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1. 01 - Memories

The crying. It wouldn't stop. Little Taehyung was playing with some dolls or how he preferred it 'action figures'. The happiness little Taehyung was having soon drowned when his friend,[Name], was crying in the crib.

You see, Taehyung's dad, Mr.Kim, invited [Name]'s mom over for some dinner together to celebrate [Name]'s birthday. Right now, Mrs.[Last Name] was helping Mrs.Kim outside in helping to plant the flowers.

His dad was cooking. He was the 'dad' after all. Taehyung and his family lived in a one-story house. Pretty small, but cozy. Taehyung had no siblings but wasn't as lonely as when you,[Name],was born.

Taehyung would always beg his parents to take him to see you. He just loved playing with you;seeing you smile when he made a funny face. You were only one year old. You couldn't talk or walk yet so you screamed and cried for attention. You crawled but could not walk.

Taehyung was two. He could talk, and walk, and feed himself. He didn't need adult supervision 24/7. Taehyung couldn't take the screaming anymore so, he came up to crib and saw you sitting down crying.

"Don't worry," he said to you calmly. "I'll call mommy." He ran to the window and knocked it loudly. Taehyung could see his mom and [Name]'s from the window.

Both moms were talking to each other, smiling and laughing. Taehyung tried again but he was just ignored. He decided to give up so he went back to the crying baby.

"You know what makes me happy,[Name] ?" Taehyung smiled to himself as he ran into the bathroom turning on the water in the bathtub.


"C'mon [Name] ! Slowly okay I'm here !" Taehyung said as he carried the naked baby in his hands. He slowly 'tried' to put you in the filled bathtub full of hot water. But his hands slipped and you fell down. He looked at you drowning, not knowing what he was supposed to do.

"Whoops," at the moment, that was all Taehyung could say. Then, your screaming became piercing. Soon Mr.Kim was there and saw what happened. He reacted fast by pulling you out of the water. Drying you he turned his head to Taehyung.

"What is wrong with you ?!" Mr.Kim screamed as Mrs.Kim appeared in the door way with her face pale,white:


Taehyung stood in the white painted, small room holding his teddy bear tightly. He was dressed in white;completely. His pants, shirt and shoes. He looked up at his mother who looked at him sincerely.

"Mommy loves you very much, okay Taehyung ?" Mrs.Kim said as she hugged the boy in a tight embrace.

"I love you too mommy !" Taehyung said smiling.

Mrs.Kim got up and wiped her tears away taking a hold of her father's hand. She closed the door behind her while Mr.Kim spoke up.

"It's for the best honey," he said looking at her with pity. But that's the last thing she needed;pity.

She exited along with her husband. But before leaving completely she turned back one last time reading the building's name.



"Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear Minsoo happy birthday to you !" The girl screamed eyeing the cake deliciously.

It was Taehyung's tenth birthday and he was celebrating with you, [Name]. His mom, Mrs.Kim, got him out of the institution for a day to spend it with 'Minsoo', aka Taehyung. Mrs.Kim doesn't want [Name] to know Taehyung's real identity.

"You having fun kiddo ?" She asked [Name] who's face was covered in icing. {A/N: so meee !~} [Name] nodded her head as a bright, charming smile appeared on her small face.

Mrs.Kim was recording the whole thing. Then, she asked Taehyung to come while [Name] ate her slice of cake.

"You have fun Taehyung ?" She whispered the last part not wanting [Name] to hear.

"Yeah, this has been the best birthday ever mommy !" He shouted a little too loud. Mrs.Kim simply pursed her lips while putting her index finger up to her lips.

Unfortunately [Name] heard, but acted as if she didn't.


"But, mom ! I don't want to go back !" Taehyung whined like a child. Mrs.Kim gave her son a stern look.

"Now, maybe a different time you can play with [Name], okay ?" Mrs.Kim turned to [Name] and said.

"Now you don't tell anyone what happened here, okay ? Understand ? No one ?" She talked to [Name] like she was stupid and couldn't understand what she was saying. [Name]'s not dumb, she's only nine and a half years old. How stupid can she be ?


"[Name]," Mrs.Kim said in a delicate voice while pursing her lips together. [Name] looked up at her, her face looking a bit intimidating.

"Minsoo, has to leave... He's gone....not here anymore....on vacation..." Mrs.Kim kept on telling [Name] different types of synonyms for 'having to leave'. [Name] got annoyed because once again Mrs.Kim was treating her like she couldn't understand a word she was saying.

And that was the last time [Name] saw 'Minsoo'.

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