Fly Like A Bird

Have you ever thought you knew somebody so well you knew what they were going to do before they even did it. But what if something happens that you didn't see coming something so horrific that it made you doubt your entire friendship with that person. How do you go on with your life afterwards, how do you learn to survive.


1. When I Met Her..

I met her at the young age of 15 when your stuck in the middle of being a boy and a man. The years where your skin is covered in craters and your clothes never fit more than a week at a time. Of course there was 1 out of every 3 guys who had it all the looks the money and the girls, and I myself was not one of those boys. While I was blessed with an acne free face I still was at the awkward stage of my puberty where I was tall and gangly and my features didn't quite go to together right. The worst part though was that I just so happen to be blessed with two left feet, I was so clumsy that at times I'd find myself tripping over air. Which led me to sit alone at lunch due to many unfortunate accidents that officially made me the loser of the school. Honestly though it no longer bothered me I had learned to find solace in my time alone. So you can imagine my outrage by having it disturbed, and man did she disturb it. Her name was Bird, a transfer student from Florida and she was stunning. She stood at 5 feet and had long black hair that hung well below her waist, but it wasn't her hair that captured others attention, including my own. It was her choice of clothing, her very first day she strode in wearing ever color of the rainbow. From her neon Pink combat boots to the lime green feathery headband that crowned the top of her hair, her whole appearance screamed look at  me, and look they did. Hell they all froze in place to openly stare at her, including me. She rivaled in their attention flipping her hair all around blowing kisses from her purple stained lips to all the boys and grinning sarcastically at the girls who tried to make fun as she walked by them. We must have all looked ridiculous just standing in the middle of the hallway staring, but she was like some untamed beast evoking a sense of fear and thrill as we all waited what she would do. Imagine my surprise when her eyes found me, hidden in the very back of the crowd leaning against the lockers, shaking hands shoved deep into my pockets. Honestly to this day I don't know what gave me the courage but when her eyes locked onto mine I didn't run off like usual, I openly stared back. How could I not though when she was so brazenly staring at me, daring me to look away. Raising my eyebrows at her I flashed her the same look. Surprise over took her features taking away the hard edge for a scant second before it was back firmly in place, but this time it was back with a smile. My god what a smile it was, It lit up her entire face making it shine just as bright as her wardrobe. Quickly switching directions she started barreling her way right towards me shouldering away everybody as if they were just simply annoying bugs. Trying hard to take on the look of the jocks, the nonchalant cool look I leaned harder against the lockers trying hard to keep my clumsiness at bay. The quick thought of running flitted about in my head but before I could decide to act on it or not she was in front of me.

"Hello cuteness, my name is Bird," She cooed softly up at me, her head practically laying on her shoulder blades in attempt to meet my eyes.

I could feel my face starting to heat up from her choice of endearment and quickly let my hair fall forward slightly onto my forehead all the while never letting my eyes leave hers. I didn't know where this confidence was coming from but I couldn't deny that I liked it. Leaning down closer in hopes of relieving some of the stress from her neck I flashed her a quick smile.

"I'm Matt"

After my name left my mouth it was like a sudden stare down was suddenly taking place. Neither of us looked away, it was like suddenly we were completely alone no huge crowd of people openly gawking, it was just us. I don't know where it came from but a sudden burning feeling overtook my whole body, I could think of nothing else but kissing her. A feeling so foreign it left me shaken. I wasn't a physical person I wasn't raised to be, In my house we didn't hug we barely talked, there was  just no physical connection but for the first time in my life I found myself craving it. Just as  felt my body leaning closer a loud unmistakable clearing of the throat broke the spell and I was suddenly faced with a hell of a lot of mocking looks. Feeling my entire body heat up I took a step back away from the little Bird and watched in awe as the heat left her eyes, her body twisting to stare at the group of people that now encircled us.

"Can I help you," she hissed, glaring murder at each and everyone of them.

More than half the crowd opened their mouths, probably with intentions of spitting abuse at her. But before the massacre could begin several teachers bearing confused expression, likely due to the lack of students, chose that moment to enter the hallway. Within seconds everybody evaporated leaving behind nasty looks and a few unpleasant names in their wake. She whirled back around to face me. The sassy hateful mask back in place making me blanch.

"Well Matt," she sneered,"wanna walk me to class?"

My first response was to tell her hell no not with that attitude but I found the word sure rolling from my tongue. I must have surprised her because her narrow eyebrows shot up disappearing into her bangs. Which was sort of comical because she had the type of bangs that parents forced onto their children, the ones that resembled the beginnings of a bowl cut. Lost in my thoughts about her bangs I didn't even notice when she suddenly linked her arm through mine until I was already being forcibly dragged down the hall. The whole time spent finding her first class which happened to be my class I spent thinking what in the hell had I gotten myself into.

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