Catching Fire

Violet thought she had a normal life untill somthing happend that make her whole life catch fire.


11. bus ride

 Violet POV*


I woke up and Calums bed. He was so soft and he made me feel safe at night. After the fire I had never really felt safe at night. But with Calum It was different. 


I got up and streached. "Your a good cuddler Calum"  he blushed 

then I reolized The bus was gonna be at my house in 10min "Shit" I sprinted out of the house and into mine. I put on my uniform then brushed my hair and walked down stairs and saw my dad,


"So What happened last night"

"Um so I kinda told people my name was maddie"

"now why would you do that" he said laughing

"I didnt want people to know who I am so I didnt have to talk about mom" I started tearing up because I couldent hold it in anymore. 

My dad opened his arms and he gave me a hug  then He released 

"you should go out for track today"

"I will" I said smiling.


The bus showed up and I got on then The bus stopped at lukes house and the boys got on. 


Calum walked back and sat across from me and michael jumped over me and sat on the inside. It made all of us laugh.


The boys started having a convo so i just sat and listened all of a sudden michael leaned forwards and wishpered in my ear. "so you and Calum last night" and leaned back and wiggled his eyebrows. "nothing happened. We just cuddled"  


"ughh" he groaned then rolled his eyes.

"you dont even know if I like him or not" I said quietly so only he could hear.

"look at me Violet" he said so i looked at him right  in the eyes.

"do you like Calum?" as soon as he said that my eyes drifted away from his 

"Maybe" I said blushing a little. 

"I KNEW IT" He screammed at the top of his lungs and everybody turned and stared

I laughed a little. "but please dont tell him"

"Whyyyyy he likes you back anyway"

"so its weird"

"fine but i cant make any promises that It wont accidentally slip out my mouth"

"O my god im never gonna trust you ever again with a secret" I said laughing a little


sorry again for not updateing i promise ill update more

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