Catching Fire

Violet thought she had a normal life untill somthing happend that make her whole life catch fire.


10. The truth comes out

 Violets POV*


I Went up to the door step and knocked on the door. Ashton answered the door. I had never really talked to Ashton that much.

"Het Ashton can I come in" He looked in the livving room then turned back to me and nodded.I walked in to the living room where the rest of the guys were. I waited till Ashton came in. I had my Whole speech ready in my head. 

"Lets start over. Hi Im Violet Feldmann. My father is John Feldmann. My mother and sister died in a fire a while ago so I changed my name so people wouldent talk to me about it. Im sorry if I hurt any of you with my lies." I almost broke out in tears towards the end of my speech. 


Michael stood up and walked towards me. He gave me a hug then whisperd in my ear. "I forgive you" Then he pulled out of the hugg and looked me straight in the eyes. "but dont ever fucking do it again" every one laughed at his comment.


"Lets watch a movie" Luke screamed 

"YAYYY" Ashton screamed


Luke made us watch Mean girls. I sat on the end of the couch next to Calum. 


I started getting tired so I layed my head on Calums shoulder. I looked up at his face and saw a smile. I stared at his face for a while and admired his face. Then he looked down at me and caught me stareing. I blushed and looked away. 


I fell asleep and I felt someone pick me up but i was to tired to move so i went back to sleep. 


Calums POV*


She fell asleep on my shoulder and i was getting tired to I carried her to my bed. she was so adorable when she sleep. I layed her down and layed in the bed with her. for a while we layed back to back then I swiched so I was facing her. shortley after she rolled over so she was closer and facing me. I fell asleep and she did too.


I woke up at 10 am and reolised that we had cuddled last night because Violet was in my arms. I brought a smile to my face to see her. 


She started to wake up then she looked at me and smiled. "Good morning Calum" 


"Good morning"

"You are very good at cuddling" she said while getting out of the bed and streaching. I blushed. God she is so Confident. I love it. 





Hey Guys sorry i havent updated ive just been trying to figgure out how to go about this chapter. 

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