Catching Fire

Violet thought she had a normal life untill somthing happend that make her whole life catch fire.


9. Home visitors

hey guys I reolized that last chapter i accedentally had Michael call Violet by her real name but I went back and fixed it. Sorry for the confusion. 



*Violets POV*

"Are you coming to hang today Maddie" Shyla asked me as we left the school


I texted my dad and told him that i would be home around 9 and the me and Shyla went to the club house. Justin got a detention and Lilly was sick so it was just us.


When we got up there we both layed down on the couch.

"So what was Michael and Luke talking about" Shyla said while she yawned

"Oh nothing" I lied "I just dont like being talked about" That time I wasnt lieing 

"So do you wanna watch a movie" She asked while getting up and walking over to the TV

"Um sure"


*Michaels POV*


After what happend this morning with Maddie Ive been thinking about her non stop. Also what happend in gym was crazy too. I hope shes not too mad at me. 


Me and Luke both agree that something is up with her. Its like she lying to us. I should invite her to our new house we are gonna stay in but Ill let Calum ask her since he wants to ask her on a date any way.


We hopped on the school bus to the new house and when we got there we reolised it was in the same comunity as lukes house. It kind of looked like maddie's house but It probs wasnt because some houses look the same in this area. 

We walked up to the door and knocked. Luke gave me a nervous look. Then John opened the door.


"Hello Boys come in come in" he said holding his hand out as we shook it one after another.


"This house is huge' Calum said looking around and John just laughed 

"Yes it is indeed" 


He gave us a  tour of the house and then he got to his daughter's room. I didnt reolise he had a daughter. Her name is Violet aparentally and shes hanging with some friends.  He opened her door revealing her room. It was really empty. Its almost as if shes only been here for 2 days.


After the tour we were sitting in the living room discussing the house rules. The we heard a car pull up in the drive way and her dad stood up 

"That must be my daughter"


*Violets POV*


Me and Shyla and me finished the movie and we both disided it was getting late so we biked to her house to grab some food then head to my house in her car so we didnt have to bike so far.


When we showed up at the house i figured my dad was sleeping because it was past the time he normally goes to bed so I told Shyla she could come in for a while and hang. 


We walked up to the door and I unlocked it and opened the door and I saw my father. Shit. then I looked over and saw the boys. Double Shit. 

"hey honey you home. guys this is my daughter Violet" my father spoke

Then Calum spoke with his soft voice "Maddie?"

"Shit" I murmured under my breath "Um I think I forgot something in your car Shyla" I said quikly as I tried to dash out the door when someone grabbed my arm. It was Michael I turned to him and mouthed "Im sorry" as a tear rolled down my cheek. I broke free from his grip and ran as far as I could from the house.


I got a message from Michael and it said

wtf Maddie or should I call you Violet. every one is at your house confused.

i Didnt reply but  he knew I veiwed It.

Maddie I know you have veiwed it just talk to me we are friends or atleast I thought we were untill you lied. 

Michael im sorry I didnt think you would ever hang out with me if I told you who I really was.

Is this why you freaked out and left?


wow... is there any thing else you would like to tell me that you lied about.

I lied about my mom not llistening to music with me any more because shes busy it because


I paused for a moment while typing then I deleted it all and changed my reply


good I dont think I can handle any more dramma today but its not over for you because you get to explain to the other boys and your father and friend because im not gonna. 

I know its my responsibility but idk if i wanna go home now

well lukes parents are gone so you could come hang with us tonight and it would get telling them the truth out of the way.

I guess so

I told your dad that you will hang with us tonight to get use to us and he said yes 

thanks Mikey you are a great friend 

I wish I could say the same about you


After he sent that I felt like shit. And now I have to think what Im going to say to Calum because I really like him and he looked really disipointed in me at my house.



sorry this chapter ended really weird but I have an idea so dont worry I think...


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