Catching Fire

Violet thought she had a normal life untill somthing happend that make her whole life catch fire.


6. school

   I walked off the bus with Michael. He smiled at his friend when he looked back at us. 

"Here Ill introduce you to the rest of our band"

"umm ok?"

We then walked over to his friends.

"this is Luke" he said while pointed to the blond kid with his hair geled upwards. 

"this is Calum" "And this his Ashton he said pionting the the kid that was giggling with the cutest giggle.


" Every one this is Maddie" Calum smiled at me and so did the others and after a while it started to creep  me out. 

"So um Michael will you show me where the office is real quik"

"sure maddie"


We walked to the office and I got my books and my classes and locker number, but I asked to see my papers for me being signed up for school and I changed my name to Madelyn. My mothers name was Madelyn so I loved that name to death. It was my favorite.  


"hey are lockers are next to each other" michael said grabbing my locker number paper.


"ya but we only have lunch together so ill wait for you here by our lockers. sound good?"

"um ya" then the first bell rang and i walked to my class. English 


when i walked in every one stared at me and some were wispering to each other. It was normal for me though cause people would wisper behind my back all the time at my old school. I saw a spot in the way back in the corner and i went back and a girl with long light blue hair that touched the chair she was sitting on was back there. 


"hello class my name is Mrs. Bergan  turn to a neighbor and tell then about yourself."

I turned to the girl next to me and she spoke first. "heyy Im Shyla  and i spend most my time listening to music and reading or going to parties" she held her hand out as if i was suppost to shake it. "oh ya and Im bisexual" we shook hands


"my name is maddie and i love running and music but mostly Green Day" 

"oh sweat dude. then you'll love the famous town band."

"who that?" her jaw dropped as soon as i said that

"5 seconds of summer. the 4 hottest guys in our grade are in it" I giggled when she said that then the teacher started talking again.


"Ok so if you have not noticed yet we have a new student." she looked back at me gesturing for me to stand up so i did.

"tell us your name child" she had a warming smile that made me feel welcome.

"my name is Madelyn" every one looked back at me and more people wispered to each other.


*After class*


 Shyla was in my next class too so we sat together. we had art and we had to have parters and we were trying to make a sculpter and it went bad. we tryed making a cool animal then gave up and made a dick with balls. we laughed the whole class time and our art teacher was totally fine with our "Art".


*Skip To Lunch*


I got out of class late so when i got to my locker Michael was gone already so I just walked down to the lunch room. I saw all four of them crouded by people with no empty seats so I looked for somewhere else to sit. I saw Shyla wave me over to her table witch only had 3 people sitting at. one guy had brown curly hair and wearing a beanie. he was sort of tan . there was also a girl with bleached hair and lime green ends. She was really pal like Shyla. " You guys this is Maddie. Maddie this is Lilly and Justin" she said pointing to them. We talked for a while when Michael started walking over. 


" Hey Maddie sorry the boys were ready to head down and I didnt see you till now" every one in the lunch room was starting at us. and my new friends had the face of shock when they saw one of the most popular kids talk to me. 

"Its ok I was just hanging with my friends i made"

"Oh ok well save me a spot one the bus"

"ok.." then he left


I looked over at them as there jaws dropped.

"Did he just. Did you just. The most popular kid in our school knows you?!?" Lilly said 

" To be anost I didnt reolize they were popular till now"

" well any way we are going to the park later to go hang wanna come" Shyla asked me 



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