and obscene languages may be used, without warning. Read at your own risk, but don't worry, I don't bite. RAWR. ;)


3. Fool's Gold

Fool's Gold


"Falling for your fool's gold. And I knew that you turned it on for everyone you met"  

It was the day. The day Lissa had been constantly talking about, giving me even more headaches that I had to cure with coffee. Today was the day we would get an intern. Lissa was sitting excitedly in her chair, giving me happy looks and to be honest, it was kind of contagious. But of course, I wouldn't give her the pleasure of knowing. No body else really had been excited or anything, seeing as we always got interns.

Me and Matt were going to the beach later today, which I was excited about. Matt had been kind of busy with work lately, so I was happy that we finally were able to do something together again. It was going to be great to just be able to relax in each other's presence. Whilst in my thoughts , Jason barged inside our working room, not even bothering with knocking, looking absolutely gorgeous in black, tight jeans, a designer Gucci button-up shirt and a hat.

"I know what you're thinking" He exclaimed pointing at me. I cocked a brow at him, waiting for his so-called, response. He probably did know what I was thinking, seeing as he was a part of our group, making us a trio consisting of me, Lissa and Jason. Jason's boyfriend we had yet to meet.

"Oh yeah?"

"You're thinking How can Jase pull that off? He's so hot!" He exclaimed dramatically, his hands shooting up to his face and his mouth in an 'O' form. I rolled my eyes at him, which he flicked off. He actually was really good-looking, which was a shame to some girls that had tried to get him. At least they did, before they found out that he was absolutely flaming.

"Anyways, for your information, which I almost got killed for by the way," He shot a sharp look at Liss, but she just chuckled." he's coming in like, twenty minutes or so. I don't really know, it could be two. I didn't listen. Aaaand Veronica is also pissed, that he didn't get a room fixed for him, sooo, he'll kinda' be staying here.." He was looking at me guiltily. Now, it was my turn to shoot glares. That could absolutely not happen. I'd been listening to Lissa's constant talking about him, but now he would be here? No. No way, that could absolutely not be true.

"Ohmygod!" Lissa shot up from her chair, jumping and grinning.

"Liss, calm down! Jeez, it's just a guy! He's probably annoying as fuck.." As soon as those words left my mouth, a guy stepped in. And when I say a guy, I mean really hot guy. He had dark brown hair, that looked so soft with locks of hair sticking in every direction. It looked like he'd woken up like that, but he'd probably styled it. He had , a tall lean body and brown eyes.

Lissa immediately shut up, shooting me a look that said 'I told you so' He looked confused and, God so help me, even Jason was gaping. I had to give them that, but he was probably just what we thought of him. Looks.

"I'm sorry, but is this room A34?" He spoke with a hint of a French accent. It wasn't thick, but enough to be heard. I just shook my head, ignoring him. I wouldn't act like he was some damn God or whatever. He was just a guy. Nothing special. I didn't understand why Liss was so happy about the situation.

"Yeah, it is. I'm sure your table will be brought up here in a minute" Jason spoke, winking at me before leaving calmly. He always had a smooth way to avoid awkward conversations, that little shit. The guy looked at me, really awkwardly actually, but I just shot him a glare which he, to my surprise, smirked at. What an asshole and I didn't even know the guy's name. He was probably a typical jock, those you never wanted to get involved with because they'd just break your heart and-

No. I would just pretend he wasn't there.

Lissa and him soon got in conversation and from what I heard, his name was Adrian. He'd apparently moved from France to the US five years ago, because of some personal issues. He had a dog named Cassie, was living ten minutes away from here and his favorite color was yellow.

Lissa excused herself a while later, leaving him to me unfortunately. He was handsome, really really handsome, I'd give him that. And that only.

"You don't speak much." He suddenly said, getting my attention from where it had been: my thoughts. He was looking at me curiously, eyebrow lifted, like he was asking. I glanced up at him, from my computer screen, before looking back down again. He'd probably stop talking if I ignored him.

"I do speak, but just not to people I don't like" I muttered. His eyebrows shot up momentarily, before a smirk masked his surprise.

"You don't even know me"

"I don't need or want to" I retorted. He scoffed before turning back, looking at Lissa's, now, empty chair. Thankfully, she stepped in again, not a moment too late, with two other guys behind her, carrying a table. And God so help me, they put it right across mine.

"Liss, can I talk to you for a minute?"I almost hissed, shooting daggers at her. She sighed, but nodded and stepped out of our office, with me following suit. 

"I can absolutely not have him sit in there. Especially not in front of me." I crossed my arms, looking sternly at her. I would not have him sit there with his annoying attitude. He reminded me annoyingly much of someone. 

"I don't understand, Hal. You don't even know him. Like, at all. You've only just met him, why? Why are you so cold towards him?" 

"Because I know his type, Liss. And you do too! Do you remember Shane?" She knew I was somewhat right, but chose to ignore that fact. Of course she did

"He's nothing like Shane. Just, chill okay? Don't speak to him, then everything will be fine. Besides, it's only till he gets a room" This was really happening. He really was going to sit there, with his annoying looks and comments and that stupid accent. I knew Lissa knew that I declared defeat. She shot me a somewhat happy, but sympathetic look, before strolling back inside. 

How was I going to sit there and not speak to him? We were going to speak at some point. It was inevitable. Unfortunately

When I entered inside again, Lissa was speaking casually with Adrian, her eyes only drifting up to me as if saying 'Please don't' I just shook my head at her, annoyed at how she was treating him. Didn't she know how his type behaved?  We'd spent our whole senior year avoiding jocks like him and when one of them finally reached out to us, he ruined us. Me. He ruined me. Shane did. And Lissa knew. But apparently she tried to ignore it, seeing as she was too busy talking to the actual problem. 

Right now, looking at Adrian, gave me so many flashbacks from moments that I just wanted to forget. He was probably exactly like Shane. The posture, the looks, the attitude, the charm. It made me sick. 

When work was nearly over, I hurried out of there, not even bothering to say goodbye to either Liss or Jonas. If Adrian would be there, I surely wasn't going to hang around. 

I felt a surge of pain shoot up through my hand and looked down at where my hand was gripping the steering wheel. I must've gripped it so hard, it hurt. My knuckles where white from the force of the grip. Whatever. Lissa was probably following Adrian to the very last second, like the kind person she was. She was probably showing him around, not caring if it was past schedule. 

I was not going to let him come near me. I hated types like him. I didn't want anything to do with them. Not anymore. 

"But I'm not done yet, falling for your fool's gold " 


Thank you for reading. xx


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