Catching Fire

Violet thought she had a normal life untill somthing happend that make her whole life catch fire.


7. After school fun

*After School*


I got on the bus and saw Michael so I walked back and sat next to him. "Hey Maddie Im still sorry about the whole lunch thing I wish there was room for you to sit."

"Same but I made some friends witch is new for me cause I didnt have many at my old school so looks like tonight im gonna hang with them." 

"sounds cool I was gonna see if we could hang out but ive got band practice"

"Ya sorry So I didnt reolize you were so popular"

"Oh ya"

"Ya when you walked over to me Everyone was looking"

"Haha ya sorry bout that" 

"Its ok" as we got closer to my stop I pulled out a piece of paper that had My number on it and gave it to him and he took it and I got off. I walked up to my door and saw a note on it. 


dear Violet,

I had to go to work but you can do what ever but be home at 9


                  your father


I walked in the house and dropped off my stuff and headed to the park to meet Lilly Shyla and Justin. When I got there they were riding on bikes when Shyla waved me over to get on her bike. we headed in the woods next to the park were there was a tree hous eand we jumped off the bikes and we raced up the tree. When we got inside Lilly got her Ipod out and plugged it into the speaker then Titanic song came on and Shyla and Justin started to reanact the Titanic. All of a sudden I was getting a call from a number I didnt reconise but I answered anyway.


Hey is this Maddie?

Ya who is this?

Its michael I was wandering if u wanted to come to our band practice later.

Ummm    I turned to Shyla and asked her if it was fine if i left 30mins early and she nodded her head   ya I can come Ill be over in a bit.

ok sounds good




When I hung up I looked over and saw Justin on the couch in a weird pose then in her girly voice he said "Draw me like one of your french girls jack" then he winked at me and I thew a pillow at him while we all laughed. 


I showed up at the house michael told me to meet him at. I knocked on the door and Luke opened the door and smiled at me. "You acually showed up. i thought Michael was just pulling shit out of his ass when he said he was friends with you"

I laughed at what he said "Im more surprized im friends with him because from what i heard you guys are very popular here" 

"Your kind of popular now the whole school is talking about you"


"anyway come in the rest of the band is in the garage" 


I walked in and heard them playing little tunes while they waited. I walked threw a door that entered me into the garage and I saw the others and they all look at me as if I was the first girl they have seen in ages.


*Calums POV*


she walked in and I saw her she was so hot. She looked very formlular but i dont remeber where from maybe from the news or somthing. her long hair was the color of a red tomato.


"Hey you came" Michael said giving her a hug 

"Ya I did"

"We wanted to play you a song" Ashton said

"um ok" she giggled when she said that and her giggle was so bright and beautiful it brought a smile to my face.


we then played english love affair and she looked like she was enjoying it witch made me happy because when I sang she would look at me and blush when I looked back. At the end of the song she was clapping and giggling. 


*Violets POV*


They were really good. Calum was amazing but he cought me staring at him and I felt myself blush. The phone started ringing and Luke picked it up.

"ya this is luke.... REALLY?!?.... I mean when do you wanna meet.... tommarrow sounds good... how bout 6...ok thank you"




they all screamed like a bunch of little girls. "who is it" ashton asked  


"John Feldmann" 



         MY DAD!!!!

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