Magic and Myth: The Collision

The seven demigods have begun what could be their most dangerous quest yet: the Great Prophecy. Trouble strikes between the two camps, and they are forced to go away.
Meanwhile, the wizards are in peacefulness—Lord Voldemort had been defeated a year ago, and now their biggest troubles are their college applications.
In a surprising twist, the two worlds are united together to defeat the Earth Mother. But between mistrust and anger, will they be able to accomplish what they are meant to do?


1. A British Girl Almost Decapitates Repair Boy


Can I just say one thing? Having the fate of the world upon your shoulders is not an easy thing. I mean, imagine: by doing one little mistake, the world ends up doomed. That's pretty much how I feel right now on this quest to stop Gaea, the evil Earth Mother.

Don't get me wrong—everyone on the Argo II is pretty cool, and it's pretty boring without quests, although most include almost dying.

"Seaweed Brain!" My girlfriend Annabeth's voice shook me out of my thoughts. "Earth to Percy Jackson!"

I blinked. "Sorry, I was just... thinking."

"Well, there is a first time for everything," Annabeth said teasingly.

I rolled my eyes, but my grin told Annabeth that I wasn't really upset.

Annabeth's expression sobered. "While you were gone, Percy," she began, "Chiron told us that he would send another demigod to help us, and to trust him or her even if they seem untrustworthy."

I raised an eyebrow, sensing that she had more to add. "And..." I prompted.

"Well, we haven't seen this demigod yet," she finished. "And a lot of things don't make sense: why would the anonymous demigod appear untrustworthy? Why don't we know the person?"

As if on cue, Hazel ran into the room and exclaimed, "Come! There's someone on the deck."

We quickly climbed up to the deck and saw what the commotion was. An orange-haired girl clad in dark clothes was holding a sword to Leo's throat.

"Oh, are you his friends?" she asked, sounding surprised. To my shock, she spoke with a British accent.

"That's right, we are," agreed Piper, who had just come up with Jason and Frank.

"Well, then," the girl said, sounding strangely angry, "maybe you can answer my questions."

"Just let him go," Piper told her, her voice sweet and persuasive. Of course. She was charm speaking. "We don't want to fight."

The girl made a disgusted sound. "You expect me to believe that?" she asked incredulously. "If you don't want to fight, then answer my questions."

I saw my astonishment reflected on my friends' faces. The charm speak hasn't affected her at all. Only Annabeth looked unsurprised. "What do you want to know?" she asked, narrowing we eyes.

The girl opened her mouth to reply, but Leo cut her off before she could say anything and squeaked, "Um, could you maybe take the sword away from my neck?"

She glared at him, looking as if she wanted to press the sharp edge of her weapon even harder into his neck, but then seemed think better of it. "Fine," she said, lowering her sword. "Now," she added, looking at Annabeth, "tell me how I got here."

"How you got here?" Annabeth repeated. "You mean you're not the demigod who's supposed to help us?"

The girl looked like she had just realized something. "Oh, I see how it is," she growled angrily. "Chiron thinks he can just throw me into another bloody quest, doesn't he? No, thank you. The last war was bad enough. I am not going to help anyone, least of all more demigods."

"But aren't you a demigod?" Jason interjected.

The girl rolled her eyes. "Obviously."

"Then why don't you want to help other demigods?" I asked.

The girl sighed, as if she got that question a lot. "Okay, look," she began. "As you probably have realized, I'm from the UK. The gods are not there anymore. I don't have to deal with all that demigod nonsense. Besides," she added under her breath, "I already have my own life to worry about."

"What?" Jason asked.


"But you have to help us," Annabeth interrupted. "That's what that prophecy meant."

"What prophecy?" the girl inquired.

Annabeth took a deep breath and recited:

"Daughter of magic, daughter of dead,

The son of Earth you must behead

By your hands the two worlds unite,

And together they stand to end the fight."

I watched as the color drained out of the girl's face. "The—The two worlds unite?" she choked out, her voice more high-pitched than it had been when I first met her.

Everyone exchanged glances. "But doesn't that mean Camp Jupiter and Camp Half-Blood?" Frank asked, sounding confused. "We didn't meet each other by your hand."

"No," Annabeth decided, peering closely at the girl's increasingly wide jade green eyes. "It's talking about something else, isn't it?"

The girl waved the question away and recomposed herself. "Let's start over," she said. "I am Katherine Ashford, the daughter of Hades."

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