"It is forbidden for a fairy to fall for a demon i know that but I didn't listen to any of the warnings instead i fell for him more and like an idiot i followed him and i broke the fairy's code and he had broke the demons code we were to deeply in love to let go he and i will forever remain,Our hearts are entwined together our souls are linked together we will never lose each other"


1. One Shot Forbidden


   “Our love is strong” I tell myself all the time. Even though it is forbidden it is strong and everlasting. Our own unique beautiful love story that will never, fade away, a fairy and a demon deeply falling for one another no one ever foresaw this happening and neither did I. I was upset, alone and afraid of living I no longer had the will until I met him. He was alluring and unavoidable his venomous words filled my ears like a river he was truly wicked but he wasn’t evil. “You mean the world to me now fairy I’ve just met you and I already love you I’ve done sinful things but I will love you forever I promise” He had said. I believed him he would keep his words we would never truly part. We met in a field’s full of purple flowers where the moonlight shown why we were there together? We didn’t know. We saw each other’s eyes and came closer we felt as if we were under some spell we were drawn to each other first sight. My sapphires gazed into his crimson flames. We were beside each other now closer and closer. Escaping our problems in the fields were no one could find us we didn’t worry if they had the world had only revolved around us at the time. We then held hands we didn’t speak our body language was enough to bring us closer together we had a special connection.

    Our lips caressed one another it was magical everything seemed to be floating my heart beat had fastened we ignored everything and held each other close nothing could take us apart, I replay the scene over every day not wanting our lips to part ever. He was a demon I did not know at the time and I was a fairy I had made a bad sin. I had broken the first rule of being a fairy never kiss a demon I did and I had paid for it painfully not being able to see him again left my heart in daggers I longed for him, then I yearned for his touch I broke the second rule soon after never think of demon as a man. He didn’t come to save me he couldn’t; they would only kill him fairies could kill if a demon was involved without hesitation that left me truly sore. He was thinking of me calling out for me, I could feel it and I was thinking of him and calling out as well. The stone cold chains firmly held me, All I could call out was his name, pretend he was by my side and I was not alone I could feel him, I reserved my everything and only for him it was a short amount of time I had only met him in that magical moment but I had felt like we’ve know each other for years upon years. I had broken the third rule never fall in love with a demon and I had fallen for him deeply I was willing to die for him.

       They lock me up again “You can no longer see that demon ever again!” They scream. They don’t understand my feelings only he and I will understand. I broke the rules the fairy laws now I must pay they will not let me off and they will not let me go but it was okay because without him I’d already be gone he brought me back and saved me “Our love is strong “I keep reminding myself. I will endure it all. The fairy authorities claim “They are trying to save me bring me back. Save me from the sins I’ve commented” But it’s too late I don’t want to ever go back I love him so much the brief time we spent will not be the last time we will see each other again we will find a way we will always, we are now linked to each other our forbidden love will forever remain but I will never give in I will always love him and the child I am bearing will one day see their father freely without chains.

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