Catching Fire

Violet thought she had a normal life untill somthing happend that make her whole life catch fire.


8. bad news

Ok all I need to do is stay calm, but my jaw dropped to the ground. This is terrible what if they find out ive been lying this whole time. I felt my lungs tighten up again and soon I couldnt breath. This cant happen again. I rushed out of the door and they all gave me weird looks. I ran back to my house and when I got to my front lawn I couldnt breath at all and I dropped to my knees.


I saw Calum run out the house looking left and right then his worried face changed to sad as he slowly walked back to Lukes house. I felt horrible but it would have been harder for me to explain why I ran. I saw a car pull in the drive way. It was my dad. I quikly got up and my dad got out of the car and stared at me funny like I was on drugs. 


"Looks like somebody started hanging out with the druggies" my dad said laughing

I still couldnt breath that well so I just smiled and shook my head. Then we headed in the house. I catched my beath and I was all fine.

"come sit down at the table Violet" he said while sitting down

"Is something wrong?"

"Well I am helping to produce a new album for these 4 boys and they will be staying here for a while and writeing music" 

" Um thats amazing When are they gonna be here" I said plastering a fake smile on my face.

"Well tommarow im going to give them a tour of the house" 

"Oh um that reminds me im going to be hanging with my group of friends tommorow so ill text you some  time and find out what time ill be home" I thought of the first excuse in my head not to go to this.

"Are you sure you done wanna stay and meet them"

oh im sure "ya"


*Next day*


I got up that morning and put on my uniform. I started brushing my hair then i heard a knock on my door. 

"Come in" I said with a loud voice.  My father walked in.

"Tommorow is the first track practice and I think you should go" he said sitting down on my bed.

"um ok well the bus is gonna be here soon so lets go down stairs" I said while walking through my door. 

I went down stairs and grabbed my back pack and a granola bar.


the bus show up so I told my dad goodbye and I went out and got on.  Oh shit I forgot about randomally running away from the guys. I saw Luke get on the bus but it was just him. He saw me and walked back and sat across from me.


"Hey Red"

"Red?" I said with a confused look. Im assuming Its a nickname.

"Thats what im going to start calling you"

"Oh ok then I'll call you blondy" 

"I guess thats fair" he said smiling and showing his dimples making me smile.


It was quiet for a while when he spoke up.  "So why did you randomaley run out of the house  was something wrong?"

"um... I.. I had to.. Be home at 9 so I um.. looked at the clock and saw It was getting close so I just ran home."

he laughed at me "Your one interesting girl no wonder Calum likes you"

I just blushed "Ya I guess"


*After bus ride*


I walked to my locker and saw Michael waiting for me 

"So Luke told me your lame fake excuse to run out of the house"

"I wasnt fake" I said while opening my locker. 

"Maddie I was watching your reaction and you did not look at any clock"

" How do you know. I could have just saw it in the corner of my eye" I grabbed my books and looked up at him

"I know because there is no clock in the garage."

'Oh um... I thought for sure there was a clock in there"

" dont lie to me Maddie. I saw you and it looked like you were having some kind of anxiety attack.. was somthing wrong"

"NOTHING WAS WRONG" I said really loud and slammed my locker door 

He looked at me like I was a crazy person witch I was probably acting like one. "I have to go to class Michael see you later" I said walking really fast away from him.



*Skip to last class*


I had Gym class today and what sucked about it was that Calum Michael Luke and Ashton were in that class. Thank god Shyla and Justin were in it.


Me and Shyla were on the same team but Justin was on the other team. We were playing dodge ball and He kept aiming for us but missing. We would laugh in his face every time he tryed. I saw Luke and Michael talking on the othe side of the gym and every so often they would look over at me.

"Um Maddie I think Luke and Michael are talking about you" Shyla informed me

"Ya I reolised and Its kinda pissing me off" 

"Im gonna fix it then" she then walked over to Justin.

"Justin hit me" she said with a stern voice

"Um ok" he looked at me with a confused look and I mouthed to him  I dont Know


After he hit her she walked over as if she was going to jail and she walked over to to Luke and Michael and started yelling at them and the whole gym looked over at them



Im pretty  sure all they said was ok because she let just walked away and went to the jail.  Me and justin just looked at each other and laughed. Then the bell ran shortly after.  



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