Catching Fire

Violet thought she had a normal life untill somthing happend that make her whole life catch fire.


5. new kid on bus

     I woke up at 6 in the morning to the alarm on my phone and got ready. My dad put my uniform on the dresser and on top there was a note.


dear Violet 


I left for work already and here is your uniform.

Remember to tuck in you shirt  (school rule)

The bus will get here at 7 

be ready because if you miss it you will have to walk to school.

There is milk in the fridge and cereal in the closet.


                                      Your Father


I took a quick shower and braided my hair into a fish tail braid. I then put on the school uniform. It contained a grey skirt and a white top with a colar. Over the white top I was to put over this blue sweater. I rolled up my sleaves because  it was warm out today. 

I went out side to wait for the bus to come and pick me up.

The bus showed up but it was empty. The bus driver looked at me with confustion when I walked on. 

"Oh my" I looked at her when she made that remark


"Oh nothing its just I thought you died in the fire.."   I was surprised she even noticed me because I put  a shit load of makeup on this morning to change my face. 

"Oh umm no I didnt die" 

I could tell she could see the sadness in my eyes. "It will all be ok child" she said with a smile as she patted my shoulder.


I rushed to the back of the bus trying to hold in my tears. I finally got to the back and I put in my new headphone I had gotten yesterday from the mall. I started to play my music playlist. It made me feel alot better.


A while later we stoped at the house where the four boys lived. the one with red hair saw me and smiled as he came back. I look over at the window hoping he would change his mind about sitting next to me. But it didnt work. he sat right next to me and started talking to me.


"Hey your that girl who walked by while we were playing"

I pulled out one on my ear phones "Ya " 

" So you like Green Day" he said looking down at my phone that said what song was playing and it was Paradise by Green Day.

"Um ya me and my mom would listen to it all the time"

"Would?" As soon as I heard those words I froze  and sat there for a while. 

"well my mom... doesnt really listen to them anymore because she is always busy with work and stuff ya know"

"Oh ya I know how ya feel.. anyway my name is Michael whats yours"

"my name is.. Maddie"

"my friend over there thinks you are cute"

"who?" he then started looking for his friend. I was kind of scared most guys dont like me.

"Oooo found him he is over there" he said while pointing at this kid with dark brown hair. He was really cute but i wasnt just going to tell michael that because he probs would have told him.

"oh I see"

"ya well it was nice talking to you new best friend. I mean we are friends now right?!?"

"Ya of course we are" I gave him a hug then we got off the bus and started walking to school. 

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