Catching Fire

Violet thought she had a normal life untill somthing happend that make her whole life catch fire.


2. missing puzzle pieces

  My friend abbey came running to my house because she heard what happend. 

"Violet are you ok?!?!" she screamed at me as she hugged me.

" Ya but idk if Gracie is" she looked sad after i said that because she knew how much i loved Gracie.

"What about your mother where is she" 

" She didnt make it..." 

"oh..." she gave me a hug but then I then felt smoke in my throat and it filled me up unexpectedlly i then started to choke as my lungs filled up. I fell to the ground as a face of panik went across her face. she stopped hugging me and helped me up. I felt myself go back to normal. 

" Violet you need a doctor right now!" she spoke to me really loud so others could hear but the i screamed back at her " no i dont im perfectly fine!"  

All the camras were recording me when that happend and they all gave me weird looks. I knew I wasnt fine but I didnt want her to worry about me so i just told her that i was fine.

" So how did you find out about all this" I said and my voice was very raspy.  

" Its all over Twitter and Facebook" she said looking at me concerned cause she knew i didnt sound normal. 

"Oh Im serprised my dad hasnt called yet" i said as i unlocked my phone to check it just in case he did. 

" Do you need a place to stay tonight?" she asked

" Um ya sure I guess so..." 

Abbey is my best friend. we meet the one year i went out for track. We were both in the 4x200 relay. She would hand it off  to me. After that me and her would have sleep overs before and after Track meets and we liked almost all the same guys. She is practically my only friend because every on else were to scared to talk to me because of my dad and it made me feel alone but now that im leaving her and I still havent told her I feel like my whole life is being torn apart into small little puzzle pieces and i just lost 2 pieces to my puzzle.

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